What you need for the wedding?

Wedding in the church is a sacredrite consisting of the seven sacraments. At this time, a loving person passes their own thoughts, desires, aspirations, and himself in the hands of a loved one. Church marriage obliges each spouse to keep a family. Newlyweds are blessed to procreation, a happy family life. What you need for the wedding? The ritual involves the observance of certain rules, which are not legally binding, so following them depends on the couple. They are required to maintain the bonds of marriage, protection from worldly passions.

How to prepare for the sacrament of the wedding?

Holding wedding ceremony

Wedding - a spiritual process of unity between husband and wife. At this point, the pair takes on the responsibility for the safety of the marriage, so it is important to be confident in their own decisions. Wedding procedure requires preparation. The bride and groom to the church wedding must take communion and confess. First, we should decide on the question of what is needed for the ceremony, whether young to get married? There are several conditions that prohibit the wedding:

  • Betrothal does not take place with spiritual family.
  • Marriage is not endorsed by blood relatives.
  • The bride should not be younger than 16 years, and her husband - 18 years.
  • Permission is granted to only be three weddings.
  • If one spouse is not a Christian, the Sacrament can not happen.
  • The commitment to atheism.
  • A valid marriage newlywed one with another person.
  • Too big age difference.

Fasting before confession and communion

What you need to do before the wedding? For a couple of weeks before the sacraments should be familiar with the rules of the wedding in the church. This is required for the preparation of the spiritual and organizational terms. Newlyweds need to stand fast before communion and confession three days of prayer, fasting, visiting the evening services. The priest will tell you what should be read prayers. It should refrain from the use of animal products - milk, meat, eggs. It is necessary to abandon the marital relationship.

Pay attention to the improvement of their ownsoul. To do this, you need to be in the church, where priests talk about the nature of the post, his right observance. In everyday life, do not let idle chatter, evil thoughts, be more humble, meek. We need to abandon the entertainment, television entertainment, events, spectacles, reading spiritual literature.

The sacrament of the church wedding

What do I need to buy for a wedding in the church

Preparations for the wedding to start a couple of weeksto the ceremony. Consult with the abbot of the temple, which was selected by you. He tells in detail about what you need for the wedding, how to prepare for it. Learn about the amount of donations for the needs of the church in gratitude for the holding of the sacraments. What you need to buy for the wedding ceremony? You will need: wedding candles, wedding rings, icons, web.

Attributes for wedding


For the wedding of the icon will be needed. They are called the wedding couple: Icon of Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary. The meaning of these icons symbolic of the couple. Face of the Savior blessed spouse, patron, protector, savior of future children, his wife. His image will resemble the lifelong head of the family of his responsibility to the family.

Icon of the Mother of God blessed spouse,which will be the mothers and homemakers. During the wedding, in most cases, Kazan Icon of Our Lady, which is the defender of family well-being. During the sacrament of wedding icons are before the altar on the lectern. Married couple with the images in the hands leave the new spiritual perception and status of the temple. These icons become a symbol of family life. They do not need to clean far from the eyes of people outside the house.

Selected images will be accompanied by a pair of Alla life. In front of them the wife pray in happy and sad times. Patrons protect family well-being, help to maintain mutual understanding, respect and patience for each other and people around. Icons are often daryatsya parents for a wedding blessing in the sign of the covenant. Not forbidden to buy their own.

If a wedding couple is made to order,they are written at the same time, in the same style, like whole icon. This underlines the indivisibility and unity of spouses who are rite church wedding. On the sidelines of wedding couple can be represented by the heavenly patron of the bride and groom, guardian angels. Icons of this type of individual, complexity reminiscent of the iconography of the family.

Icons for wedding

Crosses for the newlyweds and guests

A mandatory attribute of any person whoIt crosses the threshold of the church, considered crucifix. They are needed for the wedding. This applies to both spouses, and guests of the celebration. If someone came to the church without a cross, no need to worry, because in any church they are commercially available. Crucifix need not be performed with the use of precious metals.

Pectoral cross for the wedding

Wedding rings

According to an ancient tradition in the wedding ceremonypurchased two rings - silver and gold. Silver symbolizes the light of the moon and the feminine, and the gold - sunlight and virility. Today this tradition is practically enforced. In most cases, the same silver wedding bought a gold ring. Not forbidden to buy jewelry jewels that are encrusted with stones. However it is better to choose a simple ring, without pretentiousness. Prior to the ceremony, the wedding ring should be given to the priest.

Wedding rings for wedding

White towel and handkerchief four

you need to prepare for the wedding ceremony twotowel. It can be elegant white lengths of cloth or towel, decorated oberezhnymi wedding symbols. In some cases, it is used simply pieces of white cloth. One towel is spread under the feet of a couple, while others are tied their hands. These items are stored spouses for a happy family life. It is also necessary to prepare for the wedding four handkerchiefs, two - for the spouses to wrap candles, two - witnesses who hold the crown.

Towels for wedding

Candles and a bottle of Cahors church

What you need for the wedding the newlyweds? When making ceremony church wedding the bride and groom should keep candles that advance should sanctify. They are purchased in the store at the church or elsewhere. Usually, buying a special candle for the holiday. They must keep the couple in their home for a lifetime. According to popular belief, these attributes have a strong defensive ability. For example, candles are used as a talisman if pregnant wife goes hard.

Church Cahors, which is needed for the wedding,It refers to the fortified wines. Feature beverage production technology is to achieve qualities such as sweetness, intense bright red color, saturated grape flavor. Cahors is used during the sacrament. The symbolism of the drink - the similarity with the blood of Christ.

Candles for wedding

Crowns for witnesses and headdress for the bride

What do you need another wedding? During the ceremony at the bride and groom's head pinned rims that keep witnesses. These attributes have three symbolic meanings:

  • Martyrdom, martyrdom personifying couple who daily crucify married own selfishness.
  • The royal crowns when equipped which proclaim the glory and honor of the man as the king of creation. The bride and groom each other become the queen and the king.
  • The crowns of the kingdom of God, which opens the way pious married life.

Mandatory attribute during weddingconsidered the headdress of the bride. According to the existing tradition, the bride need to cover his head, but the face must be open to God. This can be a scarf, shawl, scarf that covers the head and shoulders of the young. Permission to put on a wedding veil, which give preference to the majority of modern women. Veil gives bride image of mystery and beauty.

Headwear for wedding