Relationship Trends 2020: From Role Change to Polyamory

If before there was only one modelrelations and families with a patriarchal way, compulsory wedding and “work on children” immediately after going to the registry office, the modern generation lives by completely different rules, offering their own relationship trends. Yes, fashion got to the options for the behavior of lovers. Is this good or bad? Let's figure it out!

What are the relationship trends in 2020

Portal invites you to find out about the most popular relationship trends that live in 2020. Some of them are quite “digestible” for those who have adopted their family values ​​from their parents, and some will seem so incomprehensible that same-sex marriages, in comparison with them, seem to us quite a familiar model of relationships.

What are the relationship trends in 2020

Family Relations Trends 2020

Families are different, and relationships in them are alsomay differ in a variety of ways. Some of them can be considered variants of the norm, and some will seem very strange to most of us.

What relationships are fashionable in 2020

Full acceptance of your partner

Today it’s no longer fashionable to carefully recognize a personbefore you marry him, and even more so, try to change him. The current trend in relations towards “dialogue” implies accepting a partner as he is. And if you are not satisfied with some of his habits or character traits, you should sit down and talk together. And you need to talk every time there is a misunderstanding in the family. You also need to work hard on yourself to learn how to ignore annoying moments.

Relationship Work

Of course, there is a rational grain in this. People are very difficult to change if they themselves do not want to. And constant work and eternal talk about both of you is not about ideal relationships, since they do not have such a huge number of difficulties. People just live and enjoy each other.

Ideal relationships do not require hard work

Lightning fast

There is another extreme that is trending today: if something doesn’t suit you, get divorced right away. Pay attention to the short marriage of stars. Creative people quickly fall in love and get married, but just as quickly they realize that with partners they are not on their way. Celebrities do not have time for a long showdown, so it’s easier for them to quickly scatter.

Quick divorce

A similar trend of short marriages is commonand among the common people, including in Russia. People who hastened to formalize relationships and are not ready to spend time and energy working on them, prefer to leave soon after the wedding.

In any incomprehensible situation - a divorce

Change of roles

Today the model is “man - earner, woman -the guardian of the family hearth "is no longer included in the list of modern trends. At the moment, a partnership type of relationship is often established in family and marriage. Everyone takes on those tasks that are to his strength and liking. If a man likes to do housework and children, not concentrate on building a career and bring home a small salary, why not? Moreover, if a wife feels at home, like in prison, and her profession brings a higher income, and there is a possibility of career growth.

Change of roles in the family

Cohabitation and denial of marriage

People do not seek to formalize relations in the registry office. Someone does this for the sake of benefits (for example, single mothers), someone had a bad experience with a previous marriage and a very difficult divorce, and someone, in principle, considers marriage a relic of the past. The so-called civil marriage, or rather cohabitation, existed before, but today less and less couples go to the registry office, preferring to just live together. If the couple is satisfied with this situation, there is nothing wrong with cohabitation either.

Cohabitation without marriage

Civil-style marriage trends are not alwaysgood for couples, since the legal protection of each is minimal. Sometimes, this suggests that the partner is not ready to take responsibility for your relations with the state at least.

Outside of marriage legal protection is minimal

Ultra-modern relationship trends

Now let's briefly go over the other, less understandable for us, trends in building and developing family relationships.

Acquaintance on the Internet

If you are a man of the old school, a similar startfor relationships, it may seem wild and even dangerous to you. However, a long correspondence before a meeting is a good way to get to know a partner quite closely. But online dating for relationships needs to be made carefully.

Dating on the Internet

Guest Relations

If the couple does not want or cannot live onone territory, they can meet periodically, but everyone lives their own lives. They do not change each other, they love each other, but separately they are more convenient. If your boyfriend does not marry because of such beliefs, consider whether this option suits you. If so, there is nothing wrong with that!

Guest marriage


Similar trends in family relationships will surely seem strange to you. Each of the partners has the right to privacy on the side, but they live together. There are several options for such a relationship:

  • one of the partners is bisexual and wants to simultaneously have a family and experience with a person of his own gender;
  • more than two people collectively love each other and live on the same territory, raise children together, etc .;
  • the partner may be familiar with the “lover” of his partner and even be friends with him, but there are other “rules” - not to tell anything about adventures on the side.

The wedding portal told you about modernrelationship trends. Some of them probably caused you a shock, and some seemed quite normal. Choose the relationship scenario that suits both of you, and be happy!