Options for winter makeup

golden glow

Golden range of colors, however when it is better,suitable for winter bride's makeup. This makeup will suit and blonde and dark-haired girl, it looks impressive and, at the same time, elegant, recalling the classics and given the current trend.

  • When choosing foundation, note the color of your skin. Too pale skin, you can liven up, causing the foundation of a golden shade. But do not overdo it, because the wedding photo white skin always looks good.
  • All eyelid toning shades of beige - is the foundation on which will be stable hold make-up.
  • Apply bronze shadow, but in small quantities, along century impose powder with a platinum shade.
  • Black eyeliner gently draw arrows.
  • Lower eyelid move the darker shades of gray, the outer corner of the eye to highlight the same color.
  • To create a view "languishing" stick several artificial cilia.
  • Apply black mascara.
  • Powder all over the face. Choose a powder golden hue.
  • Vanilla shades of blush is the best suited to this make-up.
  • On the lips - transparent silver glitter.

Shining makeup ready!

The beauty of the '70s

If you have a beautiful big eyes, you will especially suit the makeup.

However, in this embodiment, more importantly, to highlight somethingone: either the eyes or lips. Singling out the eye - creating the effect of haze. They will particularly look at the mysterious artificial light. Singling out the lip - rather use bright lipstick. This will give the image of a passionate character.

  • Use reflective basis.
  • On the cheeks, eyes, lips we put a little shine.
  • Shadows - plum, gold, brown. Smoky eyes is easy to create, using shadows, pencil, brush carefully shade them.
  • Dark colors should be applied to the inner corner of the eye and shade carefully. This will create an open look.
  • Eyelash paint the black ink.
  • Lips stroke a path to match the lipstick shade.
  • In the center - a lighter shade of lipstick to create volume.
  • On the cheekbones a little blush in shades of pink.

Romantic Makeover

Perhaps this type of makeup more suitable brunettes, as it is done in pink.

  • Under his eyes we put a light, masking basis, so they will look brighter.
  • On the face - foundation, matched in color, top - powder.
  • Shadow - a classic combination - pink with brown or purple and pink.
  • Adjust the shape of the eyebrows, a little touch up brown pencil.
  • Apply a light brown shades of the arrow on the upper eyelid, going beyond the eye to lengthen it, and some - on the lower eyelid.
  • Black or brown mascara on the lashes.
  • Lip Contour is not appropriate. Instead of lipstick - pink luster.

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