Making a wedding manicure

The wedding ceremony is in full swing, and, behold, there comeswhen your choice should you put a wedding ring on his finger. Flashes of cameras, camera ... All attention is focused on your hands! Do well enough they will look at this point, it depends only on you. And do not rely on gloves that hide flaws manicure at the wedding, sooner or later you will have to remove them and under them should be well-groomed hands and neat manicure.

Selection of nail design is not limited to hardfashion frames. You can afford everything that comes to your outfit and skin. French manicure - the undisputed leader among all conceivable types of manicure for brides. Fresh in appearance, with a child transparent pinkish nails, he comes to wedding dresses.
However, more and more girls - the bride's steelremember about the traditional wedding manicure. His color palette is selected and is now depending on the season. In winter, brighter, more saturated colors - cherry, plum, and in the summer - transparent and light - pink, peach, cream, lilac. If your nails do not grow to the desired length, the wedding can be build. But keep in mind that your own nails with deformed and restored only after some time. Artificial nails are kept for about two weeks and are much more expensive than a regular manicure.

If you decide to do a manicure for the wedding yourself, you must act in the following sequence.

  • Clear nail polish from the previous special tool for removal of a varnish, preferably with oils and vitamins.
  • By adjusting the shape of the nail, nail file, use only, the movement should be focused in one direction.
  • Soften cuticles by immersing the hands in the tub with warm, soapy water for a few minutes.
  • Cuticle push orange stick or a spatula, which is present in every manicure set.
  • After that, wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Rub the cream into the fingertips and nails.
  • Degrease nails nail polish remover.
  • The first layer - transparent basis. Dry as follows.
  • Apply base color with a thin layer of lacquer, chosen for the wedding manicure. Allow to dry.
  • Gently apply a second coat of varnish and dry.
  • Top - fasten glossy finish.

Experts advise not to wet your hands in water for four hours to paint well and kept for a long time.

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