Update the image of the bride - a makeover!

So, you've found your happiness, and not far off the dayyour wedding. On this solemn day, all guests will admire, discuss and treat you. Wedding - this is the case in every woman's life when she has to look perfect, and without makeup she can not do.

Many brides find that they are at their weddingYou should look natural and innocent, without using a bright wedding makeup. But this is not so, because skilfully made and designed in the same style make-up can not only complement your image and highlight your personality.

Who would have thought that the legendary style of the 60'syears in the field of make-up is still to be relevant in our time. Taking advantage of originality and stylistic features of the make-up, you can finish your wedding look. Remember that such a make-up must be carried out carefully. Highlight the beauty of your eyes using eyeliner to create a shooter, intense shadows (can be used instead of the liner), black ink. It is also possible eyelash with which your eyes will get the effect of expression, drawing the eyes of not only the groom, and your guests. Do not forget about the bright tone of the skin, which should be complemented by soft pink blush. Relatively clearly emphasize the eyes, lips, make-up should be as close to the natural shades. To do this, use a lip gloss.

Do not forget that the make-up must matchYour wedding dress. If you do not fit the image of 60s style, you can use a lot of well-known style of the 80s, when fashion comes femininity. Preference is given to bright colors of lipstick (do not forget the lip contour) and exquisite eye make-up. The most important goal of makeup in those years - to emphasize the charm and seductiveness. Gamma colors and shades to create a make-up in this style can be varied, but all the same collection in the violet-purple, gold and purple colors is very popular. We should not forget that wedding make-up does not tolerate metal textures and brilliant colors.

Hopefully, you have already chosen the style of make-up (60 or80), which is close to you. But do not use two styles at the same time, the effect will be vulgar and tasteless. Remember, the main feature of the 60 is the emphasis on the eyes, and 80 eyes (without podvodok!) And lips. But do not rush to give up anything, not trying and not appreciating the creative ideas of stylists who believe that the bride in his image can afford more than others. Unleash your imagination instead of blush, use a flower and eyelash feathers decorate the air. Sequins on the lips bring magic motif in your image.

For the creation of a make-up can turn toexperts who do not like stylists know all the details of his case. Send them in the right direction, it is possible to achieve the desired result. But the question is about the bride's flavor spirits is much more complicated. If you are confused or do not have the possibility to take advantage of your favorite scent, you must rely on your own taste and choose the most liked the flavor. As a more extravagant solutions, you can resort to the help of astrology. Each verse is characterized by certain smells - the astrologers believe!

For example, fire signs prefer scentsflowering plants that can relieve irritation and tension. Although each of the signs of this category has a predisposition to a particular type of smell. For example, Aries love floral aromas with fresh notes of clove, heather, nutmeg, lilac, and Leo at the same time choose the more subtle sweet fragrance with a predominance in it smells of mimosa, narcissus, rosemary, frankincense, lemon balm. Sagittarius also give preference to the scent of a rich and chypre fragrances (musk, orange, heliotrope, iris).

Earth Signs are ordinary and constant in theirpreferences. Taurus suited refined fragrance of herbal or fruit hues of verbena and jasmine, bergamot, magnolia, rose and chamomile. Virgo likes the combination of citrus and chypre scent with notes of hyacinth, lilies, valerian, vanilla and almond, Capricorn loves to smell the aroma of the presence of a bouquet of lemon balm, cypress, spices, jasmine.

Air signs are distinguished by their fickle. Gemini and Aquarius are willing to change from one style to another. Libra also stand by my opinion, no matter what, choosing the constancy of your favorite flavor.

A sign of the water element tastes do not match. Warm floral, sweet and marine scents choose for themselves Cancers. Scorpions unlike Rakov willing to experiment with the sharp taste of bitterness aromas of perfume, which is dominated by components such as patchouli, freesia and cedar. At different times of the day fish prefer to change the perfume in the afternoon - from citrus to floral scents (shades of lily, peony), in the evening - a bouquet of aromas with hints of exciting thyme, violet, rose, lavender.

Well-groomed hands and no wedding manicureI canceled. Take care of the appearance of your hands. By using acrylic, gel pads and artificial nails can transform your nails. Consider the design of nails, pofantaziruet in this way: complex patterns, rhinestones, sequins - everything must be in harmony with your outfit. "Elegant from top to toe" - say the truly beautiful woman.

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