Congratulations golden wedding (50 years)

Golden wedding - a beautiful anniversary, marking50th anniversary of a joint life of the spouses. On this day, children and grandchildren, friends and relatives congratulate the couple with this lovely wedding anniversary. Not sure how original and heartfelt congratulations to the couple? We can help you! In this article you will find excellent gold wedding congratulations in verse and prose. Choose what suits you!


On the gold went up you pedestal

Having half a century on the same road,

Over the years, this route has become more expensive -

After all, it is your happiness, and anxiety.

Over the years, rise in price

Not ingots of the yellow metal,

A priceless savings in the shower

And the love that you gave force.


However, you have walked a half-century,

Paying people to work and thought,

The best human impulses

Against your destiny intertwined.

Let even brighter sun falls upon

On this day, a happy birthday.

Good, long, happy life you

Surrounded by family and friends!


Golden water in the creek sparkles

Golden Sun in the sky,

All today says about you!

Five decades - your precious treasure.

Suppose further that it is multiplied many times!

Life you healthy, full!

Everything just starts now!


Half a century of near, hourly,

Family for you - most importantly,

Let your house be happy -

We have only one.

May you forever preserved

As the most precious treasure,

Those rings that gave loving

A friend of a friend many years ago!


Half a century together, gold wedding,

We heartily congratulate you want!

There is an eternal love you have shown,

Today, "bitterly" you cry again!

Your marriage is blessed by the heavens,

You inseparable five decades!

And there is nothing that the snow on the hair,

When the soul of love beautiful light!


Golden years lived together,

And now you're back - the bride and groom.

And around all the children, grandchildren and grandchildren,

Yes, with such a team is not you die of boredom!

We have a golden wedding with congratulations,

We wish a lot of happiness, just as it is now!

May you be healthy and cheerful always,

Let you do not knock sorrow and trouble!


Today is the day when the change ring

And gold is shining novelty!

Do not hide your face, they will light up the sun

At night young splyashet month.

Half a century of near, let the wrinkles come,

They witnessed tremendous love.

Are you crying? - No no! The eye mote.

I can not believe the way this took place.

We wish you, what would a wedding gold

From your sorrows, misfortunes claimed.

After all, the fate of a very simple alphabet -

To live for one another and love always!


Twenty-five years ago, our newlywedsThey celebrated their silver wedding. For safe overcoming abroad to long range family life they were awarded silver medals. Today we have gathered to congratulate those that "honeymoon" with the fiftieth anniversary, and was happy to give gold medals! For your strong family, dear heroes of the day!


How much has changed in my life during that time: orders and the power of tradition and fashion ... But your fire of love and understanding is still burning. I congratulate you on the anniversary and wish to have your fire always burned and warmed your soul on cold days the harsh everyday life.


At the time, it said that the family - is a cellsociety. But for every family it is not just the cell and its unique world of love! And just today I am happy to congratulate you on the birth of this wonderful world of love, full of goodness, beauty, understanding and joy.


Precious anniversaries! We would like to congratulate you on your golden wedding! During the marriage you've got a great wealth - is your golden children. Your golden characters help you live together and love each other, your home - a golden cup. We can only wish you good health and fulfillment of dreams! For "Suite"!


Dear heroes of the day, in this age of free love andfragile relationship I want to say thank you so much for your family boat is firmly holds the course to the shores of love and loyalty! I heartily wish you peace and understanding. Let your family's secret fortress will be passed on from generation to generation, weddings and anniversaries are the most joyful holidays!


When is the union between two lovingpeople God sends to the newlyweds family guardian angel with a bouquet of roses, and roses in the bouquet as much as is wedding anniversaries. Cotton rose angel gives a year later, a wooden - five years, ten - pink rose in fifteen - glass. After twenty years of "Newlyweds" is produced porcelain flower, in a silver jubilee - the silver, and in fifty years will present a golden rose! Congratulations to our great jubilee with a gold wedding, wish you good health and prosperity!


Not by chance is very appreciated among goldprecious metals, because it does not tarnish with time and does not lose its qualities. And your family, celebrating their golden wedding today, not only has not lost its sincerity, tenderness and warmth of relations, but also become more robust and friendly. For you, dear heroes of the day, with a holiday!


Today marks half a century, as you togetherYou go along the path of family life, hand in hand. Half a century you shoulder to shoulder withstand all troubles and misfortunes, fifty years of your love and faithfulness has been and remains unchanged. Over the years your family home not only went out and began to burn a thousand times stronger, because near him now bask your children and grandchildren. So let your family life will calm harbor for your great love!


The hardest test for love - this testtime. Only the strong and sincere feeling, like yours, is able to pass this test! Just today we celebrate another victory of love over time! I congratulate you on this date, and wish peace and understanding for these victories!


The color of gold - a symbol of autumn, the time whenIt comes time to harvest, the reward for their labors. So our parents are celebrating their golden wedding, and the result - happy children and grandchildren - are at the table. Therefore, we wish with all my heart that everyone sitting around the table live to see this same pores surrounded by the rising of a new generation!

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