Wedding manicure 2015 - ideas, trends, photos

One of the most exciting days of each girl -her wedding day. She - the queen of the ball, delicate, beautiful and sophisticated bride. Adorable beauty dress, shiny accessories, delicate bouquet, fashionable hairstyle, make-up - all these immutable attributes of each bride. A gentle way complemented the exquisite wedding manicure, which is in harmony with the dress and accessories. Wedding manicure 2015 presented various new products, which are and will now speech.

Ideas wedding manicure

Hands of the girl on her wedding day always in sight. Therefore manicure have to be perfect. Since the wedding dress is usually white or beige color, then lacquer for the base is usually selected in pastel colors. Beauty salons are a lot of different options for wedding manicure. This is true at any time of the year. What are the novelties presented by masters of art manicure in 2015?

color options

nail Form

The first thing you should pay attention - thisnail length and shape. The form can be diverse, it all depends on the preferences of the bride. But a popular trend this year are the oval shape of medium length. They look exquisite lace pattern. Notice in the photo.

Oval shape

Also fashion is a form of nails "blade".

Form shovel

And for the girls who always used to be the center of attention, just perfect almond shape fit.



The correct design - it is the key to success. In most cases, nail art color selected by the girls skin color. suit pastel colors and shades for fair skin that emphasize the naturalness, the beauty of the bride herself and her attire. And if the bride's dark skin, then choose copper or orange shades of nail polish.

New this year - nail varnish in silver or gold color. It is attractive, interesting and draws admiring glances guests.

Silver or gold color


There remains the classic french manicure style. This is one of the most common variants, skillfully complemented masters various patterns, sequins and beads.

Typically french style experts selectednatural tones varnishes. But the image will become even more attractive, if you make it a highlight. Wedding manicure 2015 offers the option of fan-jacket. This is the same French manicure, only to edge applied varnish is not white and bright, such as red, purple, and others. If the bride's bouquet or her outfit has a bright accent, this ornament will look spectacular in combination with a colored tip of the nail in the bright Colour.

Wedding manicure with a decor

Gel polish

Appearing recently, gel coatings have become one oftopical novelties nail art. This qualitative tool has a strengthening effect, can give your nails healthy and natural look. Prior to its application do not zapilivaem nail plate. Nails are simply treated with a dehydrator, and then he applied the gel nail. Professionals use a nail to achieve even better results. Gel coatings are varied palette of colors, glitter and stay long on the surface.

gel lacquer as a decoration


Also, professionals use to covershellac. He is like a gel varnish and, thanks to the components that go into it, manicure lasts for a month in perfect condition. It is not visible scratches and other damage, and they will not let you spoil the mood even during the honeymoon.

Volume nail art

For naraschёnnyh nails perfect surroundnail art or decorative molding. Nail art is also a good idea to look at the common marigold, both short and long. Its only drawback - it is short-lived. Decor quickly break off, leaving an incomplete picture.

Hint: this option manicure better to do before the wedding, a day or two before the celebration.

Volume nail art

With rhinestones

The nail-art topical use decorations. Particularly impressive they look on the ring finger, which flaunts an engagement ring Bride. As these elements of decor can come sequins, stones or crystals. Rhinestones look gently and carefully. They did not aggravate the nail plate, giving a manicure special charm. Verify this by looking the pictures below.

Aquarium manicure

Aquarium manicure used for a wedding celebration. He has long held, harmonizing perfectly with the wedding dress of the bride. Examples of this are shown in the photo manicure.

Aquarium manicure

Manicure for short nails

It is a mistake to think that the bridal nail art effectivelyIt looks only at long nails. Cleverly done manicure will look like a winner and a short length. The main rule is their grooming. In short nails, you can do any drawing, decorate them with various ornaments. Sometimes the nail plate pre strengthen acrylic, giving manicure durability.

Wedding manicure on short nails

The cost of a wedding manicure

Price Range wedding manicure 2015 mayfluctuate wildly. Its value depends primarily on the length and the selected pattern. The value also affects what decorations master will use for design. But prices are usually high in beauty salons. Therefore, if you want to save on wedding manicure, make it at home with their own hands.

It is possible and reasonable. Before applying the varnish base must be prepared nails, make a special bath, remove cuticles, and only then apply the varnish. If you want to use nail art, do not forget, it must be combined with all the details of your image.

helpful hints

Wedding manicure - is not only a beautiful design, and a well-groomed hands. So start preparing in advance.

  • Some days do warm bath and apply a nourishing cream to give the skin a silky hand.
  • It is better to do a manicure for 2-3 days before the celebration, in case of need, it was time to adjust. The same applies to naraschёnnyh nails.
  • Do not forget that the tone of the varnish should be combined with the color of your skin and the elements of decor - with accessories and clothes.

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