Congratulations on your wedding anniversary in prose

Whatever it was on account of a wedding anniversary - the firstor fifty - it's like a special event for the spouses. On this day, they are willing to share their joy and invaluable experience of family life. Do not forget to prepare my sincere congratulations on your wedding anniversary, and our wedding site will help you find the right words and the right.

1 year - calico wedding

A year ago, the "I" has ceased to exist for you and"You", and was born on the solid light "we." And even though your family is still young, it has already cemented strong bonds of love and happiness. Be happy, live in love, harmony and understanding! Stay the same loving and faithful to each other!

2 years - a paper wedding

Today you celebrate two years of marriage -paper wedding. If your love was not real, then the marriage will fall apart as easily as the paper is torn. But you were able to maintain their love and respect for each other in the most difficult - the first years of life together! Congratulations on your wedding paper and wish to maintain fidelity and devotion to each other up to the golden wedding!

3 years - leather wedding

Ringer these glasses I want to congratulate ourdear newlyweds on the anniversary, today we are pleased to celebrate the wedding of leather! I think they know each other very well, managed to quarrel and make up a thousand times living together for three years, but as the saying goes: "Lovely curse - just amuse". So let's wish this wonderful spouses to live even a single year in the world and joy to success and fortune were frequent guests in their home!

4 years - linen wedding

Here you have four years you are together. In people, this anniversary is called by analogy with linen so clean, bright and light material such as flax. Let your married life will be the same! Love, happiness, wisdom, and a quiet family happiness!

5 years - wood wedding

Five years of marriage - a wooden wedding. I think that over the years you have time to commit follies, but only to the fire of love, razozhzhёnny you burned as brightly as it was five years ago. Let's drink to this fire of loving hearts, and let the five-year-old ashes fertilize the ground to grow a beautiful rose on it for the next anniversary!

6 years - cast iron wedding

Six years ago you joined each other bondsmarriage. This path has not been easy, but you were able to overcome all obstacles, met on it, do not lose the love and loyalty in the back streets of everyday life. Hand in hand, you are greeted with joy and sorrow. You could save in the hearts of the gentle and reverent attitude to each other. You were the mainstay and support for each other and never forget that you are a family! Today we are happy to wish you the same confidence to go along further, let you happy every day, and wishes come true!

7 years - copper wedding

Dear (spouse names)! Today, I am very pleased to congratulate you on the seven-year wedding anniversary! Now you are on a copper pyramid stage under the name of "family life", but you can go up and up! For seven years together, you've learned so much: love and affection, support and assistance, mercy and forgiveness. You learned how to find compromises in solving many difficult problems, were able to achieve spiritual and physical harmony, and learned the basics of the most important profession - to be parents! You could say that you are prepared enough for the onward journey to the top of the pyramid. And most importantly, that all this time you have not forgotten how to please each other with pleasant words, affectionate glances and gentle touches. It remains to wish you to be always the same family for each other as they are now.

8 years - tin wedding

Dear wife, we are very pleased to congratulateyou on the jubilee. Today marks 8 years of your family! These years you diligently worked every day solving a lot of problems are not simple. You have passed the exam on the strength. After experiencing many difficulties, troubles, misunderstandings, quarrels and insults you still have not ceased to love and respect each other, retain tenderness and awe in the relationship. And despite the fact that your family is young enough for these 8 years you have been able to prove to the world that with each passing year of your love only gets stronger! The birth of a child into the world, which grows you smart, obedient and healthy, did not become a bone of contention, and it once again proves the strength of your family ties. We are proud of you!

9 years - faience wedding

What can I say about the porcelain wedding? That mark this date on the ninth year of marriage and that of earthenware ceramics make wonderful products that are not only beautiful, but also expensive. I would like to raise a glass to your family, which over the years has become a truly valuable to you, with the subtlety of your senses can observe the most minute changes in mood loved, for love and respect for each other, which helps to live in peace and harmony, all these years! For you!

