How to choose a hairstyle for the wedding dress - tips on choosing, photos

How to choose a hairstyle for the wedding dress

Wedding image of the bride - a collectionperfectly matched components: dresses, makeup, shoes, accessories and hairstyles. Nowadays, modern bridal salons offer a wide assortment of various styles of dresses, each of which should be selected stacking properly and it is not always easy. How to choose the perfect hairstyle for the wedding dress? At the expense of stylists offer follow some simple guidelines that can help make the image of a harmonious and complete.

Tips for choosing a hairstyle for the wedding dress

Beautiful styling - an integral part of the image of the bride

To properly select and combine betweenare all elements of the image of the bride, it is useful to get acquainted with the advice of professional stylists. For example, just before the wedding ceremony is not recommended to change the hair color. If suddenly a new image will not fit, return the former appearance will be extremely difficult. Dye, do highlighting or coloring better than two weeks before the wedding. If the stain suddenly fails, you will have time to fix it.

About a month before the wedding celebrationexperts recommend to take care of the hair. Use all kinds of oils and hydrating mask. On the well-groomed mane any hairstyle will look more impressive. You should not cut one's hair before the wedding. Master's hair, which will help you to choose a wedding hairstyle, he will remove excess hair, where it is needed. This installation should be firmly fixed to during the wedding day to be perfect.

Beautiful styling give the image of the bride's femininity

To choose the best option weddinghairstyles, look for comfortable styling that will not hamper your movements. In such an important day for you discomfort to anything. You should also choose appropriate decorations wisely. The number of accessories has to be balanced. It is not necessary at the same time to adorn themselves with a veil, tiara, hat and pins with bulk flowers. Choose one thing that it is best to emphasize the style of your image.

Be sure to make a trial hairstyle tomake the right choice. Ideally, pre-evaluate the entire image, the compatibility of the selected styling and wedding dresses. If you do not like the hairstyle, you will have time to make the necessary adjustments. Heed to the choice of masters. Stylists say that clean hair styling is much more difficult to do. Be prepared for the fact that the barber will ask you to wash your hair the day before the wedding or evening before the holiday.

According to the fabric and texture of the material

Hairstyle should be selected taking into account the wedding dress fabric

To pick up a nice hairstyle for weddingdress, should be considered the material of which is made outfit. On this account with the stylists there are also few simple recommendations. If you have chosen a satin dress with silk inserts, make hair smooth shiny hair. Lightweight chiffon will look perfect with a slightly careless, almost aerial hairdo. Lace and guipure dress interestingly combined with curls of different sizes.

Given the shape of the face and hair length

Bride with a round face fit flowing hair

How to choose the perfect hairstyle? The first thing to take into account the particular shape of the face. To adjust the square, lightly brighten strands framing the face. This method will help a little to smooth the angularity. In this case, an excellent choice would be rounded hairstyle. Bangs should take the form of a semicircle. Experts advise to choose styling, suggesting the presence of strands in the face. Fatou is fixed on the back of the head with the help of the invisible.

The lucky owners of an oval-shaped faceYou can choose almost any installation. To highlight the perfect shape, strands around the face in a dark color dye. In this case, to find the right hairstyle, refer to style of dress. If the bride's face in the shape of a heart, the frontal part of the hair should be painted in a darker shade. Large curls at the bottom of hairstyles will help balance the proportions and balance the narrow chin.

Chubby beauties should choosehairstyle in which the hair in the frontal part will be painted in a lighter shade, and the person - in the dark. On the sides of the head should not be a large amount. Do not make too long bangs, and should be left on the side parting. Girls with long face stylists recommend lighten strands of his cheeks and slightly darken the hair in the frontal part. Suitable long bangs, volume on the sides. To divert attention from the broad chin, make a magnificent top hairstyles.

Possible wedding hairstyles for different styles dress

When choosing a hairstyle, consider the style of dress

In order to properly choose a hairstyle for the wedding,should be considered a style of dress. Haircut and styling should be combined with a wedding dress, as well as the type of neckline. Largely hairstyle will depend on the triumph of style you choose. For example, in addition, made in the spirit of an aristocratic bohemia, fit a simple or a complex braid weaving ribbons. If you prefer the style of 20-ies of the last century, pay attention to the strict bean.

To the long dress in a floor

Long ball gown to the floor - a popular stylewedding toilet. This dress makes the bride in an elegant sophisticated lady, gives the image of femininity and sophistication. In order to properly choose a hairstyle for the wedding such a toilet, should be good to consider the image as a whole. Luxurious dress in a floor will look impressive with sophisticated high hairdo, decorated with beautiful accessories. Simple styling option makes the image is not complete.

By short

Short dress - the bride's choice of modern

Many modern bride are increasingly giveprefer an extravagant wedding dresses, as well as new interpretations of selected holidays toilets. Short styles of wedding dresses these days are very popular. The lucky owners of the slender legs of this option will beneficial to emphasize the dignity of the figure. For a short dress stylists recommend pick up a neat haircut without unnecessary volume to the hair.

For along strapless neckline open c

Style wedding dress with open top and withoutStrapless - stunning showy option, which will give the image of the bride's femininity and elegance. Lady, to choose a model toilet should carefully approach the issue of skin care. Today, strapless dresses are very popular. At the same time this style requires the bride to choose the proper styling and suitable decoration.

Hairstyle for wedding dresses with open top

If you have medium length hair, curls shoot forth. Soft waves framing the fragile shoulders, turned into a charming decoration of its owner. Popular nowadays "Hollywood styling" will give the image of a truly royal greatness. To strands do not fall on the eyes, popliteus them a little to one side. Effectively looks hairstyle pin with one hand clasp elegant volume.

Wedding dress with an open top straplessallows selection of hairstyles with hair tied back. To "revive" styling, release several pryadok a person. Complete the image of interesting accessories, such as necklaces volume. In this case, it is also suitable set with long beautiful earrings and trim suspension. Pulled back hair perfectly combined with a veil.

By the Greek style and silhouette of the Empire

If you have chosen a wedding dressGreek style, it is necessary to choose the appropriate hairstyle. Suit voluminous curls or ringlets calmer, slightly gathered with tape or woven side. Decorate the hair to help tidy decorative flowers. Often Greek options pilings decorate rims or tiara. Greek style requires the bride carefully approach the selection of accessories and jewelry.

To dress silhouette fish

Hairstyle for wedding dress silhouette fish

Silhouette Wedding Dress fish - commonnowadays style, which perfectly emphasizes the dignity of the female figure, gives the image of femininity. For such a dress to pick up styling is not so simple. The ideal option would be a haircut, repeating silhouette toilet. That is on top of the hair is better to collect, and to the bottom - to dissolve. Effectively will look semi-assembled locks that fell on the frail shoulders of the bride.

Photo collection of stylish evening hairstyles

Selection of hairstyles that would ideally combined withwedding dress and related accessories, is not a simple and laborious process, it is worth to be taken seriously. To avoid mistakes, please consult with a professional stylist, and carefully review the variations pilings for brides. Below is a selection of interesting wedding images.

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