Familiarity with the groom's parents

The first acquaintance with their parents halvesIt is considered a very important and responsible event in the life of every bride. Most women panic when the bride offers to meet with his family. To the inner fear and experience not marred upcoming event, to be natural, not to worry and adhere to the rules of etiquette. The upcoming meeting will take place at the highest level, if it thoroughly prepare.

The first meeting with the mother and father of the groom

Familiarity with the groom's parents: how to prepare

When relationship with sweetheart moving to moreserious level, plans to present the bride groom to his family. Each girl takes a very exciting event, experiencing, to please parents elect. Therefore, the potential bride you must be prepared in advance to meet you. Preparations for the upcoming meeting includes the following steps:

  1. Learn more about mom and dad loved. During familiarization with the family of the groom, you'll feel more confident when in front of him check with beloved traditions and customs of his family. Ask about their hobbies, interests, what character traits they possess. This will help you to prepare mentally to face the still strangers to you people.
  2. To revise your wardrobe. Dress to the first meeting should be restrained, avoiding bright outfits, which can create a vulgar way. The groom's parents will appreciate your discretion according to a strict dress or pantsuit.
  3. We think over makeup. He should be humble, executed in pastel colors. Avoid excessive rouge and false eyelashes. Parents want to see side by side with his son a decent girl.
  4. We handle nails. Before acquaintance update your manicure, using a light-colored lacquer. The nails should be neat, short length.

At a meeting with the parents of the groom get dressed modestly

How to behave when meeting to please: tips

If it is time to Meet the Parentschosen, you must make every effort to please them. Remember that you will not have a second chance to make a first impression. A young girl needs to prepare for this event. To the first meeting with the parents went perfectly, learn tips given below:

  1. The first meeting - it is always an exciting event. To explore during arose voltage, be quiet and stay themselves. If you are relaxed and not shy, the groom's parents also feel comfortable around you.
  2. Anticipate possible questions thatmay ask you when meeting relatives of the groom. Parents elect will ask about family, education, work, feelings for their son, as well as plans for the future. Answer all questions honestly as possible, to create a relationship of trust. You do not need to tell in detail all the secrets of your family, speak concisely and with restraint. If some conversation moments make you feel uncomfortable, it is correct to change the subject of communication.
  3. At the meeting, be cheerful and sociable. This does not mean that you have to constantly laugh and talk endlessly. But to remain silent and nervously to touch the hem of the dress is also not necessary. Looks happy, then the parents will be happy to such a daughter.
  4. Avoid the sad stories about his former friends. Mom and dad of the groom does not necessarily know the details of your previous partners.
  5. If at the time of communication there was a long pause, then start asking parents about their hobbies or passions. Did you find common interests that will be a good topic of conversation.
  6. It is not necessary to show parents when their turbulent emotions in communicating with their son. Keep a low profile and culturally.
  7. Do not exert harmful to elect parentshabits. If you smoke, please refrain from cigarettes during the meeting. Some parents have strict views on the habits of the younger generation. In order not to spoil the first meeting with the groom's parents, learn from the video below advice of psychologists:

Meeting with the groom's parents: Keep a low profile

Be natural

To make a good impression on the parentsfavorite when meeting, behave naturally as in everyday life. Fake and forced smile interviewees will notice, and are unlikely to want to continue sincere communication. If you pretend to be the one who are not, your image will be remembered for the groom's parents absurd and ridiculous. Do not go overboard in an effort to please the beloved family members.

Smile at the first meeting with the groom's mother

Do not worry

Meeting strangers is always aexcitement. Be prepared mentally, that during acquaintance with the parents loved to stay calm. Before the meeting, it is recommended to relax and tune in to positive emotions. If you are a bit worried it would create the impression of a modest girl, but because of the strong feelings can pass an acquaintance in a tense atmosphere.

A pleasant meeting with the beloved parents

Refrain from excessive displays of affection

It is not necessary at the sight of the groom's parents immediatelyto show feelings and kiss them on the cheek. Refrain from excessive displays of emotion as a cuddle. Show a positive impression from the first meeting, you can a sincere smile, showing modest. That will be enough for a first acquaintance. The groom's parents for you not yet close friends, first you need to get used to each other.

Eliminate hug when they first meet with parents

The rules of etiquette when meeting

A planned meeting with the groom's parentsIt will be held at the height, if you stick to the general rules of etiquette. Performing simple rules will help to create the impression of a modest, decent girl who in the future would be an ideal wife for their son. Friendly, helpful, punctual, calm nature of the bride will be the basic criteria for parents in the preparation of the overall impression of you.

