Honeymoon in the Maldives

The dream of many couples - immediately after the weddinghoneymoon abroad: in a cozy European town to ski resort among snow-capped peaks or in the territory of the warm islands. For lovers of exotic, hot sun and ocean, ideal for an exciting honeymoon to the Maldives. Republic of Maldives is located on twenty atolls (coral islands), which are famous for their beauty. Year-round newly minted spouses can enjoy the splendor of the Maldives, where the temperature never drops below 17 degrees.

How to organize a honeymoon in the Maldives

Savvy travelers can arrange tourMaldives alone, but for those who have not been abroad, you may need help with the purchase of travel agency air tickets and hotel reservations. As a rule, such a complex service costs from $ 3 thousand (cost may vary depending on seasonal discounts). Traveling to these islands, you will not need a visa or provide help for special vaccinations, which greatly simplifies life and saves.

If you are planning a honeymoon to the Maldives by yourself, keep in mind a few things:

ticket prices. Specific weight in the total trip cost of the tour is extremely high. Out of this situation is. To ride out less expensive, look for selling tickets, providing a flight with two changes (in Sharjah and Colombo).

Honeymoon in Maldives

Make a holiday resort on the budget will allow the selection ofThe "right" place. On the islands, primarily designed for tourists, honeymooners offer hotels, room rates that can reach $ 1,500 per day. The loophole that allows travelers to save money - is a journey to the Maldives "savages", ie residence in the Resort (hotels, boarding houses). To reach them, but simply: by ferry (from $ 3) or spidbote - large boat (from $ 160). Resort is less well known than the big hotels, but the tourist infrastructure and it is growing rapidly.

Beautiful nature of the Maldives will enablenewlyweds relax the soul, enjoying the spectacular views. When planning the recreational activities on the travel time, each pair must take into account your own preferences and budget. In the Maldives, for tourists there is entertainment for all tastes:

recreation (diving, surfing);
gorgeous beaches;
all kinds of SPA-salons, shops;
restaurants and cafes.

What Maldivian island choose to travel

Inhabited islands in the Maldives about 200,so the couple can easily find one that fits the budget and enjoy more than others. Here are the places where it is necessary to go to the newlyweds in the Maldives:

Ari Atoll. 28 islands of this atoll have become tourist, so here newly minted spouses find luxury hotels to suit every taste, and scuba diving, windsurfing, water skiing, catamarans will be a nice addition. On some islands there are even activities such as gaming machines, billiards, golf. On South Ari has a cultural center (Dhangethi island), and atoll Todo provides the opportunity to learn the traditional dances of the Maldives.

Maldives Ari Atoll for a wedding trip

Baa Atoll and Raa. 10 populated islands. Then the couple can go diving, buy the best souvenirs and artifacts of the Maldives, to visit the well-known hotels in the whole country. Local Attractions: Alifushi island (there are building fishing boats), Kandolhudoo (famous for fishing), matting (ancient sacred mausoleum).

Maldives Baa Atoll and Raa

North Male Atoll. Famous Atoll Maldives (only 10 inhabited islands), which is the capital of the Republic of Maldives, Malé city, has all the signs of civilization. Entertainment industry northern atoll gives tourists the opportunity to visit the underwater spa, visit the marine reserve, to see museums, parks, mosques.

South Male Atoll. 30 islands are inhabited. Great place for surfing and diving. Then the couple can find a modest dive hotels, cozy Resort and cheap entertainment.

Maldives Male Atoll for a wedding trip

Also popular atolls of the Maldives, you canto the islands with unique places that you visit will leave an unforgettable impression. Each of them will allow you to plunge into the unique atmosphere of Maldivian life:

Fihalhohi. The picturesque Maldivian island, where the couple can get acquainted with the water bungalows. Free houses can safely be considered in every detail, feel and photograph. Log in to the island - $ 23.

Fihalhohi Island Maldives for honeymoon

Rihiveli. This island will allow the couple to feel in the "Bounty" advertising. At least, so the tourists speak of him. To get to the island is difficult, entry price $ 43 (lunch included), but it's worth it.

Maldives Rihiveli Island for a wedding trip

Maadi. Login - $ 11 with a barbecue on the beach and drinks. It is an island picnic (picnic - desert area), where the couple for the day issued a jet ski. The nature of his gorgeous compared to other Maldivian islands.

