Witnesses at the wedding in the church

Wedding in church - religious rite of consecrationfamily ties in the Orthodox, church tradition. The decision to hold the ordinances adopted by the newlyweds are already in lawful wedlock. If you choose the wedding in addition to the registration in the registry office to conduct the wedding ceremony, the church for the ritual you need the help of witnesses. How to choose the assistants sacrament?

Who can be a witness at the wedding and who is not?

Function witnesses (guarantors) at the weddingreduced not only to help the bride and groom during the ceremony. They become spiritual mentors of the new family that help young for many years of marriage, successfully cope with difficulties, conflicts take place, direct family unit wise counsel and guidance. By the choice of the guarantors for the wedding should be approached responsibly, guided by common sense.

Wedding in the church after the wedding

Witnesses can be husband and wife, for a long timeconsisting in a strong, legally married, that is the authority for both honeymooners. If among friends there is no honeymoon couples, the wedding ceremony for invited close friends or relatives of the bride and groom. It is important to remember that if the guarantors are not married to the sacrament, after the ceremony, they become spiritual relatives, they will not be allowed to engage in religious marriage.

Witnesses at the wedding can not be divorcedwife. They were unable to save his family union and, according to church canons, become bad spirit guides newlyweds. It is forbidden to take the assistants to the wedding of men and women living in a civil marriage. Non-registered in the registry office marriages formed in defiance of the sacred commandments are not approved by the Orthodox Church.

Ancient traditions and church ritual rules

Tradition, over time the rules of the church weddingvirtually unchanged. Depending on the location of the sacraments, the ceremony lasts 40 minutes in the parish church and 60 minutes in the monastery. All participants of the sacrament should be baptized or undergo baptism, otherwise they are not allowed to the wedding. A few days before the ordinances necessary to go to church to confess, receive Holy Communion. Just before the ceremony can not eat, to have sex.

Religious ritual supplies

According to the canons of the Orthodox Church during a weddingwitness should wear a dress or a skirt covering the knees, his head covered with a handkerchief or scarf. Strictly forbidden for women deep neckline, bare shoulders, excessively revealing outfits. The witness is in the church without a hat. In case of violation of these rules cleric can not allow guarantors to the ceremony or even abandon the sacraments.

By tradition, the church ritual takes place in several stages:

  • Betrothal. At the entrance to the church the priest conducting the wedding, the newlyweds thrice blessed by reading the prayer, hands lighted candles, rings. After the betrothal rite officially become a young bride and groom.
  • Wedding. Betrothed couple runs into the center of the church, stands in front of the lectern on white towel embroidered with prayers. Witnesses stand on either side of the bride and groom. The priest begins the ritual: reading prayers, lays wreaths on the heads of the newlyweds or their guarantors hold. Then the groom, the bride partake of wine, exchange sacred vows. The ceremony ends with a procession around the lectern three times, symbolizing the entry into a new family life. The priest removes the crowns and blesses the newly married couple.
  • Resolution crowns. After making the wedding begins the prayer containing wishes, prayers to God to save the marital union for many years, to bless the newlyweds in family life. After the prayer, the priest conducting the dismissal: the couple picks up candles, congratulates them with joy receiving the blessing of the union of the Lord, brings to the pulpit, the young couple to kiss the icons of Christ and the Virgin.
  • Thanksgiving service. After the wedding at the pulpit in front of the king's gate begins thanksgiving, after which all present are blessed on the way out of the temple. Begin to call the church bells heralding of the general joy, grace.

The church wedding the newlyweds at the momentpasses, including all four stages. During the ceremony allowed a photo, video shooting process. Close relatives, Suite guests may be present at the ceremony to observe the sacrament. The beautiful wedding ceremony of a young couple after the wedding to see the video:

Duties of witnesses during the sacrament

At the time of the Church on the sacramentswitnesses are assigned certain responsibilities. Rules and actions that will be required to perform assistants Suite, defined, agreed upon in advance with the Orthodox Church priest selected to during the ceremony did not arise various linings problems.

Traditional responsibilities guarantors wedding:

  • Serve wedding rings.
  • Stela white towel in front of the lectern.
  • Keep crowns over the heads of the bride and groom.
  • To accompany the newlyweds during the triple procession.
  • Help collect bouquets after the ceremony.

What's decided to give the young?

Wedding - a religious rite, which connects tothe end of the life of the soul Suite before God and men. Newlyweds after the ceremony presented special gifts: the icons and coins with the faces of the saints, patronizing young couples, the Bible in a deluxe hardcover, lamps, shelves for the iconostasis, candlesticks for the church candles, the journey to the holy sites.

Gifts younger after wedding

A popular gift for a married couple - wedding icons:

  • "Family Icon", which depicts the Mother of God with the faces of the saints, sponsors of the newlyweds.
  • The icon of Saints Peter and Fevronia that protect the marriage of a young couple.
  • "Vzygranie baby" - the icon with the image of Our Lady, protection for young mothers, women who want to have children.

Can I get married without witnesses?

The presence of a witness at the weddingtradition, not statutory canon of the Orthodox Church. If a young couple with a difficult choice guarantors rite, then the sacrament can be accomplished only with their participation. Be sure to specify in advance the given circumstances with the priest, who will conduct a church wedding.

Wedding - ordinance which bindsindissoluble bonds not only newlyweds together, but creates a special bond between the bride and groom and witnesses of the ceremony. Election of the guarantors for the ceremony means recognition of the full confidence of the newlyweds to these people. The spiritual bond between them will last for many years, as a basis for mentoring and guidance for family life newlyweds.