Wedding hairstyles with a long veil 2015 - photos

The veil - bridal headdress, emphasizingpure and innocent nature girl. In Russia, no ceremony was not without this accessory: it was believed that he is able to protect the bride from the dark forces, to the effects of which it is particularly vulnerable during the celebration. Nowadays, wedding hairstyles with a long veil - an optional part of the dress, but many women prefer them. A veil may be on the short, medium or long. You know what hairstyle fashionable in this season? All responses article.

bride's hairstyle with a long veil 2015

To wedding hairstyle with a long veil teamlooked harmoniously, you need to think carefully about their own image. The main part of the dress - a dress, so you need to come out of his style and decor. If the dress is not replete with a variety of jewelry (pearls, beads, sequins, lace, sequins), hair should be simple, modest, and a long veil concise. Attention to these details will help create the perfect wedding image.

For short hair

Owners of a short hairstyle is perfectwearing a long veil - it visually makes hair longer. There are several options for beautiful styling - cheat cheerful curls elegantly put her hair back, sticking out to make careless "feathers". Stylish short haircut "Bob" lay by making a high bouffant, attach the veil to the parietal area.

During fastening wedding veil this length,accrued or used false locks, special hoops to it firmly fixed to the head. The furniture is better to choose a light, airy. Look at the photo of 2015, as the look for hairstyles this length:

For short lengths

In the long

Girls having long hair, suitvarious options for hair styling - it all depends on the imagination of the bride. Fata looks feminine, solemnly, so you need to choose a hairstyle, outfit corresponding to this attribute. Fan the hair, screw gentle and beautiful hair, make hair high luxury, open neck using a fine beam, tighten the harness. It is interesting to look asymmetrical options - a side parting, uneven bangs, hair, mounted on the side.

For a long shag

On average

The girls with an average length of perfectlaying a veil in a retro style. It can be smooth waves in twenties style, great volume "Babette". Excellent will look elegant and neat styling-shell. Interestingly it looks-hair bow - she looks gentle and stylish. If you nepyshnaya hair, use a special roller-chignon, which will create the impression of thickness.

Mowing with a veil above the shoulders will look playful and mischievous, when screwed locks in curlers.

For medium length hair

Her hair with a long veil

Splayed hair look beautiful and romantic. To create an image using large curls wound on curling, soft graceful curls, or completely straighten your hair utjuzhkom. Fata in this case, will be attached to the crown. Decorate the resulting laying fresh flowers, wreath, beautiful hairpins, tiaras, which are suitable for the style of the whole wedding dress.

High volumetric beam

The beam has gained great popularity and becameclassic wedding hairstyle. Make it turn on the head of hair of medium or long length - will be mounted under the veil laying. Sam beam master will gather on the top, and at its decoration can be used weaving, wiring. Decor elements that are used in the creation of high or low beam - a clips, pins, silk ribbons. The choice of laying a wedding celebration emphasize the delicate taste of the bride, her elegance.

High "beam"

Hairstyle for a wedding in the Greek style

Greek haircut looks great. She did so:

  • Clip the main mass of hair attached at the top, the bottom is removed, screwed using curlers or a curling iron, a little paint fixed;
  • then separated the next part of the hair and so on until all the hair will not be covered with curls;
  • after can be given different forms - make Malvinka, lift up, release locks at the temples;
  • Finale - laying buds decorate flowers, ribbons, artificial or real pearls.

Greek styling

Beautiful braided hairstyles with photo 2015

Wedding Hairstyles with braids and a long veilThey look nice and gentle. They are suitable for brides who choose a romantic image of the celebration. It can be pigtail- spikelets, French braids, weaving, wreaths. Before doing hairstyle, hair is a little screw the to spit was bulkier, braid it, attach a thin rubber band or tape. The tips of the hair a little whisk to give them volume.

Interesting weaving

Video: how to attach a two-tier long veil

Bunk veil can be fixed with the help of the scallop, pins and invisible. This type of accessory is perfect for a church wedding.

Tips when choosing a hairstyle with a long veil

A few tips to help you make sure that your hair is combined with a long veil looked amazing during the wedding:

  • If you choose to loose hair, make sure that they look natural, healthy. The abundance of varnish and split ends is unlikely someone will like.
  • Observe harmony: hairstyle, veil and dress should match each other.
  • Make sure to remove the veil turned out, without damaging hair. It is unlikely that you will be comfortable to go to the banquet with a long decoration.
  • Lush bridal veil is worth buying just to dress with the skirt volume.
  • Do not give preference too artsy hairstyle - long veil itself becomes a luxurious decoration.

Wedding hairstyles with long beautiful veillook luxurious and elegant. Predefine a way that embody during a wedding. Take some test variants hairstyle and pick up the veil, which is ideal for you.

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