10 years - tin wedding

You probably know about the Italian tradition,throw away the old and useless things for the new year. I invite spouses to adopt this custom, and today, as well as with each subsequent anniversary, thrown out of their hearts all the insults, quarrels and misunderstandings that have accumulated over ten years of marriage lived. By doing this, you will free up so much space in their hearts, which you fill with tenderness and love, care and support, trust and faithfulness, to live happily ever after many more years! To your great, real family happiness!

11 years - a steel wedding

As the Steel Was Tempered? Fire of love and endurance in the furnace of desire! On this anniversary of your family has become so strong that no explosion will not be able to break it. That's what I want to raise a glass! Despite the fact that lived together for eleven years, you still remains the same young, beautiful, good. You won the time you carried your feelings through it. I am happy to look into your eyes, sparkling with love and affection for each other, and if I do not know, I would say that you just got married! For the love that is capable to beat the time!

12 years - nickel wedding

Courtesy of spouses, 12 years from being fulfilled todaythe day of your wedding! Suppose this is not an anniversary, but I am pleased to note that every year living together, you become better and better! Your family has grown up for another year or two, and acquired new dimensions and shades. In your relationship added worldly wisdom and endless tenderness. I sincerely wish you a year or more to go through life hand in hand, to love and cherish each other. To none of you fell into a pit of anxiety and resentment - keep each other more! Live and enjoy your life together!

13 years - lace (Landysheva) wedding

In the rush of day we cease to believe in miracles, andin vain, because from that miracles do not become smaller, but we cease to notice them. Lace - it is a miracle created by human hands. But by itself it can perform miracles: it creates comfort in the home, warms the soul, brings joy and good mood when you look at him. Today we are gathered here to celebrate one more miracle - the lacy wedding anniversary this family who have lived together for thirteen years. It's a miracle, dear newlyweds, you too have made with their own hands, gently and lovingly woven lace you your happiness, this air and the shining rays of the love! We wish you always see miracles, sometimes even in ordinary things!

14 years - agate wedding

14 years ago you were married, becoming a single entity. Your family has become even stronger sparkle faces beautiful stone - agate. So even on your house will be filled with comfort and warmth, and feeling every day flare up with renewed vigor. Happiness, understanding and love! Live in peace and harmony for many, many years!

15 - Glass (crystal) wedding

You have given themselves to each other without reserve, learnedto understand each other perfectly and poluvzglyada, gestures and tone of voice. Undoubtedly, this is the most wonderful period in the marriage, husband and wife become one team, and do not forget how this "love"? You have passed a test of strength! And the sound of crystal glasses, we again wish you happiness!

20 years - porcelain wedding

Fragile porcelain - a symbol of your wedding anniversary,but immutable your feelings that you have carried through the 20 years. You have not lost the tenderness and devotion to each other, and further keep your love, protect it from unnecessary quarrels and insults. I heartily congratulate you, good luck, health and prosperity!

25 years - silver wedding

Today silver wedded your wedding. You have a wonderful anniversary - 25 years of life together, filled with a variety of moments! You grieve together, they shared the joy with each other. You become one, so let him continue your love and tenderness fill your home with joy, warmth and comfort. Let it always be good weather and the sounds of children's laughter.

30 years - pearl wedding

30 years you have grown in your souls pearlyour family necklace. And now it began to play all its facets sparkling on your smiles and happy eyes shine. Your Union - is an indivisible whole, which already can not be split. Did you know the secret of family happiness. Or maybe just the thing infinite love and willingness to accept and understand their loved one as he or she really is. I wish you happiness and good luck in everything!

35 years - the coral wedding

Today we want to congratulate you with the anniversary -coral wedding. You have been together for thirty-five years! Your marriage can be compared with well-seasoned with wine, it is in a strong and at the same time has a remarkable taste and beautiful rich color. We heartily congratulate you on this date, and look forward to an invitation to the wedding of velvet!

Remember, it is very nice to receive congratulations on your wedding anniversary, no matter what the wedding anniversary of the couple say: calico or gold!

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