How to paint

Not always "on duty" make-up, whippedrugu can arrange a woman. But before raising a panic, you should understand why this is happening. To learn how to paint, you need to seek help from the beauty of creating sources.

Well done to make up, certainly attractsattention primarily to the eyes, thus increasing their visually. But you will achieve the opposite effect if poor quality, do makeup. In order to avoid undesirable results, must act in series.

To get started on the upper eyelids and under the eyes, applyspecial corrector, which not only is able to hide dark circles, but be perfect base for makeup. Eye Contour circle eyeliner or pencil. Keep in mind that the more expressive eyes make liquid eyeliner, which should be used very carefully to avoid accidental contact with the eyes to avoid irritation.

Then we'll show you how to be paintedwith respect to the lips. Lipstick is not in vain considered to be an essential attribute of any cosmetic woman, because she was able to completely change the appearance of the face. First, apply a soothing balm to the lips. Then circle the lip contour pencil, approximate to the color shade of lipstick, but to avoid a difference of more than a semitone. If you want your lipstick remained on the surface of the lips as much as possible, you should shade it with a pencil. Lip type will be careful, if you apply lipstick with a brush. But do not very carefully paint the corners of her lips, lipstick because it tends to spread. To achieve the most saturated color lipstick should be applied in two layers.

The best substitute for lipstick when applying evening makeup will serve liquid eyeliner. However, its use requires you to have some practice.

A little easier to use a pencil. According to its texture it must be soft enough so that it was easier to shade.

Now back to the eyes. You need to have a neutral color shades. As a rule, it is black or brown. It is easier to apply and shaded cream shade. In the selection of shades preference is to give a shimmering shades, as they will give your image a little sexuality.

Mascara will make your eyes moreexpressive and classic black or brown color suitable for any eye color. Keep in mind that blue harmony black, brown and blue shades, and with brown eyes - all, but especially the purple and green.

To face skin look carefully, it should beto choose the right foundation makeup, but first you need a good clean and moisturize the face. Then wait a bit to soak up the cream. Then the base lies flat. You do not need to apply foundation all over your face. Foundations should be used only for reddened or inflamed areas, which are often the tip of the nose and the corners of the mouth, as well as to mask the dark circles under the eyes. The base is applied with your fingers or sponzhikom. At the end of the procedure you need to use loose powder, especially if you have oily skin. Powder is applied with a brush.

By and large, each woman can choosespeed and technique when applying makeup, and our advice will be useful to those who not only want to know how to paint, but also to turn the make-up application in a nice, easy and interesting process.

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