Wedding manicure

In many will want to consider the time of your weddingwedding ring before the wedding so be sure to give a well-groomed hands. Nobody forces you to do a manicure, but in good shape nails and hands should be mandatory. Better, surely, to trust the masters of their craft, visiting a beauty salon, but if you decide to make your own wedding manicure, take note of some of the nuances.

To make a beautiful nail shape you need to use only nail file, podpilivaya it constantly in one direction. Nails can not be cut with scissors, otherwise they will exfoliate.

During the wedding manicure in skin thatis located near the nail, be sure to rub moisturizing gels or creams. To soften cuticles best time to hold your fingers in the bath with warm water, after adding back special oil and soap agents. Then dry your hands cotton cloth or a soft towel.

Cuticle is best to remove an orange stick or by means of special tweezers. It is very important not to cause damage to the skin located around the nail plate.

The next step in the process is the application of a wedding manicure on hands of the region nourishing cream. After that, nail polishing nail file processed.

Remember that varnish, nail residues before coatingcream must be removed with soapy water or a damp cloth. After that, applied to the nails clear varnish, which is the foundation of wedding manicure. The varnish should be applied minimally thin layer, and then wait for it to dry completely. To nail polish is well entrenched, should be at least an hour to give it to dry.

Most brides choose a wedding manicure French, since it is ideally suited to a white wedding dress, moreover, it looks quite elegant.

If your nails brittle characteristic, and you do notcan grow them to the desired length, use false nails. They will keep for about two weeks. But at the same time remember that your nail will be deformed and can grow back a few months. Also keep in mind that if for a wedding manicure you resort to the nail, then it will cost much more expensive.

Among the many ways to decorate nails are the most common pattern varnish, transferable pattern and rhinestones.

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