Congratulations to her husband with a wedding anniversary

Congratulations to her husband with the wedding anniversary of the adoption,usually present in the form of a conventional toast. But our life and so full of monotonous everyday life and everyday problems, so our wedding website gives you the opportunity to prepare a congratulation on the anniversary of her husband that he will remember for a long time.

1 year - calico wedding

Calico cloth can keep you on hot summerdays from the scorching sun and cold winter evenings of his colorful and carefree coloring awaken memories of summer. Unfortunately cotton - thin and light fabric, and it can not protect from the cold and damp, but she is able to lift your mood and give a piece of happiness. Let calico, as a symbol of our first anniversary, will protect our love of quarrels and petty troubles and help make our family life happy and happy!

2 years - a paper wedding

Paper - the material is not strong, it can be easilybreak or burn. But that is not how the paper carries a gentle word, good writing, interesting poems. It is possible to draw, it is possible to do. So let the paper helps us create our family happiness in the next years.

3 years - leather wedding

My favorite, and the best mother. We joined their tracks three years ago. This day I remember so far, because it marked the beginning of our happy family life, filled with joy and tenderness. So let us continue to keep our love that will inspire and empower us in any, even the most difficult situations.

4 years - linen wedding

Linen fabrics used in Ancient Egypt,its strength and lightness have been known since ancient times. So our family, still very young, but let it be strong in life's troubles for a long time will keep our happiness and love.

5 years - wood wedding

Not so long ago, only five years ago, I was bornOur family. How from a small seed grows a wonderful tree, and our love for all these years has grown and matured. Our family tree is still quite young, but it did not break from the wind, can even survive the winter storm. And most importantly - it is already bearing its first fruits - these are our children. With wood-five years? As for our family over the years? This is just the beginning! Getting beautiful and bright life. And even if our family is like a young tree, growing, becoming stronger and brings more and more fruit.

6 years - cast iron wedding

Cast iron is heavy, and life with you - easy and carefree! Thank you, my dear, my dear, that for six years in a row we build together our common future, brick by brick erecting solid walls of our building called "family." So even if all the following days, minutes and seconds are filled with tenderness, happiness and joy.

7 years - copper (woolen) wedding

Let the warm and create comfort in our family symbolthis holiday - wool. As a warm blanket keeps warm in any weather, so let our love keeps the family happy for many, many years. And no matter what storm raged outside, we always warm the warmth of our relations.

10 years - tin wedding

Today we are celebrating ten years of marriage,filled with joy and happiness. I cherish you, my love will live forever in my heart. You - the best husband, with whom my fear any trouble, because I know that together we will overcome all obstacles to our happiness and the happiness of our children!

14 years - agate wedding

That knocked our marriage of 14 years, fit ourfamily to get a passport. How many were in that time. Our family was growing up, learned, I grew. The youth behind. So in fact it is now, then everything begins! And let our love, as before, light the way to happiness!

15 years - Crystal Wedding

How the world shines in the faces of the crystal, as inand the glow of his shimmering all around fantastically transformed. That's how our family, having not a short path to this anniversary, let all the bright lights light magic. And our love, in spite of the years, will be a first transparent and clear. And let the blows of fate only give rise to a delicate jingle.

20 years - porcelain wedding

We have lived with you together for 20 years - is notshort term. All the time, every day, every minute, we have learned to listen to and understand each other. Step by step, brick by brick, we have built our relations. And now they can be compared with porcelain. Though he is fragile, but we are ready to prove that if you treat it with care, it will last long enough. Ahead of us a long way to the golden wedding, and I have no doubt that we will overcome it without too much effort, because the heaviest is over. I congratulate you, my beloved husband!

35 years - the coral wedding

Our family - an example of the warm, lasting andhappy marriage. For many years, we're brought up wonderful children and grandchildren today. I hope that in front of us waiting for a lot of interesting things! Now it is our time to live for themselves, to please your soul and enjoy each other's company. I love you and I always will, as always, support in difficult situations!

50 years - golden wedding

Gold - a precious material. Master spends a lot of time to check the quality of the material and remove any unwanted impurities. So our couple. For years, we have built our happiness step by step, they settled in his house, and now you and I have a wonderful family! Let's raise our glasses to the fact that our children and grandchildren with took us an example and create the same strong family!

After saying her husband romantic greeting with wedding anniversary, you make your family relationships even stronger and touching!

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