Desert Maldivian island Maadi

Vilivaru. This outing is interesting because it used to be an excellent Resort, is not destroyed all buildings 2004 tsunami. Going on Vilivaru, the couple can feel like in a post-apocalyptic world where from the past chic restaurants and hotels were only skeletons. Login - $ 5 barbecue.

Sexy Beach. It's not even an island, and the strip of sand in the middle of the ocean, where the couple can retire and quietly talk. Admission is free, and shuttle service includes breakfast, lunch or dinner. How does live beach, look at the video below.

Five Star Island. For $ 100-150 (if at this time on the island do not rest the rich and famous), the couple can go to the Maldives "to superstars". Money for the input - this deposit, which you need to spend while visiting bars, spas or other places.

The brightest corners of Maldives

Maldives, as well as any State which have theirunique attractions. It's a beautiful flora and fauna, is striking, interesting island hotels, where the rest celebrities, museums and mosques, the local point of sale of fish and even abandoned bungalow. Let us dwell on some of the places that will give the newlyweds wonderful experience.

National Museum

On an island in the former residence of the SultanA variety of interesting exhibits about the history of the Republic of Maldives. Here, the couple can see the unique paintings that adorn the walls, old musical instruments, numismatic exhibition, ancient weapons and jewelery, costumes, antique furniture, old household utensils. The National Museum will help visitors learn more about the history of the Maldives.

Maldivian National Museum

Grand Friday Mosque

Maldives - Muslim republic. The most famous attraction of the island is magnificent Grand Friday Mosque. Not only the amazing architecture attracts tourists from all over the world, but also an incredible atmosphere, which is present in the building. People here feel the peace and quiet. The mosque is located opposite the presidential palace, which the couple will be able to enjoy after visiting the temple.

Maldives Great Friday Mosque

Coral reefs

The islands of the Maldives - an ideal place for loversDiving. The bottom of the ocean near them covered with magnificent coral reefs. If the couple has long dreamed to explore the ocean depths, there is nothing better than staying in a dive hotel. Where professional instructors can teach the inexperienced divers, and people with experience to show the depth of the picturesque Maldives.

Maldives coral reefs for a wedding trip

Fish market

In Male ', north of the port of the island, isfish market. In the morning the couple can see the trade mackerel, day - perch and shrimp, and the evening begins interesting action when returning from fishing trips with boats flying fish and yellow fin tuna. Maldivians love tuna fish larger than the other, so the corresponding prices for it. If you buy any fish on the market, in any restaurant Maldives cook it right in front of you.

Fish Market Maldives

What you need to consider before you travel to the Maldives

Before you go to the Maldives need to newlywedsconsider a few details. First, the weather. The most favorable period for traveling is the time from December to April, when it is hot (but not above 32 degrees), and ocean temperature - 27 degrees. Other times, the less attractive on the islands reigns rainy season, humidity is high, it may be very hot or vice versa - the coolness (temperature drops to 17 degrees). The rest of the features are due to tradition and religion of the islands:

In the Maldives should not wear too bright and revealing clothes.
Greet on the islands made hands, the traditional greeting - "Salaam Alaykum".
Women better not to swim topless, this is contrary to Muslim traditions. While in closed Maldives hotels aimed at the Europeans, this rule does not apply.
It is forbidden to fish near the islands of the Maldives.
Almost anywhere you can not drink alcohol. To do this, there are some bars closed, and even the so-called "alco-boat" a little distance from the coast of the island.

The approximate cost of a wedding trip to the Maldives

The cost of travel to the Maldives islands dependthe program, which will elect the couple. Rarely price for the whole trip for two falls below 3 thousand dollars, although in some cases (considering the seasonal discounts, flights with transfers, which are cheaper) newly minted spouses will be able to seriously reduce costs. Maldives Tourists can safely negotiate with local, saving, such as transfers.

Travel to the Maldives honeymoon

Maldives - a paradise in the waters of the Indianocean. Here, the couple can relax away from the bustle of the city, to devote time to each other, to feel closer to nature and interesting sights, fascinating excursions and leisure will not be bored. On this journey, the couple will long remind the great pictures of the islands on the background of azure ocean, beautiful flora and bright sun.