How to choose a husband

Dreams of marriage, the family, marriage is visited everyWoman, regardless of age. "Marry - not to attack, the main thing is not married to the abyss," - says the proverb. How to choose a husband, to be happy, have a friendly and strong family, children, relationship with spouse, that will get stronger with each passing day? What to look for before making a crucial step in life - to choose her future husband?

How to choose a good husband

You need to define what it means for youthe concept of "good husband". We are all unique, so the list of requirements for a prospective mate every woman is different. One chooses a husband-homebody, preferring to spend time at home, engaged in economic affairs, and the other - the traveler who goes fearlessly into the unknown distance. If you are thinking about how to choose a husband, then without a clear designation of the selection criteria you can not do.

How to choose a good husband

If you are already in a relationship and the manmade you an offer, but does not match the selected criteria, it is not a reason to part with her beloved. Discuss with your future husband marriage priorities, changes that you would like to bring to the relationship. Talk show how easily you will be able to find common ground. The ability to negotiate, to compromise, the outputs of complex situations - an important component of family relationships in marriage.

Relatives of the husband

You want to know how to choose the right man? During the development of relations with potential candidates, pay attention to the family relationships of the future spouse: how families communicate with each other, how close are the father and mother, which the family customs and traditions of honor. The nature, human habits are pawned from childhood, so the model adopted by a family relationship is in your marriage.

Family dinner with relatives of her future husband

Joint ventures allow us to closeto know a person. If there is an opportunity to socialize with members of the marriage of his family, for example, organize a family party, as in the photo above, or invite family members to travel together on the weekend out of town, during which will be clear to the nature of the relationship of close relatives of the potential husband.

See how the men in this family arewomen, what kind of relationship with her mother and other relatives choose. Is Present respect, warmth, intimacy, if he neglects family responsibilities, whether helping with the housework as responds to requests for assistance. In the new family you have to play all the female roles: wife, mother, grandmother, so the potential for interaction between the husband and relatives will be able to draw a conclusion about the future of your relationship.

Age and social status

You want to know how to choose a husband? Pay attention to the difference in age and social status, which has a significant impact on the development of the marital relationship. From age, social status depends on the outlook and attitude of the person, previous experience, breadth of vision, knowledge, tried and tested skills, form a habit, style and way of life.

Fighting in family relations

If you feel that there is between youa significant difference not only in material terms but also social, cultural, national, religious, you should not shy away from the senses. Subconsciously, you will constantly feel discomfort, tension, which will be manifested in the relationship through conflict situations. According to psychologists, these differences are very difficult to overcome at the household level.

His attitude toward money

An excellent description of the human person givesattitude to money and other material resources. Do not be afraid to discuss her future husband the financial issues, the money - an important part of the family unit, which often depends on the success of the marriage. The ability to safely negotiate on substantive issues to compromise on money matters, reveals the psychologically mature person who can be held responsible not only for himself but also for all family members.

Drinking future husband for money

What tends to choose your potential companionlife, squandering or accumulation? Is the budget plan to spend or spontaneous? How easy is it squanders money? What I like to buy? Can the making? What has plans for the material aspects of life? How to see the financial side of marriage? Get answers to questions, you define the scale of human wealth, will be able to understand what is waiting for you in a marriage with a man.

If the scale of material needs on the groundfamily place, a man always overcome encountered financial difficulties, will find a way / the ability to take care of you and the children, and did not choose the excuse laziness, will not give up even in difficult situations. Otherwise, you risk being left on the sidelines in a man's life, constantly experiencing stress related to financial issues.

Beliefs future husband

The similarity of attitudes of husband and wife - the key tohow to choose the right husband. If life priorities are the same, you strive toward a common goal, such as a strong family and children, the joint effort will achieve its much faster. You always get the support, assistance in marriage. But if you have chosen the opposite sides, each will pull the blanket over himself and the likelihood of a breakdown in the marriage union will rise.

Priorities in life - strong family

So before you say "yes" to the proposalmarriage, we must choose a common family purpose and discuss with a potential husband for the future. What he seeks in the career plan? What dreams? What wants to do in life? What to achieve? At what point he had a family and children? From what is ready to give up when a situation arises? Answers to the questions will help you understand the stance of the future elect, goals, desires, and priorities.

