Wedding makeup for brown eyes - make-up rules, step by step wizard class photo

On the day when a beautiful girl is getting married,everything must be perfect, so the bride is well prepared for this event. In addition to organizing weddings, even more important is to create a grand image - a choice of wedding dresses, accessories, hairstyles and make-up application of the holiday, which is adjusted individually based on eye color of the iris. What should be a wedding makeup for brown eyes - dark and mysterious? Below are the features of the application of make-up, the nuances in the choice of shades, the dependence range from hair color.

Features of wedding makeup for brown eyes

If the fair sexhappy owner of hazel-colored eyes, there should be no doubt about the fact on which to focus. Over the last two years, there was also gained considerable popularity on the scale new fashion trend - bright lips and the almost complete lack of makeup on the eyes, but in the case of the dark iris there is nothing better than to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes. Brown eyes are inherently possess warmth, depth, so even without a professional make-up - look charming and mysterious.

Beautiful make-up brown-eyed girl

The task of the bride: do the right facet of this jewel - brown eyes, help them shine even brighter. In just a few weeks before the wedding, the culprit celebrations should explore options to make that fit the brown iris of the eye, and then choose one or two. With make-up artist, she can try to implement both the method of application selected make-up, take photos, and then determine what will look better with a wedding dress, and the rest of the way altogether. A few tips to help brides make the right make-up brown eyes:

  • facial foundation should not be too fat, good quality, resistant to at the wedding did not go perfect tone spots or lumps.
  • Do not use radiant powders - they emphasize the shortcomings of the skin (fine lines, roughness). The same applies to the shadows, eyeliner, lip gloss.
  • The ideal color tones - natural. It is necessary to give up too dark or light options.
  • It is important not to overdo it with a blush. If cheekbones sharp lines look good in the photo or in the evening, when natural daylight so makeup will look vulgar.
  • Concealer - a good helper when you need to hide the fine lines, acne.
  • Concealer with a reflective effect, applied to the lower eyelids, brown eyes, could further emphasize them.

Color palette

Brown-eyed beauties suited rich palette of colors for make-up:

  • First of all, you need to turn to warmchocolate, brown, nutty nuances, the color of coffee beans, sweet honey shades. These colors perfectly accentuate brown eyes will look natural. Also it will look wonderful warm sand scale, which is better to use a contrasting dark shades. It is important to take into account when choosing tsvetotip bride's make-up, if the warm brown combined with cool skin color, it is better to prefer a monochrome black and white.

Gamma makeup for brown eyes

  • Girl with brown eyes can also refer to theUse bright, cool colors - cornflower, blue, lavender, purple. Good looks green, herbal gamma - most such colors suited to blondes. The only color that should be avoided when creating wedding makeup for brown eyes - this terra cotta and orange. These shades can "extinguish" the radiance of the dark iris, to make the look dull and shallow.
  • As for the kind of festive make-up,ideal for festive event will be a smooth gradient transition from light applying section shadows (in the inner corner of the eye) to the darkest (external) - so make a gentle turn, touching. All applied carefully shade shade is desirable to avoid too sharp, aggressive lines, although intensity of makeup for brown eyes needs to be higher than in normal daylight decoration - then the result obtained will be clearly visible in the photographs.

Beautiful make-up gentle brown-eyed girls

  • If the bride likes to surprise, lookshocking, brown eyes allow us to make a festive make-up contrasting colors and transitions - sharp. Beautifully will look make-up, in which the iris karyuyu favorably emphasize arrow and top coated unusual color - lilac, green or pink. It is understood that the make-up must be combined with the rest of the way, bright colors should be present in other parts.

Choosing eyeliner and mascara

Given that the main focus of the girls makeupwill be the eyes, it is recommended to use eyeliner and mascara. They certainly should be of high quality because the contours drawn in pencil and lush lashes will attract the views of those present. Better to choose a liquid eyeliner in black, the intensity, the fat content of the application will vary depending on the bride's wishes. This tool is perfect for both in order to emphasize the eyes with gentle light make-up, and for the more daring decisions, such as smoky ice.

Lipstick and Lip Liner

If the fair sex with browneyes decided to focus on them, you should choose a lipstick calm, bright colors. Do not overdo it, too lightening the tone of the lips, or on the photo bride will look too pale. Ideal for make-up will suit this lipstick natural skin tones, without using too much gloss.

Colors lipstick girls with brown eyes

By this tool it is necessary to make-upuse a circuit suitable shade, slightly lighter - for a smooth transition to the skin a little darker - to clearly outline the lips. Pencil can play the role of "sculptor" to give a more beautiful shape of the face, as well as provide invaluable help during the busy wedding day - thanks to the contour lipstick "will be spread."

