How to create the perfect image of the bride?

Bride - one of the key figures at the wedding. That it will be facing the views of all the guests. Of course, every bride wants to look irresistible and shine all night. And for this you need to think about and build a harmonious way in which she feels comfortable and which highlight its natural beauty. Furthermore, it should choose the image that will be the basis for the wedding theme.

The components of the image of a bride

The image of the bride - is not an abstract aura thathardly possible to create, and a combination of many elements. The image elements constitute attire: dress, shoes, veil, veil, bolero, belt, gloves, etc. An important role is played parts: earrings, necklaces, brooches, jewelery hairstyles and other kinds of accessories. The appearance of the girl completes the image: hairstyle, make-up, manicure.

The image of the bride

See the whole picture

The image of the bride - is the starting point forbuild style wedding, wedding portal confident Do you want a fabulous outfit or a Greek dress, colorful accessories or vintage hat - all prompts, how to decorate, such as a banquet hall or a photo shoot. The bride and groom - heroes of the occasion, the couple, a young family, it means that their outfits should be in harmony and be selected in parallel. And most importantly, going shopping for a dress, should already have a clear idea of ​​the whole image of the bride.

Harmonious bride and groom

Preparing for the big day

Nothing spoils the wedding mood asdark patches under the eyes of sleepless nights and tired legs from the endless "jogging" shopping. You'll look happy, if you will allow yourself to relax before the wedding, and do them. And there is nothing that adorns the bride as happiness! Go to a beauty salon for spa treatments, a gym, if you want, you go to the dentist or beautician. However, do not experiment on the eve of an important day with you by unknown procedures, risking allergic reactions.

Preparations for the wedding the bride

Consider the features of appearance

See yourself in the mirror of the real, notdetached image of the defunct girl. If you dreamed of pale peach magnificent dress, but examples of the "ideal" to understand that it does not paint you, hang the dress back. And goes in search of his perfect outfit that will make it for you the most charming and attractive. The same rule applies to wedding makeup. Pick your suitable tsvetotipu shades emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of a veil.

Individual approach to wedding makeup

professional Advice

The image of the bride - a lot of subtleties, detailsnuanced elements and pitfalls. Wedding stylist will help you in all stages of preparation for the celebration. This is not just a makeup artist or hairdresser, and a person who specializes in creating wedding images. If you are confused or looking for ideas, a professional stylist will help you choose the required components of the image.

Wedding stylist prepares the bride

Arrange a test catwalk

The wedding day is not the right time to see yourself incomplete the form for the first time, insists site. A minimum of 2-3 weeks to arrange a general celebration fitting dresses and other items attire, apply a complete bridal makeup, do her hair, etc. If there is anything you do not want (the color of the shadow to professionalism by hair wizard), you will have little time to find a worthy replacement.

Trial makeup before the wedding

Base images of the wedding

In fact, every bride, wedding themeunique. And yet, we can see some similarities in the image of the bride. Many girls prefer the "classic" way - a long white dress A-Line style, veil, smoothly coiffed hair, discreet makeup. Others opt for originality, for example, dress intricate style (possibly colored), unusual accessories (shape, color, materials), a bright make-up, hairstyle, or a complex kind of decoration on the head. Popular is "romantic" image - the flowing dresses and lush, flowers in her hair, delicate makeup, elegant accessories.

The classic image of the bride

The image of the bride - a thorough preparation andthe ability to see the finished result. The image must match your inner feelings, to give joy and harmony. Then you really become the most beautiful bride!

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