How not to be mistaken in choosing a husband

How to choose a husband, and not to be mistaken? Be sure to pay attention to bad habits and addictions. If the beloved abuses alcohol and drugs, it is a bad candidate for a future husband. From bad habits hard to break even when the human will and the support of all members of the family, so do not risk the future by linking commit with such a man.

Impulsive - aggression in the family

Choosing her husband, pay attention to hisrelationships with other people. The manifestation of impulsivity, aggression and wanton rudeness - bad personality traits for the candidacy of the future husband. In family life, no one is immune from the conflict situations that result in aggression can be turned on you, you're with the kids mentally (physically) can suffer from violence.

The most important indicator of the "quality" of her husband - loyaltywife. According to statistics, the divorce of one of the reasons for divorce is infidelity. So if you notice a potential elect all the signs of Lovelace, is a great reason to take a break in the relationship, think about the correctness of the choice. As if at a stage of love and candy buketnogo period, your husband can not choose loyalty or betrayal, the family union offers endless grief from love affairs.

As it relates to children

Be sure to pay attention to how the futurelife companion for children. Read his attitude, discussed with the chosen amount and methods of education, observe how it relates to other people's children, for example, nephews or nieces. Invite your boyfriend to the family or friends with a child, pay attention to how he speaks, he finds a common language, plays, trying to strike up a relationship.

Future husband plays with the kids

If you have chosen is no experience with children, hedoes not know how to get along with them, it's not a reason to give up on the relationship. The main thing - if he has the desire to communicate with the child, trying to establish whether the tie and attitude. If you have trouble, help him, help, advise, or just be there, then things will work out in your relationship there will be one point of contact, which will necessarily lead to a happy marriage.

The similarity of interests, hobbies and characters

According to psychologists, harmonious marriagescreated in pairs with similar interests, passions and characters. Commonality in recreational connects people, offers lovers the opportunity to spend more time together with each other. What you choose and your future husband? What is your hobby? Do interests intersect? Answers to questions will tell you how the future will be a family leisure time, how much time you will spend together.

Joint Activity in family relations

If you have chosen the overall activity duringwhich get combined experience, to develop and share the emotional experiences, that in such a relationship you will never be bored, the wife of the society will be glad to give a feeling of fullness. If the total employment at no lovers, then select it with the future elect.

The search for common interest - the perfect choicejoint interests, providing you with the opportunity to select different types of activity, share impressions, simultaneously expanding horizons. Joint travel to new places, biking, roller skates, lessons in martial arts or other sports, paired dance, music and music concerts, theatrical performances - choose at will. The main lesson to be interesting to you, bring joy and satisfaction with family life.

Sexy temperament

Sex plays an important role in family relations. Because of the similarity of sexual temperaments, physical compatibility lovers enjoy the Union, not only spiritually, but also physically. Sexual satisfaction makes people more confident, balanced, peaceful. Due to the physical compatibility in love easily pass conflict situations more positively perceive the arising difficulties in family status.

Sexual harmony in family life

A harmonious sexual life - good choicemarriage, the foundation upon which family relationships are built. The mutual sexual attraction, an active sex life brings spouses moral and physical satisfaction, smoothes the roughness caused in family life. Sex - an opportunity to demonstrate the depth of feelings and emotions of lovers, partners gives confidence in mutual love and respect.

About how important sexual harmony in family relationships, see the video:

The genetic component selection

An important role for the creation of a family playingthe genetic component, which determines the health of future children. Find out whether there is any disease in her husband's family, inherited, he was sick relatives or incurable diseases? How to relate to health? Take care there about healthy eating, day mode? Choose a sport or not? Answers to questions will show you how responsible and caring future husband.

A good husband - happy family

Women who are thinking on the question "How? Choose a husband, "it is important to remember the main thing - the future husband does not have to be perfect, but you have to approach it chosen for life. Assuming a positive decision about marriage, take your time, think carefully about the pros, cons future spouse. From the wrong choice no one is safe, but following these tips, you can avoid the classic mistakes when choosing a life partner.