A perfect wedding makeup 2015 for blondes and brunettes in Nude style Smoky eyes

Face - important in a wedding image. The bride will spend the whole day in the spotlight, so she needs to take care of the proper make-up, which will emphasize the beauty of the face. Wedding make-up in 2015 - it's natural brightness, and their competent combination.

Possible wedding makeup

Whatever the trends in bridal makeup,every girl should take into account that it originally looked like she tsvetotipu. skin color, face, hair - all important factors in the selection. Make-up should be easy to make a person more beautiful, but also in harmony with the dress, hairstyle, accessories.

Possible wedding make-apa

For brown eyes

By themselves, brown eyes have a deep andexpressiveness, so classic versions fit perfectly. Black eyeliner, lipstick and the right tone - will be a perfect solution for brown-eyed beauties. Facial skin is best suited shades of opal, coral or cream, but in the choice of shades are almost no restrictions - you need only exclude orange and pink color (they "extinguish" brown eyes).

Wedding makeup for brown eyes

For green eyes

Do owners of green eyes, there are manyoptions when choosing a shadow - a purple, gold, purple, copper, celestial, green shades. If you want to choose a bright make-up, experiment at home with the one that will be most advantageous to look. Tone Cream is necessary to choose a color and take it into account when choosing the shadows. It is best if the lipstick is bright.

Note: The blue color and bright hues make green eyes faded.

Make-up for a wedding for green eyes

For blue eyes

Owners of such a bright, beautiful colorsemphasis should be placed on the eyes. Tenderness, air - these are the main rules for blue eyes. To emphasize their natural beauty, suitable for shadow pink, crimson shades.

Give insight and effectiveness viewblue eyes help violet, green palette, indigo. Blue-eyed brides should avoid black eyeliner that will make look heavy. The best solution - gray or brown. On the lips will look good shades of coral and peach-pink.

Bridal make-up for blue eyes

For gray eyes

Gray-eyed brides are lucky because their neutral color suits every palette. If gray eyes, boldly experiment with you, but be sure to choose something that fits your image.

Makeup for a wedding for gray eyes

For blondes

Blondes, thanks blond hair, cancreate a gentle way to a celebration. In this it is best to help the shade that will suit only such tsvetotipu: gray, corporal. Lips will help emphasize the delicate pink and coral tones. Blonde girls should not be afraid to use bright saturated colors.

Wedding makeup for blondes

For brunettes

Brunettes are best suited deep, darkor soothing colors. Lipstick should be selected under the skin, but there are no restrictions here. A shade is best accentuate the hair, if there are plum, green or blue heat-palette - without screaming shades.

Wedding makeup for brunettes

Make-up in style Nude

The main trend in 2015 and bridal make-upthe whole way - it's natural. As it is impossible to look better naturally help the popular nude-makeup. Despite the fact that it looks natural, to create it will need a lot of makeup:

  • Tonal framework that will make your skin perfect.
  • Shadows, mascara.
  • Blush, powder.
  • Pomade.
  • Eyebrow pencil.

The main condition to be met by allelements - bright colors, easily blending with the skin, and accentuating the natural body color. Create a make-up style nyud best left to a professional makeup artist, to ensure the correct application of cosmetics. Ideally, this make-up for the summer season.

Nude-Wedding Makeover

Smoky eyes

This style fashion evening smoky eyes becamea real hit in the bridal make-up. It is slightly different from the evening. If you are going to a celebration, a dark shadow is not applied to the entire eyelid - better to perform shading in the corners. eyeliner contour must be thinner and provide an expressive look of false eyelashes or mascara volume. It is not necessary to focus on the lips, it is better to tint pale lipstick.

Brides should pay attention to the shade of brown and golden shades. Suit options with small sequins.

Make-up Smoky Eyes for wedding

Bright make-up and lips

For brides who want to add in a gentle waybit color suitable make-up with red lips - one of the major trends in 2015. Bright colors of lipstick are all girls, the main thing - to pick up her properly. Choose a shade under its tsvetotipu, but better give up the acid colors, which can make the image of the bride vulgar, and avoid the classic red.

Wedding make-up with bright lips

Professional Advice

Some advice of experts about the wedding makeup 2015:

  • To lipstick was not too bright, it can be a little "beat up" a cloth or your fingers.
  • Especially popular now wine shades. To give firmness lipstick, first you need to put a pencil on the entire lip area. For haze fit only one pencil, but in this case the lip skin to be perfectly wetted.
  • Bride standing with caution consume fatfood on the wedding day - there is a risk that it "corrode" lipstick, make the colors less intense. In extreme cases, put the lipstick in her purse to touch up the sponge if necessary.

Bride - is the embodiment of beauty, elegance and tenderness. Wedding make-up will help her maintain perfect the image, if it is selected.

What are the trends of the coming season like for you? Share your ideas makeup to the celebration by leaving a comment.

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