Congratulations on the sapphire wedding (45 years)

Sapphire wedding - lovely holiday twoloving hearts, preserved tenderness and devotion to each other for so many years. What to wish for couples who have already crossed the threshold of 45 years? Look for inspiration in this article!


Sapphire wedding come to you,

Bless for good works

Let it bring happiness,

To accommodate a rest from the cares!

Confidence in your day,

And happiness - is quite enough for two,

I want to wish the best of luck,

A friend of a friend you love and respect!


Congratulate you, beloved,

With sapphire wedding!

And we wish heartily

Good luck living large!

Good luck, good health,

And days filled with love,

Good, warm-heartedness,

And the purity of relationship!


Sapphire wedding - very valuable,

In like manner the precious stone.

You many years have lived together,

Love is not lost - preserved!

So let your happiness continues,

Over the years, let shroud is not lost.

Let the comfort and happiness of every day

Only truly fills your home!


We lived together for forty-five

Not days, not months, but years!

Miraculously couples simply do not have!

And we hasten to congratulate you

With such a beautiful birthday!

His name is Sapphire.

Sapphire popularly like, revere:

He makes a fresh feeling,

He has a reputation for loyalty to stone

And God's mercy draws,

From heavy doom saves,

Tired people gives strength.

Love is your as sapphire,

From all the adversity you saves

And it gives the huge forces,

That was the way the house, in the heart - the world.

And we want to wish you

To live up to the golden wedding,

In half a century, the wedding - feast!

Five years just have to wait.


Sapphire wedding - a forty-fivejoint life of the spouses. Throughout the forty-five years, the couple gave each other love and affection. For good reason this date is a symbol such as a sapphire stone, it symbolizes love and protection from evil. Throughout life together you are guarded and protected each other. Today, among children, friends and family, we congratulate you on this auspicious occasion. We wish you happiness and long life.


Congratulations on sapphire wedding! 45 lived together married years - this is a very respectable time, not many people can make that claim! We wish you to continue to love each other and respect in the future life together! Good luck to you and family well-being!

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