Wedding manicure on short nails - design ideas 2015, master classes with photos

The ideal image of the bride - what is it? Snow-white airy dress, elegant veil, elegant accessories - not do without them. Complete the look beautiful stylish hairstyle and perfect manicure. Elegant Bride handle: well-groomed, neat - attracted much attention of others than shoes, or a bouquet of flowers. Wedding manicure on short nails - trends of the season 2014-2015 years. What are the rules of application, what are its characteristics?

Rules perfect manicure on short nails

You prefer short natural nails? Accepts congratulations: a short manicure - the trend of the season 2015! Perfect nails give grace, enhance the beauty of the bride. What to look for when choosing a wedding coating for short nails?

  • Well-groomed hands and nail plate. Warm baths with chamomile, honey treatments soothe the skin, allow to relax, relax in the hectic pre-wedding. Every day after the procedure lubricate the nail plate with a few drops of lemon juice, then rubbing the essential oil.Well-groomed nails bride - wedding preparation
  • Selecting the shape of the nail. Visually lengthen the fingers will give grace almond shaped. It is easier to create a marigold greater length. Oval or square with rounded corners - the perfect choice.Types of nail plates
  • Neat manicure without varnishing. Take a few minutes each day your marigolds. Remove the cuticles with a special gel and orange sticks. Optionally you can use nail scissors. The Special Multilateral nail file, adjust the length of the nail plate; remove irregularities from the surface by grinding it. Steps for creating a short manicure for a wedding
  • The choice of varnish. In this case, the choice of base coat to cover the nails - an individual matter. Most brides traditionally choose soft pastel shades. If your wedding dress involves bright details or to be a themed wedding, vibrant colors are welcome! They will complete a daring, unusual way, accents.What paint to choose for a wedding manicure
  • Before applying the varnish on their own,work out properly paint the nail plate. The coating does not tolerate fuss: oval and almond shaped nails are covered completely, but advanced to the top, round require special techniques. Try to apply the paint so that on each side remained thin strip - more narrow at the hole, wider - at the tip.Features of the application of lacquer on the nails short
  • Selecting the picture for a wedding manicure. Visually lengthen short nails will help diagonal or longitudinal pattern.Longitudinal patterns for visual extension of the nail
  • Additional decor. For wedding decorations will be a wonderful option rhinestones, sequins, pearls. Do not get carried away with various kinds of design, try not to use more than two different techniques. Short nails in this case would be "overwhelmed" by creating disharmony image.
  • Wedding Design short nails

    Ornament short nails for the wedding willwhite patterns, elegant painted nail plate thin brushes. Flowers, geometric shapes, create the magical lace pattern, give lightness. Acrylic volume figures variety of traditional french and rhinestones will make your fingers shine like stars. Emphasize the ring finger will help decorating a claw pattern or bright color. For those who like to draw attention to fit specific figures in the form of heart, pearls, which are attached to the nail plate.

    Types of wedding design of short nails

    Ideas for wedding manicure short nails

    You prefer elegant wedding manicureClassic colors? Beige, pink nail polish will help realize our plans into practice. Inject playfulness shine traditional French perhaps using rhinestones. Glamorous option is to gold, silver shades for French coverage or saturated gels-varnishes with bits of glitter. Choosing custom, bold image, the bride nails should use bright varnish, blending in with the accessories and wedding dress.

    Options varnishing short nails

    Classic jacket

    French manicure - a classic of the genre. Exquisite pink polish accentuate a healthy nail color and neat patterns decorate monotonous background. Expressed a preference for flashy accents? Use instead of the white strip lacquer silver, gold plating. Wedding outfit provides vivid details of the toilet? Cover the nails with varnish same color, creating the original image.

    The wedding jacket - classic manicure

    lacy manicure

    Graceful patterns on short nails poseinimitably elegant, delightful image of the bride. Lacy manicure is ideal for wedding celebrations. The white gossamer, fine patterns, rhinestones to decorate transform traditional jacket into a work of art. Figure repeating decorations dresses, lace veils perfectly accentuate style of the bride.

