Manicure for the bride in red tones

If you are an extraordinary person, then surely allin your life based on the same principle: all unusual inspires you. Your wedding - it's a great occasion to show your taste and sense of style and express your mood to your wedding image. Feel free to translate their imagination and be creative!

How to combine a manicure in red?

Even if you have a good sense of style, sometimespeople tend to make mistakes. The abundance of red will make the image more wedding night, and perhaps even vulgar. So try to be careful to play on such a bright color like red. If you do not feel very thin line between beauty and obsession, it is best to soften your manicure with a white lacquer.

Red and white manicure

This bridal manicure can be donealone, is enough to choose your favorite shade of red and choose a bright white lacquer. It can be white ends, or vice versa to take a white color as a basis, and the tips of the nails to make red. There will of your imagination! As for the combination of red lacquer with other colors, it is worth mentioning that it is in harmony with the golden color.

Red with gold

You can use a golden lacquer, anda bright gold rhinestones or beads. If you chose this option manicure, it is advisable to choose wedding decorations in gold or gold shades, so that the image was complete. Dozens of ideas on how to create a bright manicure for a wedding, you will find on the website

Ideas for wedding manicure in red

So you have finally decided for themselves thatred lacquer suit your wedding style. Then it's time to decide what it will be your nails at the wedding: long or short, natural or graft? If you choose the option of graft nails, you can rely on the specialist skills. To make a gentle, but at the same time, a passionate manicure, ask the master to leave the red tips of the nails only. With them will be just amazing blend your bridal bouquet!

Drawing on nails of extension

On the ring finger nails can be donesprigs of cherry, having sustained a manicure in the Japanese style. Use black color combined with red: this combination looks very harmonious and interesting. With graft nails can come up with a lot of original ideas, as long as your Manicurist could bring them. Very nice look nails with red tips and a pattern of beads, which runs a special tool - DOTS.

Figure DOTS

Beads add the necessary touch of manicuretenderness, which is so necessary image of the bride. Also, on some nails can draw delicate flowers in shades of pink. More interesting things about artificial nails for the bride, you can read on the website

If you decide to do a manicure on her nailsindependently, you can use bursting varnishes. Of course, right now nobody will be surprised by these technologies, however, neat nails with nail polish look very aesthetically pleasing.

Bursting varnish

Do not forget to cover the nails fixer toyour labor lasted not only on the wedding day, but also later. Choose only high-quality paints, the best in specialized stores. Such bright manicure add appropriate wedding accessories. In your hairstyle or dress must exist detail in shades of red, whether it is a brooch, hairpin, ring or shoes. Everything has to match the color.

Manicure is a jewel of the bride at the wedding,he adds originality to it. If you have lots of ideas to create a manicure, you can easily implement them. It is necessary to carefully combine bright colors to the image of the bride was romantic and easy.

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