Wedding make their own hands - a step by step photo tutorial with a detailed description of the instruction

In this momentous holiday, as thewedding every girl wants to look perfect. An integral part of any image of the bride - wedding make-up. Make it quite realistic with their own hands. Pre-workout should try different variations, and then choose the option that is best in harmony with the dress, accessories and facial features. To do bridal makeup with your hands, you should also take into account skin tone, eye color, hair. It is worth more to understand the basic rules and techniques of applying make-apa.

Rules applying wedding make-up at home

Gentle wedding image with the focus on the eyes

Make yourself at wedding makeupdesire to succeed at any bride. Choosing the perfect make-apa depends on the style and image of the girl, in which she will be at the wedding. It can be both strict and gentle, romantic. Make your own hands should be combined with the chosen dress accessories. Experts advise not to do too bright make-up, which is a romantic holiday will look frankly vulgar.

Cleaning the skin

The first step before applying wedding make-upwith their hands should be thoroughly cleaned skin. To do this, use a scrub or peeling. After this process the face tonic without alcohol, apply a daily moisturizer. Then you need to wait until the agent is absorbed, making the skin surface evenly. Only then proceed to the application of foundation.

Applying concealers

Tone Cream is recommended to apply a sponge,thanks to which the matting agent will lay down evenly. Apply the cream with light patting movements. Do not forget also about neck and décolleté. Otherwise the probability of obtaining the effect of the contrast mask on his face. To consolidate the foundation, use powder. Powder puffs using and remove excess makeup big brush.

Eyebrow correction

Even elegant gentle way will not corruptneatly decorated eyebrows. This area of ​​the face should be paid special attention, because eyebrows can transform any make-up. The correction should be carried out well in advance. To make eyebrows clearer and more expressive, touch up a pencil or special shades with a brush. Blondes should choose a light shade of brown, red-haired - brown, brown - dark brown or black.

eye Makeup

Sensual makeup for the bride

Once the eyebrows during applicationwedding make-up is necessary to pass to your eyes. Often successfully do make-up eyes with their hands from the first time is not easy. Do not be amiss to preview the photos and video lessons for applying professional wedding makeup. Colour shadows in each case should be selected individually. Each shade has to be applied to a separate brush. Experts strongly recommend to use only waterproof mascara.

To give the eyes expressiveness, making themspectacular, use false eyelashes or special bundles, which are attached to the outer corner of the eye. After the artificial eyelashes are securely locked, to paint them with ink. Finally, slightly tighten up their with special tweezers for eyelash curler.

Cheeks and lips

Wedding make-up with their hands suggestsUse blush to help hide imperfections, emphasize the dignity of the bride's face shape. It is preferable to choose natural shades as close to the natural color of the face. Apply blush to be using a large brush on top of the protruding area of ​​the cheeks. Make your skin will lighten shimmering powder with a light pink tint applied to the cheekbones, forehead, chin.

Choice of lipstick or gloss colors for weddingmakeup is totally dependent on the preferences of the bride. Some girls want with saturated red or cherry color to emphasize the charming smile, while others are planning to focus on the eyes. The basic rule for choosing a lipstick or gloss for wedding make-apa with his hands is that cosmetics should be as resistant. Lipstick at the same time to be still and moisturizing to lips did not look pulled together.

Features of make-up, depending on hair color

Before you begin applying makeupown hands must decide on the best one make-apa. To do this, consider the shade of the eyes and the white dress and the color of the bride's hair. Professional make-up artists on the bill offered a few basic rules, guided by which, you can make a perfect wedding makeup alone.

For blondes

Gentle make-up for blondes

Evening make-up blonde for a wedding isfeminine, delicate, or, for example, bright and spectacular. As an equalizer ideal cream powder shade as close to the color of the skin of the bride, but on a lighter tone. Owners of blond curls preference is given to cold blush pink. Eyes highlight recommended using emerald liner, which you want to spend on the lower eyelid. To make the inner corner is to take advantage of lilac shadows.

To visually enlarge the eyes, apply aeyebrow shade of beige shade with light reflecting particles. This trick will help to make the look more feminine and expressive. In this case the outer corner of eye experts recommend using shadows to emphasize or feathered pen khaki. As mentioned above, only high-quality resistant cosmetic products should be chosen for a wedding makeup.

For brunettes

Wedding makeup for brunettes

Holiday make-up with their hands opensgirls a great variety of all kinds of variations. In the color aspect brunettes it is recommended to give preference to natural shades, as close as possible to natural colors. Beautifully will look pearl or gold shade. Girls with fair skin should use a shade of bright colors, which must be applied under the eyebrow.

For the red-haired girl

The original make-up to red-haired bride

Searing red-haired beauties fit anyrange of colors in makeup. Red-haired girl had a unique opportunity to choose how warm and cool colors when applying make-apa with her hands. In this case, the important thing is to choose the right shades of intensity, to bridal makeup does not look defiant. natural colors will look charming. Usually bright red-haired girl, so do not require placement of additional accents.

Step by step photo tutorial bridal makeup with your hands

First, let's deal with the bestlighting. Apply Professional Makeup with his hands better near a window or under fluorescent light. Pre thoroughly clean the face with a scrub or peeling. Do not forget to moisturize your skin day cream. Only then proceed to the application of tonal framework, corrector and concealer.

Apply concealer

  • The correct foundation - a pledgesuccessful makeup. It should be easy to measure, but also dense. Experts advise to use light creams, water-based. Apply the product to be using a sponge or fingertips. Be sure to distribute the cream on the neck and décolleté.Adjust the shape of the face
  • To highlight the sculptural entity,Use creams in different shades. With the help of light and dark shades of adjusting the shape of the nose, cheeks and chin. Light shade apply under his eyebrows, his nose and chin. Use the correctors, concealers to remove under-eye circles. With redness and pimples to help cope green concealer.Fix the tonal foundation powder
  • When creating wedding makeup using powder. This cosmetic agent will remove the shine, which appears on the problem areas of the face. Makeup artists recommend for a festive evening to keep the powder with you to be able to promptly correct make-up.Adjust the shape of the eyebrows
  • Eyebrows - an important component of any make-apa. Previously before the solemn event should be carried out correction eyebrow shape. In the process of applying the festive makeup gently move her eyebrows with special shadow or a finely sharpened pencil through the hair growth.Apply the foundation under the shade
  • All the eyelid, apply a concealer, a little powder the it, and then evenly light shade of beige tones.Apply eyeshadow
  • Dark Shadows applied to the outer corners of the upperAge, as demonstrated in the photo. In this case, a rich smoky tint. Choose any suitable to your image color shadows. The main thing that the tone was intense. After this, apply a little shadow on the outer corner of the lower eyelid, carefully blend the resulting arrow.False eyelashes help to make the look more expressive
  • Use false eyelashes or special bundles. This little accent is able to significantly transform the wedding makeup, making it more effective and festive.
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