Fresh flowers for performing wedding hairstyles

A flower in her hair

No that can not compare to the beauty of livingcolors, as their beauty created by nature itself. It's hard to find a more suitable decoration for wedding bride perform haircuts. Very often there are concerns about the fact that the flowers in your hair does not "survive" until the end of the wedding day. Your fears are groundless, flowers specially prepared for this honorable mission - to complement the bride's hair. Just need to order decoration of flowers from professionals, and it will add you romance and femininity, the beauty and charm. Pick up the flowers for wedding hairstyles need to perform with the utmost care, in this regard, there are a few rules. Listen to them.

Shades and dimensions

Do not fall for catchy large flowers and the beauty do not select them as hairstyles element. Sometimes it looks comical.

Choosing a charming small flowers, do not overdo it with their number. Abundance in this case it is appropriate on a bed, and not on the wedding hairstyles.

When choosing shades of colors, is taken into account first of all hair color. That will look at brunettes can not always go to blondes. For decoration should be noticeable, but not "shout".

color selection principle "bride to be all in white", is hopelessly outdated.

Therefore, your hair may be small, but bright flower buds. Or perhaps a red rose if it blends and complements the rest of the outfit.

Ordering and production

Not all flowers can be used in the performance ofwedding hairstyles. Some can not stand a few minutes, in spite of the efforts of a florist, and some easy to retain their fresh look for hours. Given this fact, you should inquire with the specialist about their capabilities, not to demand: "It is these flowers!"

In order that would not have arisen or which overlap,an order for the production of jewelry from natural flowers must be made in advance. After all, the freshness of the decoration - it is the main condition, and the salon should have time to order the necessary material to the wedding day is, to produce and deliver it to you.

Bridal bouquet, wedding decoration and generalstyle holiday should be in harmony with the decoration in your hair. When the wedding hairstyles need to take this into account. You do not want to look like the bride, got by accident on another ceremony. For this simple reason, we recommend to order all in one florist, interior in good standing, and not in the flower pavilion on the next stop. Only an experienced florist who has impeccable taste and the necessary knowledge, be able to pick up and make floral decorations for your holiday.

Flower material of which will be carried outdecoration, must be ordered in advance so as creating hairstyles - it, nevertheless, creativity. It will be insulting, if the hairdresser is not enough any element required to make complete the form, when the wedding hairstyles.

Before the visit to the florist, wedding stylist, and so on.d. decide what hairstyle you like, which may be performed on your hair, some floral decoration you would like. If fresh flowers is decorated with only a veil, then it will have to give on the eve of the wedding florist, he intelligently consolidate all elements of decoration.


When the wedding day came to an end,carefully remove the composition of flowers, lower at some time in the water. After that, wrap it in a damp paper, put it in a plastic bag and in this way on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, it will retain its freshness. You can re-decorate her hair on the second day of the wedding.

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