Dresses for wedding

Orthodox wedding ceremony - and mysteryceremony. At this point, the soul of lovers are joined to God. The rite is carried out in the church, so dress for the wedding should look accordingly. We recommend to get acquainted with all the photos!

How to choose a wedding dress

Future bride is recommended to give preference to a modest fee for the wedding. There are several rules that must be followed when selecting the image

  • In the temple's head have to be covered with a veil, stole, or elegant lace handkerchief.
  • Richly decorated with beads, sequins, stones dress will look out of place. But the delicate lace and beautiful embroidery emphasize the femininity and beauty of the bride.
  • It is best suited dress with sleeves. If you do not like those dresses, and two options are too expensive - take care of the acquisition of boleros, jackets and capes. Remember that open shoulders or back are not appropriate for the church.
  • The fabric should be light shades, but there are no restrictions regarding the material.
  • length above the knee skirts and deep cleavage - bad form during the sacrament.
  • Dress with a loop suitable for Catholic weddings, but not for the Orthodox. If you like these models, it is worth buying one where he unfastened.
  • The choice of the bride make-up should focus on naturalness - no bright blush, lipstick and dark shadows. As simple and neat hairstyle is perfect for the ceremony.

picture styles

Style Dress for wedding can be almost anything - with the exception of a short skirt and plunging neckline.

  • A-line fit girls of low growth and the owners of the pear shape.
    Models A-line.
  • Volume skirt with sculpting corset waist emphasize the dignity and hide its lack of full girls.
    Options dresses with large skirts.
  • If you happen to have the figure of "hourglass", think about the option style "mermaid" or dress, clinging to the hips. So it looks like the photo:
    Mermaid Style and flare from the hips.
  • For complete brides and pregnant women is perfect model in the Greek style. An example of the photo below:
    Wedding patterns in the Greek style

The preferred color choice for weddingattire - white, symbolizing innocence and purity of the bride. However, some girls go down the aisle after a few years of marriage, or in the state. Then you need to choose other light colors - ivory, pale pink or cream.

Models delicate shades


Hem should not be too voluminous, lush. Avoid it unnecessary beading, rhinestones.

Suitable options for the hem on the photo

Closed dresses

Despite the fact that such models can concealSome advantages of appearance - beautiful shoulders, arms, chest, for the temple, they fit perfectly. The original design allows the girls even in a closed dress look great. See photos:

Closed for wedding dresses

Short dresses

If you do not like a long skirt to the floor, pick up the short version - with a length below the knee.

Shorter dresses models

Modest dress

Neat dress with a modest design - one of the best solutions for the ceremony.

Modest wedding dress

Lace dresses

A lover of luxury jewelry do not worry - even radiant elements are not welcome church and priest, but gentle, graceful lace certainly will decorate the bride.

Models with lace trim


It is important to cover up the arms and shoulders during the ceremony. In order not to buy extra accessories, you can turn to an elegant model with sleeves. If you buy a model with short sleeves - need more gloves.

Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

For full

Full girls will look good in the Greek dresses and dresses with a big skirt.

Dresses for obese


Few accessories required for the ceremony:

  • An indispensable thing for the girls, who open hand - gloves.
    Gloves to the elbow for the ceremony
  • Capes, jackets and boleros.
    Accessories designed to hide the bride's shoulders
  • Jewellery with a modest finish.
    Elegant necklace and earrings


To suit long ceremony veil, whichIt covers not only the head but also the shoulders of the bride. If you do not want to use this hair accessory, replace it with a light scarf, lace scarf. Bad option in this case would be the hat. The main attributes of the sacraments - crowns, which is traditionally held over their heads, could catch her.

Accessories for the hair of the bride


Pick up shoes for celebration better low-heeled - ritual lasts a long time. Preferably choose a closed, modest and without much decoration styles of shoes.

Shoes for wedding

For every believing woman wedding ceremony -an important event in his life, and that day she wants to look perfect. The dress for sacrament is intended to uncover her modesty, purity and innocence, so you need to choose it, without missing a beat.

Would you like to get married in a church? Share in the comments, which option you like, and what would you put on your ceremony.