Bride Beauty Magic

Although beauty - a subjective thing, butI agree with one indisputable truth: "The beauty of the bride out of competition!" And this fact is no one can dispute. On the wedding day, in an atmosphere of joy and excitement, solemnity and fun, it is like a flower, to dissolve its bud, suddenly striking in its majestic and touching beauty, which grew and was dozing in it all these years. Citing the turmoil of the groom, and causing tears of joy from their parents, who are surprised to learn this beautiful girl his daughter, the bride will be the center of attention today. It's her day! It should be dazzling. But, even though the youth and freshness of the natural need, nevertheless, to work hard and groom on beauty.

Skin care

The skin is the same organ of our body, as well as allrest. It carries a lot of information that to anything know outsiders. Here there were circles under the eyes - and it is clear you are nervous before and could not sleep, pallor, dryness - all results of stress and disturbance regime, wrinkles ... yes, yes, wrinkles hardly noticeable, but inappropriate complementary picture. Do not obsess over her, perhaps a young age, people begin to age at birth. Having enough time before the wedding, meticulously inspect your face, neck, hands - all this in the first place affect the beauty of the bride. It is no secret that the experts distinguish three types of skin: oily, dry and combination. Determine your type and apply cosmetics suitable for your skin. This applies not only care products, and cosmetics. Malnutrition is sure to affect the condition of the skin, so Balance your diet, fill it with vitamins and minerals, drink clean water fairly simple. This helps maintain a beautiful skin and not only.

Light make-up

Naturalness, and naturalness - the main principlewedding bride makeup. Eyebrows neat, clear form, in any case, not painted, but only slightly retouched in pencil or a special tool in the same tone. Beauty bride - expressive eyes. Shadows and contour to match them. Light colors will make eyes visually closer, convex, dark contrast, the circular shape of the eye can be extended and narrow dark tone shades, cash in the outer corner of the eye with the transition to the lower and upper eyelid. Lush lashes can be a maddening anyone.

Lips. Lipstick, matched in tone to the nails and common shades wedding dress - the most successful solution. With the help of contour pencil can correct lips. rich shades of lipstick is suitable for plump, thin - bright, pearlescent. But do not get carried away with heavy contours and colors, because the bride's beauty in its natural naturalness.

Blush not only give a person the freshness and color,but when applied correctly, can correct some imbalances. If you have a round face, the blush darker tone applied on cheekbones and chin, visually make it more elongated, oval.

And now a few practical tips for those who decided to make their own.

  • The complexion is not correct for one day. Only regular maintenance, washing with special means, proper cleansing, hydration and nutrition can bring results.
  • To premature wrinkles coulddisrupt the beauty of the bride, experts recommend to engage in exercises, exercises for facial and massage at least 2-3 times a week. Such measures are not cunning relax face and will certainly be effective in carrying out their regular.
  • Bags under the eyes can be removed by using contrasting packs of broth sage. Alternately applying them to the eyes before going to bed several times a week, you can get rid of this problem.
  • Choosing makeup style will certainly be taken into accountstyle wedding dress, but still need to see what range of colors which is one or another woman. For young persons may be barely perceptible transparent makeup for the ladies - maybe something more significant and expressive.
  • Daytime makeup is very different from the evening. Transparent colors in daylight will look naturally enough, by artificial - faded. Bright evening makeup day looks vulgar, etc.

All - as individual as the bride's beauty - each is its own, special!

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