Congratulations on your Diamond Wedding Anniversary (60 years)

Diamond wedding - a wonderful anniversary,It marked the 60th anniversary of a joint life of the spouses. On this day, friends, children and grandchildren rushing to congratulate the jubilee holiday. You do not know how beautiful to congratulate the couple? In this article you will find a beautiful diamond wedding congratulations in verse and prose!


Just because you can love,

That feeling was multiplied over the years,

And you know - love extend

It can only be good deeds.

That feeling, that gives us light,

You were able to prove the case,

And for sixty years

On the day of your wedding passed.


Passed six decades

As a young maiden in a white dress,

The bride, in the form of dressed,

He promised that there will be happiness

He said - and the word was true,

Love her carried through the years,

In the light of only loved her

And protected from the weather

And anniversary today

A diamond celebrate weddings

Individuals do not have your miles for us

More importantly, and warm embrace.


This is called a diamond wedding!

The most precious anniversary!

It takes everything, but remains with you

Whoever in the world all more precious!

60 years you go through life side by side,

Shared joy and sorrow together!

Let the happiness endless waterfall

Pours into your cozy home!


Family celebrates

Sixtieth birthday.

And your pair is

We all have only admiration!

You wish only happiness,

To all the missing power

Years will let nepodvlasten

Union your strong and beautiful!


Congratulations on your anniversary! Let your life plays a diamond facets - your children and grandchildren. To your health and happiness, we want to raise their glasses! Let continue to your home will be filled with joy, comfort, and the laughter of children your grandchildren!


Congratulations on your Diamond Wedding Anniversary! Your family - a sparkling diamond. The beauty of your feelings difficult to describe in words, but your devotion and loyalty envied by many couples. So do you wish that you could continue to keep the love and warmth of your feelings to platinum wedding, which we will forward to you an invitation!

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