Wedding hairstyle in the Greek style: long, medium and short hair - 33 photos

Every bride during a wedding celebrationShe wants to look irresistible. Greek hairstyle can help a girl feel like a goddess Aphrodite, descended to the ground - it can complement the dress, appropriate shoes, creating a perfect finished image, or used in any other version of the dress. To pre-determine for themselves the option of antique styling, study all the possible wedding hairstyles in the Greek style.

Wedding and evening hairstyles in the Greek style (PHOTO)

Greek hairstyle - it is always natural,tenderness and splendor. They can be executed in different ways: the high styling, hairstyle with semi-assembled, flowing hair. Convenience such a head of hair styling is that it makes any face shape and her natural look will allow the bride does not have to worry about accidentally vybivsheysya provide designated, on the contrary - it will emphasize the romantic, easy way. When creating this stylish hairstyles should abandon smoothness.

With a bandage and without

The stylish accessory - Headband will lookorganically. It can be used in a single copy, or to consolidate two or three ornaments. Also suitable hoops, rims, which will remove the hair from his forehead. Elements, which are decorated with these accessories - large, small real or decorative pearls, sparkling rhinestones, shiny precious, semi-precious stones, gold, silver metal. Do not hesitate to choose a rich inlay - style styling to it has.

Options for hairstyles with armbands in Greek

Most often used in the creation of a bandagehigh, collected hair, but hair can look beautiful without any decoration. Matched set out behind the bride's hair open neck - they can be assembled stylish knot-free surround beam look great all kinds of weaving. For details, refer to photo:

Greek styling: weaving

With the veil

Fata - beautiful bridal headdress, whichnot only highlights the maiden purity, tenderness and innocence, but also looks great. It is the best decoration will emphasize luxury Greek style hair. Secure the veil happens at the back, top, in the parietal area by means of pins, combs, invisible, the rim. It is better if the headgear is concise, to highlight the wealth of hair decoration.

Photo: Hair in the Greek style with a veil

With a tiara

Wedding tiara will help the bride to feelancient goddess herself. This fabulous accessory can be large, small, simple, elegant and lavishly decorated. A simple option is ideal for decorating a lush, bulk stacking options, and decorated with all kinds of crystals and stones accessory will be a suitable decoration for the collected, semi-assembled hair.

Tiara - an elegant accessory for hairstyles in Greek

With flowers

Fresh flowers - wedding fashion trendlast year. They are a perfect complement of the natural image of the bride. This could be one large flower, elegant wreath of many different herbs or plants that are part of the rim - the main thing that the composition was combined with a bouquet. Regarding the latter, for the antique style wedding ideal cascading bouquets that look as if they had just collected from the field - is once again emphasize the naturalness of the image.

Photo: Hair in the Greek style with fresh flowers

With elastic rim

This type of decoration is comfortable and allows the girlmake their own Greek hairstyle. If the rim-gum will help to collect the hair completely to hair does not interfere during the celebrations, or leave some beautiful flowing locks.

Holiday laying on wedding

Wedding festive hairstyle in the Greek styleIt looks great. Usually styling created after the hair has been prepared - beautifully curled curls curly curls or smooth wave. Treat them to give a festive look to help styling and fixing agents: curler, curling, gels, nail polish, hair mousse. Below we will look at options for the pilings of different lengths.

On long hair

Owners of large length can afforda truly luxurious look shag: semi-assembled option updo with strands beaten out completely raised curls. To do the first option, you must create a horizontal parting, comb of the hair parted on the back, to do the bulk fleece, secure clasp locks, and leave the rest to flow freely over her shoulders. Unusually looks version of the tail, see his photo:

Wedding Hairstyles in Greek on long hair

On average

Almost all of the options for medium length -collected, but there is an option to curl hair with small curls, decorate the rim: this type of wedding styling will look easy, cute. Wrap-gum - one of the most important accessories for medium length, he will effortlessly create the perfect styling: comb your hair, wear a rubber band, hide under her hair, twisting inside, fix with varnish.

Wedding Hairstyles in Greek on the hair of medium length

In short

Modern women often choose short haircuts. Greek style perfectly underline a greater length, but there are several options for short hair:

  • Make a lot of small curls, fix with varnish, decorate a rubber band.
  • Screw the larger curls, send them back a bit, add a hoop, rim.
  • Make curls, decorate their ancient "crown", a line which will pass through the middle of the forehead.
  • Greek style: options hairstyles for short hair

    With oblique

    Wedding hairstyles with a scythe in the Greek styleIt looks great. Kos can go around the head, criss-crossing her wreath, totter just ahead, removing locks from his forehead, or be the primary focus. A variety of weaving give the image of tenderness, ease, naturalness, and the final version will decorate with the help of pins, satin ribbons, collars, colors.

    Hairstyles in the Greek style: beautiful weaving

    Wedding hairstyle in the Greek style photo 2015

    Photo: Greek hairstyles for wedding

    Wedding hairstyles in the classical Greek style2015 look amazing. Brides who want to choose this type of placement, will not be mistaken - it focuses on the face, it is a great decoration. The charm of ancient hairstyles is that it does not necessarily do a master - there are plenty of simple options, like put hair.

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