Rite bride matchmaking script

In ancient times, most of the weddingheld by prior agreement between the parents. Courtship was interesting and beautiful custom in which the groom must present the bride, describing the advantages and the best quality. Now young people choose a mate, but the tradition to propose to the parents remained betrothed. Explore the courtship ritual of the bride: a scenario of fun games, competitions, rituals, it will help you to spend the holiday fun.

Groom informs parents about wanting to marry

Previously noisy courtship ritual took place as follows: matchmakers with the groom came to the gate of the house of the bride, they opened the door and invited into the room where the girl's parents were sitting closest relatives (sister, brother, grandparents). In Swat lay man task to present in the best light. If he was rich, it was necessary to extol its merchants and financial capacity if the man was a hard worker - golden hands. Sam rite began with the words, who said the two men: "You have a product - we have a merchant." After the release of the bride, dressed in her most beautiful dress, and the two men asked the question: "Can a maid skilful?" She took the broom, pretended to sweep the floor, gave a homemade thing future husband. All took place in a half-joking. In courtship also negotiated the dowry, the wedding was discussed. Despite the attitude of parents towards narrowing during the first matchmaking he usually refused.

Ancient ritual courtship

Modern courtship ritual isParish betrothed bride's house with a bunch of flowers for the future mother in law and father in law for expensive alcohol. There he announces desire to marry, he asked the blessing on the marriage of their daughter. As a rule, the visit carries an official character, but nothing prevents to make fun of the idea of ​​matchmaking, where you can invite other relatives and friends.

Selecting or matchmaker matchmaker

Matchmaker Matchmaker and who will participate in the ceremony,must be on the part of her spouse, although this rule is often violated. If someone from the relatives of the bride (eg, brother, uncle, sister) are very familiar with the future in-law, they can themselves represent a man. Well, if at all will be similar suits, the appropriate script concept.


From what the script matchmaking held,It depends props. It can be musical instruments, a variety of gifts to the mother and father of the bride, towels, balls of yarn, feathers, trees, hammer, pillows. Swat, a sign of generosity, the monetary solvency betrothed, can be pushed to a keg of wine overseas, who immediately open for a feast.

Zasylaniya matchmakers

This is the beginning of courtship ritual - "matchmakerthe first cup and the first stick. " Before you enter, they bow. Just crossed the threshold, the two men must use hints, sayings, to come to the main topic of conversation - a future engagement. Further matchmaking script includes songs, games, praise of her spouse. Then the owners set the table, guests are treated to bread and salt, supper, when it is a certain hour - give your answer.

Watch the ceremony video, which will help visually understand how to conduct matchmaking:


Before the feast in Russia has always held bargaining. Usually, the bride was not present at this stage of courtship, to avoid sensitive issues: discussion of dowry, the groom's financial condition, the distribution of the wedding expenses. Casual could address the issue of the possible date of the event. Only after bargaining caused the bride. As part of the modern celebration may also be held bargaining, but playful.


Meal - this is not only the consumption of food,drinking vodka, wine, but also the time when the script held fun games, contests and rituals. During his mother and father of the bride, as a rule, they give their consent to the union, and then the groom puts a gold ring on the finger of the girl and the engagement is considered to be held. Then kiss young relatives and guests open the champagne to celebrate the beginning, this new family.

Feast on courtship

bride Tests

Tests for the bride wear a comic character. It is necessary to show their skills, which will be useful on the farm. Groom Party asks the girl to give it a try cooked meal, show embroidery, sweep the floor.

Cutting loaf

According to ancient Russian scenario matchmakingbetrothed bride brings a loaf. Accepting the gift, she gives consent to the engagement. Then the future spouses take a knife and cut the product in half - if they turn out to cut a loaf from the first time without taking the tool, it becomes a sign of the fact that their life together will be happy. Instead loaf modern version allows the use of a delicious cake. Loaf for courtship ritual in the photo:

Festive loaf

it groom

matchmaking scenario necessarily includesgroom speech. After the friends or relatives of the man presented in the best light, it is time betrothed of the votes cast. He should tell the bride's parents about their love for their daughter, to tell how it will defend, respect, appreciate.

Presentation of gifts that give

Gifts for matchmaking can be different: flowers, fruit baskets, chocolate cake, decorations for the girl and her mother (the future mother in law can convey the bride necklace or chain), alcohol, souvenirs. The main gift is a wedding ring.


To prove his love to the bride, the script is performed a ritual: betrothed to the bottom should drink a glass of honey.

Collusion marriage

Earlier this part of the scenario envisageddiscussion of financial issues - the amount of the dowry, on the celebration of the costs of material security of the groom as a whole. Modern Rite allows you to skip this step.

Collusion in the old days


Funny contests will be a perfect complement noisy courtship ritual scenario - some examples, see below.

Question answer

This game will show how well the future spouse knows the bride. It will prepare a few questions, to which he must answer correctly - her favorite food, color, date of birth, name day, and others.

For parents

To suit passed not only fun for the young, but also for parents, using the competitive scenario.

  • Fathers lovers leave the room, and the master specifies the mothers questions: how long was their spit during the wedding, attended by many guests, where they met.
  • Then name the men who have to answer the same questions.

Wins the pair, which matched all or most of the answers.


The script of this competition is that the guests sing snippets of wedding songs that recall. The winner is the participant who will sing more than others.

Singing feast on courtship


Celebration was held after sunset to uncleanforces could not enter the house. It was believed that marriage would be happy if after the departure of the groom, tie all sharp objects. After the guests left the house, the bride has been shown a lot of crying, after marriage to maintain tearless life. Matchmaking - an ancient tradition and the present theatrical action. The ritual can be an interesting stage in the preparation for the wedding, the ability to get close to two families.

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