    Decorate the bride's nails lace

    Moon manicure

    A novelty of the season in 2014 became the moon manicure -Traditional French "on the contrary". A strip of a different color, located in the area of ​​the nail holes: transparent or darker, made of sequins and decorated with stones, sequins. Wedding nail coating would be more impressive if the contrast pattern to emphasize the line separating the two colors.

    What's New Lunar nail-art to the wedding

    Wedding manicure with roses or other flowers

    Large patterns on short nails lookugly, but gentle, neat colors accentuate the elegant fingers of the bride. Elegantly looks fine combination of drawing and 3D flower made of acrylic clay decorated in the center of gemstones or pearls. Colorful bouquets, petals perfectly with bright accents wedding dress.

    Decor flowers wedding manicure

    Manicure with decoration on one nail

    The latest innovation of the past 2015 stylenail-art was the decoration of the nail. Monochromatic cover the rest of the nail plate is combined with contrasting bright pattern on the ring finger. Gold placer sequins; Acrylic bow, crystals create an amazing accent. Elegantly looks wedding coverage "Ombre" style: when the ring finger nail polish adorns the lightest tones, decorated with rhinestones.

    Decoration on the nail

    Wedding manicure "Shellac"

    Rich structure-gel lacquer deservesattention to the bride. Resistant coatings up to 3 weeks, smooth, silky texture, safety for the nail plate - the benefits "shellac". To go on a honeymoon and not worry about perfection manicure? With this technique coating nails - easily! Matte or glossy, gel nail polish will give the nail shape, smooth out the bumps.

    Manicure for wedding, made in the technique of shellac

    Drawings on short nails

    For wedding manicure short nails used a variety of patterns:

    • Graphic. Stylish, unusual nail design will attract the attention of others.
    • Air designs. Give of tenderness and charm help graceful curved lines, intricate shapes made paints pastel shades.
    • Twigs, leaves, gently applied the master's hand, give romance.
    • Star placer, letters, butterfly - perfect for a themed wedding.
    • Suit bride and groom in the middle and index finger of the bride will not allow to doubt the seriousness of the intentions of the newlyweds.

    A variety of patterns wedding coverage marigold

    Technique create a wedding manicure on short nails

    Neat manicure for your wedding ceremonyhands will require significant efforts. Work out in advance, so as not to be in a festive day without manicured nails as such. So, step by step look at the main stages:

    • Bring in a perfect state of your pen. A warm bath will relax your hands, soften it.
    • Clean the skin under the nails using the special tools.
    • Adjust the length using a nail file.
    • Sand the surface of the nail plate, removing grooves, bumps.
    • Grease hands, nail plate hand cream. Leave until completely absorbed.
    • Remove the nail cuticle devices.
    • Nail polish remover wipe nails, degrease them.
    • Apply foundation under varnish thinly. Leave to dry.
    • Apply the chosen paint in thin layers. If you want to get a more intense color, leave time for complete drying of the previous layer.
    • Apply a thin brush patterns or pictures. To facilitate the purchase vending stencils. They stick when the upper core layer of varnish has dried.
    • Cover the resulting figure fixer.
    • If desired, decorate the nails self-adhesive rhinestones, acrylic figurines, beads. Your wedding manicure hand-made ready!

    How to perform a wedding manicure short nails yourself

    How do manicure on short nails with his hands

    You prefer to perform wedding manicurepersonally? I am guessing that you will need and how to do? Classic French is perfect for the ceremony, and add a touch of elegance delicate painted claw each bride. You will need two of lacquer: the main - pink and white matte to create a pattern. Special thin brush allows the air to draw a picture, and help to create a spherical round figures.

    Photo Wedding manicure on short nails 2015

    Elegant openwork patterns, floral motifs,cover "shellac" still remain popular for the 2015 season. Major trends manicure for the bride you will see in the photo below. The main directions of the wedding manicure fashion will be:

    • The desire for elegance, simplicity - covering soft pastel colors, using the "shellac" technology.
    • Moon manicure come to the forefront of the world of wedding fashion.
    • Using gentle, light accents by using the decor of one or more nails of the bride.

    Manicure for the bride's nails short 2015 season

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