Evening make-up (make the rules)

evening make-up designed for any celebration andshould emphasize your sophistication, elegance, brightness, no matter you are going at a party or a romantic dinner by candlelight. You have to look faultlessly. Under the rules of make-up for an evening type shouldused saturated bright colors, which are designed to ensure that your eyes and lips with muted or artificial light look expressive.

remember, that Makeup is a part of the overall imageEmphasizing the individuality of the person, andits mood and attitude towards fashion. Makeup certainly should be in harmony with the dress and the surrounding accessories, and of course, with the nature of the planned evening. Below we offer a few tips on the correct application of the evening makeup.

The most important secret is correctselected basis, as tonal resources align complexion, allow makeup stay fresh longer, smooth on the skin of various defects. According to the rules of makeup foundation should be correctly matched correcting means. Tone cream is applied to point motion, then shaded from the center of the face to the outside, on the frontal part of the center to the temple, at the rest - from the top down. To remedy bear a thinner and uniform layer, it is better for him to use the wet application sponzhik.

Now you need to remove shine and to fixbasis. To do this, use the powder, preferably loose, since by its texture is more delicate and can give the skin a natural softness. Golden shade of powder will be most ideal for evening makeup.

Work on the face always continue with the eyebrows. If in everyday life you do not use a pencil, then the rules of evening make-up to emphasize the eyebrows should be, then they will add sophistication to your appearance mind. Neat eyebrows can give not only a pencil and shadows. When selecting the shade should focus on hair color.

With skillful use of shadows you canemphasize the shape of the eye, as well as their expression. For evening make-up more suitable shade with a hint of pearl. Prior to the application of bright shades, you need to use as a basis for first light. The border should be carefully shade shadow to achieve a smooth transition between them. More elegant evening make-up will look like when you use a liquid eyeliner.

The final touch to the eye makeup is mascara. To lashes were long, thick and fluffy, before applying mascara powder the them, and itself apply mascara from the roots to the tips flowing movements.

Under the rules of evening make-up lips, too, mustlook tempting. To achieve this effect, use the juicy vibrant colors: bright red, scarlet, cherry. But in this case there must be a complicated eye makeup. And if you decide to focus on the eyes, the lipstick should be pastel colors.

The last step is to apply blusher. They come complete view of appearance. Color blush evening makeup should be more crowded than day. If you want to emphasize your sexuality, choose shimmery shades and apply them to the highest part of the cheekbones, and to give the face a fresh appearance, use a dark pink hues.

See how simple? It turns out that in order to achieve the most refined result is sufficient to know only a few make-up rules and you will no doubt always be sure of its perfection.

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