Live and artificial flowers in the bride's hair - how to choose and strengthen?

Flowers in her hair bride - what use?

On their wedding ceremony to be a girlepitome of innocence and beauty. Add the image of grace with a touch of tenderness to help the flowers, neatly woven into the hair. At first glance it may seem that it is difficult to perform a stacking them. But with our help, you will learn how to choose the flowers, to keep them fresh and to fix the hair in different ways. Knowing all the details, you will be able to find the right flowers in the bride's hair to create a beautiful, wedding image.

Fresh flowers for wedding hairstyles

Hair Ornament bride buds alive

Laying with live flowers - this is a new trend, which has already managed to gain popularity. Nearly all stylists first thing offered to decorate the bride's hair color, make it irresistible.

To the whole image looked harmoniously, should becarefully select colors based on the variety of color dresses, his style, especially the character of the girl. Save freshness for a long time can only resistant varieties whose buds have not yet had time to blossom. If you have to buy flowers in advance, put them in a glass of water, put on the shelf of the refrigerator.

Pick up the flowers for the best hairstyle withstylist and florist. First tell me how to fix them, and the second will help to choose a dress and taking into account the characteristics of the image as a whole. Let's see what are the main types of flowers will help to emphasize the tender image of the bride, making her unique hair style:

  • Rose - a symbol of love and innocence - a classicoption decorating the bride hairstyle. Without them, no wedding is held. Romantic roses love all the girls. Select grade color roses need, based on the color of the dress or the decor.
  • Freesia - exotic flower, which is alsooften used for decoration of wedding hairstyles. Various shades of freesia help you choose the right variety, which make the image of a harmonious. Use buds or branches of freesia, securing them to the veil.
  • Alstroemeria - reveals a beautiful budmiddle, which is dark, and on the sides - a charming, white petals. There are other colors, even bright enough. Alstroemeria will look great on Highlighted Hair.
  • Orchid - classic. Amazing flavor, combined with a delicate flower views, will make the hairstyle of the bride incredibly beautiful. The size of the orchid can be used only one bud for decoration. It looks equally well on long and short hair.
  • Lily has a distinct smell, large size. This should be taken into account when used in hair styling. If your favorite flowers, feel free to use them at the ceremony. Lily will give the image of charm, tenderness, highlighting the individual characteristics of the bride.

To retain their freshness buds in the bride's hair, you need to cut the stem of a plant with a sharp knife. Then wrap it in a small piece of cotton wool soaked in a nutrient solution.

Barber can place flowers in layingside, in the center, a wreath or diadem. To consolidate the use barrettes, hairpins, invisible or hairspray. Buds in the laying of the bride should be in harmony with the details of her bouquet, boutonniere bride and accessories.

Artificial and silk flowers

Artificial flower buds in the bride's hair

In addition to fresh flowers to create a uniqueimage or artificial silk buds can be used. Choosing them is much easier. They do not fade, have a bright color and are slightly smaller than the living.

Choose artificial flowers also needbased on the image, colors dresses, bride's individual characteristics. For blondes more suited delicate scales, soft shades, but brunettes can choose bright, vibrant colors to create a chic image.

To add beauty created with artificial flowers, help rhinestones, pearls, ringlets. Because of this, even with short hair, you can create an excellent hairstyle.

Classics are also silk flowers white, cream and peach-colored, with the help of which you can give the image of feminity, but if you want - to make a strict look.

How to choose flowers for hairstyles

Laying bride with white roses alive

Choosing buds, you need to take into account their color: considered a classic white and red. Note: If no red in the image details, and a bouquet of exclusively white, the hair, decorated with red roses, will look ridiculous.

If you really want to hairstylesupplemented bright buds, then use them to create the bouquet or the room decor. Then the image is complete. To understand how to look and how to pick the flowers in the bride's hair, watch the video workshop. You will see how to fix them correctly on the hair.

And another tip: if you decide to focus on the hair, on their appearance, too, need to be concerned. Hair must be clean, shiny, healthy.

What flowers would you like to decorate your wedding styling? Maybe you have had an experience, and you know how to keep flowers fresh for a long time - leave comments.

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