How to become beautiful

Every woman wants to be beautiful, and it canbecome beautiful! It is not necessary to spend this entire salary on expensive brand-name cream or mask. To achieve beauty need only follow a few tips.

Try to get enough sleep, as the bags under the eyes,headache, weakness and unhealthy form of facial beauty you definitely will not add. Try to go to bed before midnight, and only in ventilated room in advance.

Every day at least an hour to try to beoutdoors, since your skin cells need oxygen. This is one of the main answers to the question "How to be beautiful." Optionally find time for special outings. Enough to get up a little earlier and a few stops to work to walk (to avoid breathing the exhaust gases of transport better go yards). More often travel outside the city, walks in parks and squares. Regularly wet cleaning hover at home - this is the most ideal way to achieve cleaner air in the apartment.

To become beautiful, try to move more, because the movement gives us energy and power, while allowing her to experience physical perfection.

Sometimes it does not prevent to remember his childhood, and to lie ingrass, run, play volleyball or catch-up. Take a ride with friends on a bike, go to the forest to pick berries, familiarize yourself with the equestrian sport in the end, get a dog to her to walk, but not bustling all day on the farm, spending in the apartment all the free time.

To be beautiful, it is very important tolearn to eat. Do not overeat and torture yourself with hunger. Great use of fatty, salty, smoked foods may not be beneficial either figure or skin. Choose foods rich in trace elements and vitamins. Try to give your preference for fresh fruit, vegetables, berries and herbs. Choose black wholemeal bread, dairy products and fermented milk substitute, as they contain more calcium, while his lack of hair becomes dull, nails - brittle, and plus to all, broken teeth. Eat apples, liver, meat (iron source), and seafood, including fish (sources of phosphorus and iodine). All this is also very necessary for your body.

If you smoke, be sure to throw. If not, do not try. No expensive cosmetics will not be able to save the woman's appearance from the effects of nicotine on the skin and figure.

Drink alcohol in moderation.

Every day before going to bed clean the skin, as the accumulated per day dirt clogs the pores and prevents the skin to fully breathe. Otherwise, how to become beautiful?

In the summer, use sunscreen, especially if your skin is fair. Sunbaths early age begin to age the skin in larger quantities.

Nutrient cosmetics shoulduse accordingly with his age and skin type. Do not use creams on a daily basis. Highlight the skin time to rest. Every few months, a cream substitute from another analog line, because the skin very quickly gets used to the same effect of the cream and it becomes very effective.

To be beautiful, do not forget to watch out foryour wardrobe. Despite the fact that not a thing makes the man, nobody obsolete faded dress does not decorate - that's for sure. Do not be afraid to experiment with the style of dress. To dress up effectively, we need only one desire. You do not have to chase the fashion and spend nemerenoe amount of money in expensive boutiques. Take crafts, learn to sew, knit and you can easily create your own masterpieces to be similar at all (that is, more correctly, sew or buy a dress - read here).

If you want to really become beautiful,remember the main rule: learn to be optimistic, because the key to inner beauty, which is important, not less beautiful skin and well-groomed hair - this is your positive attitude toward the world in general.

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