Bride with bronze tan

Do I need a solarium before the wedding? I think many brides ask this question. But that's only the answers to the question, are completely different: some believe it is a waste of time and money, while others undoubtedly agree that it is a necessity. Let us try to understand all the pros and cons of tanning.

Undoubtedly, many girls with warming in a hurryget a beautiful bronze tan. After all, tanned, tanned body looks very beautiful. Not to mention the contrast on a white background. Imagine a bride in a white wedding dress, veil and golden complexion - simply a stunner. She just lights up.

If you want to win the title of "the most beautiful bride", then you can safely directed to a tanning salon before the wedding.

As you know a wedding - it's a long processtraining, which is more exhausting bride. Because it is often involved in almost all the preparation and organization of the celebration. A visit to the solarium before the wedding gives strength, energy and strengthens the immune system, so you need a holiday.

In addition to a beautiful golden skin tone, in the solarium, you can still get a lot of positive moments:

  • protection against colds and infections (by strengthening the immune system);
  • accelerate blood circulation process, oxygen saturation and calcium that make you feel cheerful and full of energy;
  • prevention of colds (of course, if any. After all, a runny nose and cough on your wedding day can considerably spoil the mood, and a red nose in the photos and did withdraw from itself).
  • purification and prevention of skin diseases (acne, irritation - all this is also not desirable at the wedding);
  • a sense of joy (solarium helps produce endorphins - "Harmony Rodosto", which helps to improve mood and uplift forces).

Also note that residents of cities oftenExperiencing solar starvation is caused by the fact that he could cover his, it holds more than 90% of ultraviolet radiation. As a result can be detrimental to our health. A visit to the solarium before the wedding to help you, with the help replenish the lack of UV light, avoid sunlight starvation. Solarium also help you just a little rest, to escape from the bustle.

Do not forget that skin type plays an unimportant role. Decide if you can help it in solarium skin type:

  • dark skin, dark hair, brown eyes - feel free to go to the solarium.
  • lighten dark skin or light hair brown or brown, or light brown eyes - be careful, start with 8 minutes and gradually increase the time of the session.
  • white skin, blue eyes, blond hair - do not overdo it, you can visit the solarium no more than twice a week.
  • skin with freckles, green eyes, red hair - solarium is contraindicated.

Determine the type of skin, and decided to visit a solarium before the wedding, you should also yet to decide exactly what you want a solarium.

There are two types:

  • vertical;
  • horizontal.

Each of them has its own advantages. Horizontal - due to the low power of lamas makes it possible to lie down, relax and take a nap. Sunbathing Treatment time can be increased up to an hour. One-sided tanning bed allows you to purchase tan, with light reflected from the special panels. Bilateral solarium allows you to purchase tan for a long time, with the help of UV-A- and UV-B-radiation, but not always, ultraviolet rays penetrate to some places, and white spots remain on the body.

Vertical solarium allows you to purchase even tan, five to ten minutes.

The frequency of visits to the solarium depends on the type of yourskin. But mostly, it is recommended to visit a solarium three times a week, will be sufficient to ten treatments. During this time, your skin will become an even golden hue.

Start to visit a solarium before the wedding is betteronly a month or even a half before the holiday. Plan a visit to the solarium, so that from the date of the last procedure before the wedding, stayed a week. This time is necessary to ensure that the skin has adapted, he went red. With a tan in the chic wedding dress and the title of "most beautiful bride" will be yours.

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