Implementation of makeup for the wedding - an important focus of creating the image of a bride

You have a wedding soon. Excitement, fussy preparation of the festive celebrations. In the midst of the bustle of the pre-select yourself a little time, consider your wedding dress, hairstyle, and of course, wedding makeup, which is different from the everyday and make-up from the other holidays. You will be the center of attention all day, so the need to look not just good, but at any time weddings to be ready for the views of the guests, and to shoot your wedding film, because usually at weddings records all the most interesting moments. Wedding make-up - A very important element of the image of the bride, soyou must make it a refined and expressive. Do you have your preferences, ideas about how you should look at the wedding day? You think you can do a good idea to impose makeup? Then you can experiment yourself. Read on recommendations of experienced cosmetologists.

Important tips for brides:

  • Think carefully about your image. Agree, a distinct image of vamp is suitable only original, exalted natures. Emphasize youth, grace, elegance. Add light notes of seductive, grace.
  • Do makeup for the wedding only those cosmetics that you have already tried. We can not allow unexpected allergic reactions before the holiday.
  • Procedures for deep cleansing facial skin spend a month before the wedding day. This is done so that the skin has had time to recover.
  • To mask minor defects, use concealer. It is in the form of a cream and pencil. Apply it on the skin, and then use a tone or a powder.
  • The tone for the face using light. It will blend in with the white dress.
  • Decorative cosmetics, choose delicate shades.
  • Eyeliner can be used if desired, but no better than the black.
  • Use lipstick and gloss natural colors.
  • The shape of the lips can be corrected using the concealer and lip pencil. Apply the cream on the lips, adjust the contour of a pencil and then blend and apply lipstick.

There are many professional secrets of how to emphasizethe natural beauty of your face. Those who decided to trust in this day experienced professionals, wedding portal will help to find contacts and selecting your stylist, who will choose the hairstyle and make-up to the wedding, will develop a unique and charming way.

In addition, the people involved in thisprofessional use very high quality cosmetics, make-up will be stable and "transparent", and you will look all day as if he had just come from the salon.

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