Wedding hairstyle with ribbon in her hair: photo styling options

Every bride in the wedding day, hears the words: unique, sweet, love. It is especially charming in a wedding dress and elegant hair style, which is woven into a beautiful satin fabric strip. This hair ornament is very ancient, but recently it has received a second birth as a decoration for the wedding pilings. Modern hairstyle bride with ribbon looks sexy, seductive, gently and sensually.

Possible wedding hairstyles with ribbon in her hair

When you create a stylish image of the bride isnot only weave in braids or curls bright satin fabric strip, but also to combine them with a variety of ornaments for hair. The main thing - do not forget that the abundance of decorative elements should complement the wedding look and do not overload it. decoration color hair should be in harmony with the dress of the bride and her accessories.

As a rule, shade satin strips variesfrom the white to fully saturated color, it depends on the overall color palette of the image. Effectively in laying bride looks combination of segment shiny or matte fabric with precious stones, colored rhinestones and other shiny parts.

The most suitable material for wedding ribbon- This atlas. If the bride will use it as the rim, you should choose a variant, and if a girl curly hair, the ideal would be for them to look thin and shiny strip. Very neat it is to combine the belt and the veil - a tandem looks hard. It is better to additionally use a wreath of artificial or real flowers, which will create a gentle and touching image of the bride.

French braid woven with ribbon

Often the owner of long hairindependently able to weave braids. Ideal wedding will look French braid, and complement its interwoven satin fabric strip. The basic principle of the pigtails is gradually woven into the three main strands of the additional locks. Tape stabs under the central strand of the invisible, and then woven together with it. It should be borne evenly, without inflection, and then get a perfect French braid. It looks great complex French braiding, crown framing the bride's head.

Options braiding French braid with a ribbon

Bride with braids

Hairstyle beam with a rim of the tape

Careless beam - it is fashionable, romantic and elegant. This styling is ideal for weddings, if it add a bezel made of colored fabric. It will look good both on the long and on the medium-length hair, emphasizing the beneficial features of the bride beautiful face and perfect makeup. It has done such a beam in two versions:

  • Classic, when the beam is low.
  • Like a ballerina - beam high up on the top.

A beam with a ribbon in her hair

Greek haircut

The Greek version of the laying ranked amongst bridesleading position. Soft lines and smooth gradients attract fashionistas from ancient times to the present day. It is believed that if a girl on her wedding hair tuck the example of ancient goddess, it has a refined and delicate nature. What is so good Greek style?

  • All options are very simple, so the bride spends little time on them, which is important on your wedding day.
  • Greek style - a big curly hair, which at the bride look particularly feminine.
  • The lack of a strict form, so a stray lock of hair will look natural.
  • Greek styling for the romantic bride

    Especially beautiful curly locks look inframed satin stripes (white or colored). Depending on where in the accessory to be used, changes the appearance of the Greek hairstyle. The rim of the belt can be worn on top of the head to bend under him a few strands, and the wedding hairstyle is ready!

    Retro hairstyle with ribbon

    Wedding retro styling began againrelevant in this season. Especially if beautifully laid Hollywood curls or boyish haircut era of 30s decorated with a wide strip of satin fabric. Retro-style - is:

    • gangster chic girlfriends when hair combs on one side, fixing a brilliant varnish wave;
    • rock-n-roll with high beams;
    • the image of the Hollywood stars '40s and' 50s, when the curls wrapped inside, stressing each curl;
    • short hair 20s - "page" or "waiter."

    Boxes in retro style

    From fleece and ribbon around the head

    bride's head with fleece at all timesShe looked gorgeous. While some women believe that the bouffant hair hurts, but in the hands of a master, you can purchase a chic image. This kind of styling is indispensable when hair needs extra volume for high hairstyles. Fleece is used for weddings and as an independent unit, especially for creating retro pilings Babette or satin shell with a bandage around his head.

    Hairstyles fleece Suite

    Photos of hairstyles for a wedding with a ribbon in her hair

    Wedding styling with wide orthin satin strips allow original decorate the bride's hair of any length, creating a sophisticated, versatile and unique designs. Girls to create beauty on the head at a wedding show a rich imagination, and we decided to help, and picked up the best picture pilings that are relevant in this season.

    Top wedding styling with ribbons

    Wedding hairstyles with ribbons

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