Keep a low profile with the beloved family

Do not be late

The planned introduction to the parents muststart strictly at the agreed time. Being late can be seen as disrespectful relatives of the groom, and your reputation will be ruined at once. At the first meeting Be sure to punctuality, do not force parents elect you waiting even ten minutes. The potential bride of their son's recommended to come for a visit in 10-15 minutes before the appointed time.

If the groom's family lives in the other endcity, then plan out your business so that you have time to explore top. Ask the groom to meet you, and then you can come along to the parents. This will help to avoid embarrassment at the first meeting and without emotion start dating. If the delay could not be avoided, then sincerely apologize to his parents, telling the true reason for the delay.

Meeting with the family favorite

Refer to the parents by name and patronymic

In order not to make mistakes when we first met,Refer to the parents of the groom by name and patronymic. Find out in advance in the chosen, the name of relatives, brothers, sisters. In order not to forget and not confused, write down the names in his notebook. Ask the groom, his parents are turning to grandparents. Perhaps, in the family there is a special tradition of communication between family members. Some brides are beginning to move without the permission of "you" or use the "mom", "dad". The groom's parents will tell themselves when they are ready for such treatment.

Pleasant acquaintance with parents

Correctly behave at the table

Traditional knowledge with parents usuallyIt takes place in the home environment. Mother of the groom covers the table, filling him with treats. In advance ask the groom, whether in the food menu there, which you do not eat. But if during a party you had to eat unusual food, pretend that delighted the taste. Future in-law could find for the insult, if you start to criticize her treats. Call the confidence of the groom's mother can ask the recipe and saying sincere about her culinary talents. Stick to the basic rules of table manners:

  1. Keep your back straight, do not lean against the back of a chair or sofa.
  2. Do not put food in a bowl slide. If you liked the dish, ask for supplements.
  3. Do not talk with your mouth full. First swallow food, and then you can hold a conversation.
  4. Do not reach across the table for a meal. Ask the groom provide you with the pleasant dish plate.
  5. Do not get up because of the first table, and wait,until all have finished the meal. The groom's parents during the entire feast closely you observe and draw conclusions, as you brought up and cultured man.

Rules of etiquette at the table

Do not linger

The duration of the first meeting with familylover can depend on many factors. If immediately after meeting with the groom's parents invite you to the table, the common meal will last no longer than an hour. For the first meeting, this time will be enough to get to know each other. To the parents not to bore your presence, do not linger long in the party. At the end, thank the groom's family for the wonderful reception.

If parents elect reside in anotherthe city, the advance Talk about with her lover as to where you will spend the night. Ask the groom to warn her family that after the first meeting of the bride will remain until the morning. But consider the family traditions, and how they relate to the fact that the young ones will sleep together before the wedding. The day of the meeting behave modestly as possible.

Meeting at home with parents

What to give the parents of the groom when meeting

Familiarity with beloved parents shouldstart with smiles, greetings and small gifts. Ask your elected representative, a biscuit, chocolate or cake loves his family. Get these sweets in a beautiful package and presented at the first meeting. To become a fairing presenting proof of your culinary skills, you can prepare yourself for confectionary masterpiece.

Mother of the groom give the bouquet

If the introduction is scheduled for the evening,specify what parents prefer wine. A bottle of red "Merlot" will be an excellent complement to the feast on the table. From a gift in the form of highly fortified drinks at the first meeting recommended to abstain. If the groom has warned that his father collects brandy, then in this case, one bottle will be appropriate. You should refrain from presenting the following surprises:

  1. Mother of the groom in the first day of love can not begive cosmetics, perfumes and lingerie. It will look uncivilized and unethical. For example, anti-aging cream will be regarded as an opportunity to point out its shortcomings.
  2. You can not do much expensive gifts. This can cause a surprise at the groom's parents a sense of obligation and duty.
  3. Do not give acquaintance with pets. Not all have a positive attitude to the presence of a dog in an apartment or a cat. But if you know exactly what the chosen family dreams of a pet, in this case, such a gift is appropriate.
  4. Her father can not give a tie or shirt. According to the rules of etiquette, such a fairing may present the closest people.

The first acquaintance with the groom's mother start with bouquether favorite colors, which give you their own or entrust his handpicked. This will create a good impression surprise the bride of their son. If the meeting happens on a holiday, priurochte a fairing for this celebration. And remember, no matter what you present a gift the groom's parents at their first meeting, the main thing that surprise was sincere and was awarded with love.