Jewellery for the bride's hairstyle

The most scrupulous and careful to include pre-wedding preparation the bride. This is especially true of their own wedding image. For them, it is important to provide every detail.

It is ideal for the bride and invited guests -the primary task of every bride. Dress, shoes, accessories and hairstyle should be harmoniously matched to the type of the bride. One of the main component of the image of the bride's wedding is a hairstyle and hair ornaments. Decorations for wedding hairstyles are very important and complement the image of a gentle girl.

Clip as dyeing hair styles

Before you proceed to the choice of accessorieshair, you need to determine the hairstyle. You may need to be killed in long strands, comb the hair to one side. All this requires thorough preparation and forethought. Therefore, site asks you to take this important step a little longer than you thought previously.

Let's look at what jewelry for wedding hairstyles offers modern brides wedding fashion, and how to combine them with the hair.

Classical decoration wedding hairstyles - bridal veil

Fata, perhaps, the first and universal decorationfor any wedding hairstyles. Depending on the length of hair, hairstyles, dresses, you can choose a short, long, single-tiered or multi-tiered veil. Today brides veils way to offer custom mounting, which gives a touch of modernity and creativity. Bride in a classical way of always looks soft and elegant.

Fata as decoration
Fata as decoration

In recent times there is a tendencycombined with various accessories veil. It may be pins, wreaths, hoops and more. A great opportunity to present multiple images in a single day.

Jewellery with a veil
Fata as decoration

The mystery hidden veil

It is believed that a certain mystique andromantic image of the bride's veil attached. It is fashionable and comfortable decoration for a bride whose image is maintained in the French style. In addition, the veil - is an alternative option for those brides who do not want to be rolled in the abundance of tulle and organza.

Veil for the bride

Tenderness tiaras and tiara

Terrific emphasis on the hair will diademor tiara. These accessories give the image of the bride's femininity, elegance and tenderness. Win-win option for a wedding in retro style. Diadem and tiara can be used for hair, both long hair and short. This season, the most relevant asymmetric tiara.

Wedding tiara
Tiara for brides
Wedding tiara

Fresh and artificial flowers - "romance in her hair"

Today, many brides preferdecorate the wedding hairstyle with flowers. Choosing fresh flowers or artificial - depends on your desire. And in the first and in the second case, there are pluses and minuses. As for fresh flowers, perhaps it is not the best option because not all flowers can do without water for a long time. A wilted plants did not look aesthetically pleasing. Before ordering fresh flowers as decoration wedding hairstyles, find out what are the most resistant. And, of course, do not forget that the flowers in the hair should be in harmony with your wedding bouquet.

Wedding hairstyle with roses
Flowers in the hair of the bride

Regarding the durability of artificial flowers can bedo not worry. The more so because their range will give you more. In the case of artificial flowers, you can order the florists experts nonexistent flower, which will be created especially for you. Materials for creating artificial colors may vary: paper, fabric and others.

Pins - minimalism hairstyles

The range of pins and studs thatused in the creation of wedding hairstyles, it is very diverse. Without consulting an experienced professional, you will be hard to choose what really emphasize your individuality, not ruin it. These tiny hair accessories will give the bride femininity, sophistication and romance. Remember that you should not buy a lot of these ornaments, one or two pins will be enough.

Clip as dyeing hair styles
Diadem how ukraeshnie hairstyles

Ribbons and Hoops - festive decoration wedding hairstyles

Relatively recently in vogue weddinghoops and hair bands. These hair accessories are simple and at the same time elegant in its design. Rings can be made of fabric in addition to pearls, beads or feathers.

Ribbons, wide or narrow, acquire unexpected invoices. From everyday decorating these accessories have become a festive decoration for wedding hairstyles.

Ribbon hairstyles
Ribbon decoration hairstyles
Ribbon decoration hairstyles

feather lightness

Hair jewelry with feathers are able to createseveral images: refined and delicate or extravagant and daring. This accessory is not recommended for use with other decorations.

Ornament with feathers
Feathers as additional items for decoration hairstyles
Ornament with feathers

Crown as a wedding decoration hairstyles

It is not strange, but the wreaths as a wedding accessoryfor hair, gaining widespread popularity in recent years. This accessory adorn young person and is suitable for a wedding in the spring-summer season. The wreath can be used alone or in combination with a veil. It creates wedding hair wreaths, both the living and artificial flowers. Most advantageous to look wreaths of rosebuds, roses, lilies. Complement wreaths can be any accessories: beads, ribbons, feathers.

Wreath for the Bride
Bright wreath bride

Add the finishing touch to the wedding imageone of the displayed help accessories. After all, accessories like believes these are important details that make the bride unique, individual and perfect!

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