Ideas for hen before the wedding

Wedding - an important event, the beginning of a new life,the birth of a new family. From that day, life will change dramatically. In order to enjoy the last moments, moments of bachelorhood, friends of the bride (or the groom himself) are organizing a bachelor party. Ideas for hen can be completely different, it all depends on how you want to spend the day - active, enjoying the company of their friends only by lighting on the dance floor, or by visiting the karaoke club.

5 of original ideas for hen

Ideas for the boy diverse thatchoose - it's up to you. But the organization is to remember a holiday is supposed to be fun, memorable for the future husband and his friends. It is necessary to think in advance of the holiday program of the organization:

  • what will you do?
  • Where to go?
  • how to spend this evening?
  • prepare all necessary
  • invite guests, friends

Party in the Latin style

If you can not organize a celebration outside the home, do not despair, the apartment - the perfect place, where it is possible to have fun by arranging a Latin party. This requires quite a bit:

  • Great mood of all present.
  • Latin Music.
  • A variety of alcoholic drinks, including cocktails will be mixed.

Conjuring over cocktails, in addition to the alcohol, youwill use glasses, a shaker, tubes, umbrellas, ice - their presence is necessary to take care in advance. During the preparation of interesting drinks you can experiment by creating new masterpieces alcoholic.

Latin party-stag

Do you want to learn how to mix the components like a real bartender?

Sports stag

If you want to spend a sports stag, the best option - a sports complex, where you can choose entertainment to your liking.

If the holiday will be held in winter, finesuitable ideas for stag outdoors with active Winter Games. For example, the game of snowballs or ice skating will be presented with a chance to remember childhood fun from the heart. Not bad would go bowling, visit a warm, cozy club. This holiday will give opportunity to relax, spend time with friends.

Sports ideas for hen in summer: volleyball, soccer, outdoor activities, travel out of town, paintball, fishing.

Sports stag


Hiking in the paintball club - is the idea ofevents which are sure to enjoy friends. Here you will spend a fun time, actively playing on nature. During the game you will feel like a superhero, distracted from the problems of everyday, get a lot of pleasure.

Paintball on the bachelor

Evening games and memories home

Alternatively, it is possible to arrange a bachelor party at home,thematic evening spent playing games, remembering all the achievements, successes groom. Suitable ideas for this hen - "Twister," "Monopoly", computer games, maps. View interesting youth film also not a bad idea, because such a pastime will bring not only fun, but also an opportunity to discuss the picture. Not bad will organize a fun, exciting contests, and to enjoy the party is fine beer, pizza, chips or crackers.

Stag house

Going fishing

If you like fishing, outdoor recreation, thehold a bachelor possible outdoors. Go with friends on vacation out of town if you have a villa to a nearby body of water - go there. If there is no room with private facilities, a small break camp, day catch fish, and in the evening before the fire men arrange gatherings. Such a trip - perfect.

When stag in nature with your friends, you will get a lot of fun, relax in the fresh air, and the groom gain strength before starting a family life.

Bachelor fishing

Locations bachelor: where better to mention?

Organization and holding celebrations is possibleentrust to the witness or a friend, but to ensure that everything went perfectly, it is to do it yourself. The important points are considered to be a well-chosen location and suitable ideas for celebrating stag. The most popular sites are: club, sauna, karaoke, billiards, bowling club.


A perfect venue for stagIt considered a bath or sauna. Here you can relax all-male company, to warm up, to talk, to discuss their issues. It is also possible to cover and mark the last day of bachelorhood. Often, in the territory of the bath there is an additional entertainment complex: billiards, karaoke, swimming pool, bar. You can have fun, having a lot of fun.

A party for the future groom in the bath


Have fun and laugh heartilyand turn at karaoke. Having visited the cafe or sushi bar, go there to sing the songs that you like or that best. Even if you have no voice and friends - do not worry, it will be even funnier and funnier. Great idea - to record all activity on the video, take a photo and show the bride vocal abilities of her future husband.

Bachelor karaoke

Clubs and restaurants

Holding a party for the groom and his friendsClub - a great idea, because here everything you need for a perfect holiday: catchy music, service, good food and drink for all tastes. Here you will get the maximum positive charge, come off in full. Also, if you choose to visit the club, which has a female striptease.

Striptease on the bachelor

But this celebration format has several drawbacks:

  • Unlikely to be able normally talk to friends, because all the important issues relating to the wedding is better to discuss it later.
  • If you wish to visit the club, we recommend that you pre-book a table.
  • This stag - a great idea, but it is strongly hits the pocket, because if you came to the club, be prepared to shell out a tidy sum of money.

Stag at the bar

The idea of ​​celebrating the male party in a restaurantalso acceptable - is a good option to relax and talk with friends when a calm atmosphere, enjoy fine cuisine, purely masculine society, forgetting about the wedding troubles, troubles.


Active Life happens during a game of billiards. It is better to visit the billiards club or sports complex. Good idea - to arrange a competition between friends. Do not forget about drinking, which is ordered in advance, if the club does not have a bar.

Games in the pool for the bride and the company's bachelor party

Ideas for hen varied, butthat you choose - a matter of personal preferences, wishes, and finance. Tackle holiday organization better yourself so everything turned out perfectly, and so, as you can imagine. The main condition - that was fun and a holiday to remember. But in the course of the celebration should not forget that you're almost married man and excessive liberties may not like the bride, so relax, but with the mind.

Watch the hilarious video bachelor on the train, it will be a great memory of the last day of bachelorhood:

If you have ideas for celebrating stag - share your thoughts and impressions by leaving comments.