On a finger ring on her engagement dress

Engagement - one of the most beautiful pre-weddingrites, which follows the matchmaking. After the engagement, when the young couple is officially considered the bride and groom, to give up the marriage is no longer possible. The rite of betrothal is that the young man asks the girl's father for her hand, and the girl puts on the ring finger of her betrothed, giving this consent to marry him. The question is, how to choose the appropriate jewelry for the ceremony and on what finger to wear.

On a finger of the right to wear the ring on her engagement?

Many nations decided to wear a ring on her engagement on the finger, which will then be put on a wedding.

Here is how to properly wear a sign of engagement

In Western Europe, it has traditionally decoratedthe ring finger of his left hand, because it passes through the blood vessel that goes straight to the heart. On the eve of the wedding jewelry is removed, put in a box where it is stored, and never wear. In case of a successful marriage engagement attribute is transmitted to descendants as a family heirloom.

In Russia, the former CIS attribute dressbride on the ring finger of the right hand, because the Russian's right hand is stronger, more important than the left. On the day of the official registration of the marriage ring is removed, and the wedding dress in his place. After the wedding, many modern women dress just two decorations on the same finger. You can wear a ring as you see fit, and the right one for yourself, in our country this practice is not regulated.

How should I wear?

If your finger is already decorated the main attributeengagement, it should not be removed until the wedding. Treat it with care, because it symbolizes your upcoming family life, which should be clean, clear and beautiful. In no case do not lose it, and not your marriage will be short-lived. You can wear a ring every day, wear jewelry, protecting them from external factors - water, hot sun, bumps, scratches, and also from envious human eyes.

What ring best gift?

This question bothers the male half of the population. If you choose a gift for your darling, you must first determine the size. Try to find out in advance the size of the beloved thumb, which will be put on the gift. It must be done carefully so it does not guessed what your intentions are, or surprise will not work. Also note what metal jewelry like to wear your lover - gold, silver, platinum.

Useful tips for men when choosing a gift, see the video

After assessment of your financial opportunities. There is normally perceived, if you have a student engagement and buy expensive gold ring. But if you - provided, solid man, will wear on the finger ring cheap darling, do not understand anybody.

The cost of decorations to some extent displaysyour love to the girl. Decorate the ring finger of the beloved the jewelry, which her dizzy. You win her heart, if present to an interesting article with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires or other precious stones. Jewelry with cubic zirconia do not look so prestigious, it is not necessary to give them.

symbol of marriage proposal

If you have little money, but you want to showfashionable or extraordinary, buy a ring of titanium, tungsten, stainless steel or cobalt. These products are extremely durable, are not devoid of originality and good taste, decorate the finger of your beloved.

The cost of engagement rings

Traditionally, engagement rings and buysHe puts his beloved man. To find out how much money is necessary to have, go over the jewelry store. In each you will find catalogs, a unique collection of stylish jewelry at a reasonable price and very expensive jewelry. But among all the abundance you are sure to choose something that will be worthy of your heart lady.

Most expensive ring - gold with diamonds. The cost of these rings ranges from 667 to 17 thousand rubles, depending on the weight of the ring and the number of diamonds. And the price of engagement rings from Tiffany company reaches quite incredible heights - 2.5 million rubles. The founder of the company, Charles Tiffany was standing at the very beginning of the tradition of dressing the girl with ringlet engagement.

Gold with diamonds

Tiffany Production Company

Gold ring with zirconium, you can buy cheaper within 3800-8700 rubles.

Gold zirconium

Golden Rings with colored stones areexpensive, for it will have to pay from 9600 to 44000 rubles. But if you decide to put your beloved a ring, you will be at least worthy of respect. Photography such rings are given below.

Photo: gold rings with stones

For the price of less than 2,500 rubles, you can buytitanium, tungsten, steel rings. With its low cost (500-2000 rubles), they look nice and neat. Girls wear them with pleasure.

Products made of titanium, tungsten, steel jewelry

A set of unusual jewelry engagement is presented in the video.

Photos on engagement rings

Photo: engagement rings



Choose a decoration to your liking, the main thing -that the gift was made from the heart, with love, then your fiancee is required to decorate them your finger, appreciating its beauty. If our article has helped you to choose, leave your review below it.