What is a civil marriage

Everyone knows that the supporters of civilmarriage, men are basically. Fear losing their independence, they adhere to the "civilized relations adopted around the world." More, of course, printed in the passport doubtful suitable for women, which in this case feel more confident and relaxed.

One type of marriage - civil marriage beganpracticed in the West, but today such a relationship and we are becoming more common. Every day, more and more couples are coming to the conclusion that before signing relationships in the registry office just need to live together for a while, as before, how to communicate with a person life forever, should get to know him more carefully and look closer.

To some extent in such relationships there are manyPlus, since human freedom is a certain period of extension of the romantic stage, so necessary any couple in love. On the other hand, there are negative features of civil marriage, since such a marriage is not considered a legitimate and "divorce" cohabitants have no rights to the division of joint property. According to rumors, our MPs think about the decision the decision establishing the status of civil marriages. But until then, until the law is not implemented in reality, in order to avoid the loss of any personal property are kindly requested to take care of it, fixing checks all purchases and expenses. In this case, the person has the right to cool something that belongs to him. It can be concluded that it is much safer still have a stamp in the passport. But not everyone agrees with this man. Women are the main thing in this case is not to put pressure on the psyche of a partner, and try to find the right approach. For example, a spouse may be of interest to potential permanent unobtrusive talk about the long-awaited wedding or the charm of a honeymoon, the honeymoon. A man with an analytical mind, try to put all clearly on the shelves. Explain that you want to be confident in your relationship feel more secure. Many men love to become defenders of the fairer sex. Partner, which not least the opinions of others, you can just take it that the same will think relatives, friends, colleagues at work. In addition, career to date, better composed of married men, and those desirable to get a job. Apparently, this is due to the fact that the stamp in your passport says about men's ability to bear a kind of responsibility. Strong arguments are phrases that you have been dreaming to have a child by the man she loved, or to take his name. In marriage, every man in his right mind wants to have children of their own (about the children at the wedding can be found here), but if your boyfriend says he is not ready or does not know whether he wants to be a father, it's time to think about the right Have you made a choice.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with youwant to live in a civil marriage, to get to know each other. Perhaps because of this decision is your relationship will become even stronger and stronger. However, this applies only to the case, if you are from the very beginning will act deliberately. For example, before you agree to live together, determine the approximate time of sharing, or from the beginning agree that if all goes well, in a year you get married. Do not be convinced that the question of marriage frightens men. They, of course, by their nature belong to all of this with caution, but for when a man agrees to live with you together, he clearly decided for themselves that the relationship led to the creation of a family, and may yet informal. Therefore, after some time to speak boldly about their desire to change the name.

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