Bride Hairstyle: what you need to consider?

Usually the wedding preparations of skin and bodyIt takes women from six weeks to a month. It is necessary to make peeling, cleansing, soothing mask, treat yourself to a solarium ... but you never know what else to pass the procedure! But unfortunately, we often forget that the hair and should be paid no less attention.

Hairstyle bride looks dazzling on well-groomed hair. Give them health luxury, color saturation, and the ideal form in your power. However, if you avoid some of the pitfalls.

the first error.

Make a hair mask before the wedding. The right thing, then you should not try. If your hair is not in order, the single mask smaller than save the situation.

How to be?

Our advice - consult with the hairdresser,recognize your type of hair and start to actively look for the hair in advance. One and a half months will probably be enough to your hair will thank you for your concern.

The course will as a folk remedy - decoctionchamomile, oak bark, as well as professional cosmetics line for hair restoration. Actually, after the day of the wedding do not forget about the care of the gift of the gods - hair.

the second error.

Making color and perm the day before the wedding. Hair bride - the perfect excuse to experiment, find original solutions. But better to conduct searches. After all, the paint can not please tint and perm and you will not to face.

How to be?

The ideal time for painting - two weeks before the datewedding. Bride Hairstyle will benefit from this. During this period of time it will become a natural shade of color (which is very important in the construction of the hairstyles for the wedding). And in which case you will have time to correct the situation.

third error.

Do hairstyle on your wedding day. Hairstyle bride made on your wedding day will bring, of course, the element of surprise and novelty. But the question is, is it worth risking it? Remember the wife of Artyom Borovik - Veronica, she built something unimaginable! Of course, our men marry a woman, and not on the hair, and for them it is a trifle. But in order not to spoil the mood, perhaps, is to insist on rehearsing with the hairdresser.

How to be?

Search for a wedding stylist and hairdresser in advance. Ask for a portfolio with the hairstyles for the wedding, which they did before. Meet customer reviews. Share of the alleged manner. Make a "rehearsal bride hairstyle" for at least two weeks before the wedding, to take into account all the nuances and challenges that will be faced during the construction of the wedding a masterpiece. The same applies to such an option, as the use of fresh flowers in her hair bride. Walk with hair, get used to the image.

third error.

Cost hairstyles. Typically, professional bridal stylists call the full amount for the bride's hair once, already including pins, barrettes, rhinestones, flowers and other accessories and decorations. But it could be an option when suddenly it turns out that the jewelry is not enough on the last day, so they are not included in the cost of the bride's hairstyle!

How to be?

Stipulate all the details in advance. Clarify what decorations and at whose expense should be purchased. Prefer professionals: they are all accessories purchased in advance and suggest that it is important to consider and provide.

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