Bridal make-up for different shades of hair

The selection depends on the make-up of festive tsvetotipa- Autumn, winter, spring or summer. Brown-eyed girl should think not only about the compatibility of color eye make-up shade, a large role is played by the tone in which colored hair or natural look hair, skin tone. Hair color saturation determines the selected shades, tonal framework, brightness transitions, the contrast material deposited.

For blondes

Owners of blond hair is easier thanbrunettes, brown or red, to create a delicate, fragile way of touching the princess. Blonde with brown eyes look interesting and unusual in themselves, so the only thing to do girl - barely set off this beauty. Blonde bride may prefer soft lavender, pink, purple, blue, white, sandy shades. Do not experiment with dark colors - in conjunction with the bleached hair, these shades are too heavy, the look can be a dark and neprityagatelnym.

Make-up for blondes

For brunettes

Brown-eyed brunette look bright and beautiful. Their appearance is so contrasting, that often does not require a special make-up, although the dark-haired girl can safely be used during the wedding a bright, rich makeup than is recommended for blondes. Make the look more mysterious well-shaded smoky shadows, and wedding makeup for brown eyes arrow will create the image of a confident girl who knows exactly what he wants. Brunettes can not be afraid to use bright pink, purple, brown, golden shades of shadows.

Makeup for brunettes

Step by step photo instructions make their own hands

Many girls, learning make-up at home on video,photo-lessons with the help of books or on the advice of friends, have reached a skill that can create a unique image of a wedding without the help of a professional makeup artist. To make high-quality make-up for the solemn brown eyes, the bride will need to arm themselves with the appropriate tools - clippers, eyebrow comb, brushes for drawing and shading shadows, as well as the essential elements of makeup - tonal foundation, powder, concealer, shadows, blush, pencils.

In the style of smoky-eyes (Smoky Eyes)

Interesting style makeup smoky ice madegreat popularity due to the fact that helps to adjust the shape of the eye, making them expressive, radiant. There are countless options for the application of make-up - from the evening to the gentle way of day. Bride is recommended to prefer a calmer style smoky ice, unless otherwise involves the wedding theme. How to make a beautiful make-up:

Photo-guide application techniques smoky ice

  • The first step - the creation of an even skin tone. To do this, use a cream foundation, concealer to get rid of dark circles under the eyes, as well as an ad hoc basis, which is applied to the upper eyelid and allow the shadows to stay the whole day.
  • The second step makeup - eyeliner eyelids black soft pencil. The line should be thin, neat, after application must be carefully shaded it.
  • The third step - applying the lightest shadeshadows (in this case, shining white and silver). Shadows have to paint over the area under the eyebrow, the inner part of the century. If desired, the girl can simplify your task as shown in the photo, light shade cover the entire eyelid.
  • Then undertakes a brown shade, they are painted over the area from the outer corner of eyes brown - about the middle of the century, all shaded.
  • Then you need to put the shade on the edge of the outer corner of the century, begin to shade, as the steps shown in the picture.
  • Ends makeup pencil summarizing additional, if required by the case, and the use of high-quality ink.
  • With red lipstick and arrows

    Makeup, which uses a red lipstickliner - a classic evening methods marafeta guidance. This traditional version of the make-up is perfect for brunettes with brown eyes, although the blonde can look stunning with this technique, most importantly, to choose the right color. How to make a classic wedding makeup with arrows and red lips:

    Step by step instructions applying the classic makeup

    • Apply tonal foundation on the face, to correct deficiencies, to hide dark circles under the eyes.
    • Lightly powdered face.
    • A small amount of blush to make the cheek more "alive". For this make-up is recommended pale, natural colors, to do even more contrasts.
    • Use appropriate light shades of shadow on the eye, the arrows looked more favorable, and look was more radiant.
    • Starting from the middle, draw arrows outline the top and bottom, then draw a line from the outer corner of the eye to finish the stroke, as shown in the photo.
    • When ready arrow loop, you need to paint the empty space liner.
    • Pencil slightly lower eyelid tint, shade.
    • Apply mascara that will divide and visually lengthen the lashes on brown eyes.
    • Lipstick lipstick suitable shade. Bride with brown eyes is better to avoid the classic colors to make makeup more festive and memorable.

    Makeup for brown eyes

    Wedding make-up, if the bride's brown eyes,It should be light, air, to create a gentle way. To do this, use the correct technique of application of decorative cosmetics, as well as to apply special colors - white or pink.

    Photos of girls before and after applying wedding make-up

    The correct makeup can changeface beyond recognition, to make out of the ordinary, mortal girl - a princess from the pages of favorite fairy tales. When you create a make-up transforming role playing - the color palette, the degree of brightness, a harmonious combination of colors with the color of the skin, hair. Below is a selection of photos of girls with the right makeup.

    Before and after applying a festive make-up

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