Good aromatherapy

The world of smells has a very large force, hecan not only soothe but also donate a crazy passion, arouse and excite even the breakdown is not the heart. You only need to know the recipe for passionate aromatherapy.

From time immemorial our ancestors used differentmeans to influence the other person, whether for medical purposes or for Kindle wild passion. The ancestors knew how hard possess odors.

The first and the notorious "exciting"agent is a spicy herb - celery. Even in the times of the French King Louis XV, the Marquis de Pompadour, famous for its love games lady, and also a favorite of the king regularly consumed hot chocolate with green celery.

It should also be noted that in many countries,among the many wedding traditions, the custom in the first wedding night the newlyweds on the bed to hang a bundle of green celery, thus trying to enhance the passion of the young.

Next on the list is passionate aromatherapy spicygrass - galangal, science referred to as - bloodroot erect. According to village healers, regular consumption of which acts better notorious "Viagra".

Fairly well-known and widespread in the regionsChina - gold ginseng root. According to Chinese physicians, drinking tea from crushed dried ginseng root with impurities of certain herbs will not be allowed to fade away the passion and sexual desire.

In addition to the potent herbsaphrodisiacs act hard cheese with mold. Some people believe that men prefer a more savory and spicy varieties, women in turn - sweet and soft. Use cheese as exciting especially common in Georgia. It is in those parts is made with cheese so strong stimulating smell that some women are catching him lose consciousness.

Scents have incredible power when itcomes to sexual relations. Good aromatherapy then Mrs. holiday. Our sense of smell is a fundamental factor of sensuality. Natural natural smell of women - pheromones, very exciting effect on men. That is the number of female pheromones contained in sweat, determines the degree of individual sexual attractiveness of each woman.

For scientists pheromones is still a mystery, nor theyperfumers can not unravel until the end of this unique phenomenon. That is why, until that perfumers use essential oils of flowers and plants in their practice, which somehow can be compared with the natural pheromones.

In some African tribes women used to enhance the passion fragrance - ambergris. After obkurivaniya procedure - aromatherapy passionate, they are preparing a night of love.

European women have access to moretraditional media - essential oils. Which also have a small amount of not acting on the body elements. They help to relax, calm down, and at the same time, the essential oils can increase sensitivity, to give strength, courage and passion.

Good Aromatherapy - is the science of creatingerotic atmosphere, passion atmosphere. Create an atmosphere is not difficult, all the more so at the present time there is a huge amount of aromatic candles, rods, pyramids, essential oils. When washing bed linen are increasingly began to use air conditioners that contain essential oils that have aphrodisiac scents. You can also use scented pads for cabinets that will give things a particular pleasant smell.

But best of all is the use of essential oilsin the bathroom. A few drops of oil with a favorite scent will help to relax, wrapped in exciting train. Of course, everything has to be in moderation, too much concentration can only hurt. It is best to use one type of oil, or pre-made composition, which harmoniously combines notes of several flavors.

Essential oils, inciting passion:

  • bergamot - Enhances sexual desire;
  • jasmine - Give the room touch of luxury and intimacy;
  • ylang-ylang - Promotes sexual activity;
  • neroli - Refresh and encourage take the first step;
  • rose flower - Give hints of tenderness and bliss.

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