Where and how to do make-up?

If you are not as you can not make this important choice, it is suggested to consider all the pros and cons of both options, assess their capabilities and abilities.

Contacting a professional will save you from thinkingon how to do wedding makeup, and many troubles. A good result is guaranteed a degree of abilities and skills of a stylist. Therefore, when choosing a master to whom you entrust your face, take an interest in his work experience in this field and those where he was trained. Diplomas of foreign exchange significantly improve the status of specialist, as there is much learning effectiveness. This certainly has a specialist new technology, and you can not worry about the result of his work. Coordinates beauty salons can be found on our wedding portal.

Any makeup artist should be able to:

  • You determine the appropriate colors,
  • choose makeup that will look favorably as "live" or on a photo,
  • know how to do makeup for the day steady.

We decided to do their own make-up?

If you are confident in their abilities and the abilities and know exactly what suits you and what does not, then go ahead and develop your own wedding makeup.

First, decide the style suitable for you make-up: summer or winter, bright or natural, romantic or glamorous - it all depends on the image you created.

Secondly, you must abide by the rules applying makeup technology.

  • Before doing makeup, clean face and apply the basic tone. It should match the skin tone or be a little lighter. This "evens" face and makes it fresh.
  • Loose powder is preferred. It is applied with a wide brush on the face, not forgetting the neck and décolleté, if the wedding open dress.
  • Do not choose the black eyeliner, replace it with brown or pick up the color of shadows.
  • Shiny shadows and powder, can produce glare on the photos, and will be similar to oily skin shine. With this in mind, please be frosted makeup before doing makeup.
  • Eyelashes can be expressive, tweak them and make-up in a single layer.
  • Blush should look the most natural. To do this, rub the apples of the cheeks until light redness and pick up the same blush. Do not choose a blush to shine, better to choose a matte and apply their movements from the bottom - up. Place the application is determined, sucking his cheeks.
  • For lips lipstick fit combined with a contour pencil.
  • Before applying lipstick, not a bad thing to do peeling. Use a toothbrush to lightly exfoliate the upper layer of the skin.
  • Not strong reddening of the eyes can be preventedvia droplets, drip them before doing makeup. If you already nakrasili eyes, that is, one is not a cunning trick: touch up the inner corner of the eye a white pencil.

Yet, the most important element of make-up is a happy smile on the face of the bride!

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