Wedding Hairstyles with braids: wonderfully and gracefully!

Hairstyles with braids and braids are one of thepopular choices of holiday pilings. Stunning beauty braids considered an integral part of modern brides wedding image. This kind of styling is varied tangles that allows you to create totally dissimilar images.

Actual Wedding Spit - one of the mostcomfortable and beautiful options for wedding hairstyles. Wedding stylists and portal recommend choosing hairstyles with braids, if you want to focus on elegance, elegance and femininity.

Bride Hairstyle with a scythe

Advantages of hairstyles with braids

About wedding tresses can say the following:

  • This versatile hairstyle that can be performed on any type of hair, namely, long, short, straight, curly.
  • Braids allow hair done in any style - romantic, daring, elegant, vintage, etc.
  • Hairstyle with braids comfortable and practical. A great option for those girls whose hair is not able to keep laying for a long time.

There are several types of weaving in which the braid looks different. The only thing that always in such hairstyles - is that it is based on the principle plexus few strands of hair.

Braids and plaiting

Possible wedding hairstyles with braids

Today fashionable braids are a retro,and modern versions of tangles. We offer you an extensive list of different hairstyles with braids, among which you can choose the most suitable for you.

Spit on your side

This hairstyle involves plait in any techniqueweaving. The hair can be curled and slightly pre podchesat to give hair natural. scythe can make perfectly smooth, if desired.

French braid

The classic version of hairstyle that is perfectlooks with lace wedding gown or dress of organza. Bulk French braid can be supplemented with a rim or other accessories. It can braid diagonally, that will give hair originality. You can make two braids, which are woven into one around the base of the neck.

Kos-rim and Xhosa-lace

For this type of presentation can also be usedany braid. But more impressive looks French version weave braid. To create a bohemian or hippie image, you can use ready-made spit-laces.

Fish tail

This hairstyle involves two smooth braids,that fall behind. The tips you need to hide. For this hairstyle is not quite suitable for very thick hair. Another option hairstyles - braids may fall on the shoulders.

A bundle of braids

Such a beam is formed on the hair gathered in a ponytail, which is braided in a braid.

Greek Spit

It is difficult, but it is very unusual variant hairstyles. Kos acts as a hoop of hair framing her forehead. Greek Spit do best on the lush and curly hair.


Spit in the boho style - is any braid: French or delicate that dopletaetsya to ear level and fixed invisible. The remaining hair can be left loose, or gather in a ponytail.


Classic spike - simple and neat styling option. Weave spikelets can be complicated by adding a few strands, then the hair will look different.

Air bundle of braids

Make such a beam can be, if the twirled hair to braid a few braids, braid hair flagella and secure them in a random order.

Spit crown

To weave a braid around the head is necessary. In the face release the lock and tighten up her. It will revitalize hair. A great option for the bride image in vintage style.

Braids and plaiting

Updo with braids

For example, you can make Babette. Be sure to leave the hair to braid plait. Then wrap Babette oblique - updo ready. This hairstyle is available for girls with long and thick hair.

The cascade of streamers

Option romantic hairstyle with her hair. Loose hair can be straight or curled in ringlets.

This is not a complete list of hairstyles with braids, but onlya small part of it. The list can be supplemented with the Egyptian hairstyles braids African braids, carcass Roman wickerwork and other variations of tangles.

Decorations for hairstyles with braids

To create wedding hairstyles with braids can use different accessories. Among the most commonly used jewelry, wedding portal highlights:

  • tape;
  • crystals;
  • pearl;
  • tiaras;
  • brooches;
  • hairpins with feathers;
  • flowers.

Choosing wedding hairstyles with braids

Choosing wedding hairstyles with braids depends on several factors. Let's look at the two most important.

Hairstyle with braids, in accordance with the shape of the face

With a square face shape is best to look soft braids that fall down on his shoulder. Soften sharp facial features may be releasing a few strands of a person.

For round-faced bride suit braids on top of that will lengthen and narrow the face. You can try this option hairstyles with bangs.

For oval and oblong face shapes to fit almost any hairstyle with braids.

Style dresses and option hairstyles with braids

Since the hair with braids and braids - this is a kind of decoration, try to choose an outfit simple cut without excess decoration.

In combination with the dresses in the Greek style will look perfect French plaits, fell over one shoulder-boho braids, braids, headbands.

With dresses in retro style, blend-boho braids made on a bang, spit-crown.

By fitting dress elegant hairstyle is suitable as a bundle of braids, updo with braids.

Exquisite Bride hairstyle

To dress is fit voluminous tresses with nap.

Wedding hairstyle with braids - a win-win your festive styling!

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