Wooden wedding. Wedding Anniversary - 5 years

The first serious anniversary of joint matrimoniallife - five years - called wooden. This is the first round date, which is certainly worth noting, even if the previous marriage anniversary you celebrated symbolically or not celebrated at all. Wooden Wedding - an important date, indicating that the relationship became stronger, warmer. You have gone through many trials and at the same time managed to keep love, save the family warm home.

Wooden wedding: the celebration of tradition

Many wonder: 5 years of marriage - What wedding? But this first anniversary in the life of the young, which is called the wooden wedding! The holiday has its own traditions and customs that are optional, you can take into account and follow them. By this time, the couple usually equip their homes, establishing life, have children, grow back together.

The first five-year line of family life begancelebrating couples in Southern Germany in the Middle Ages. On this celebration were invited all the relatives, that 5 years have helped to protect the family, we were always close. During the celebration the house was decorated with wooden figurines, fir branches, cover with a festive table.

Later, the tradition of celebrating the wedding woodenHe appeared in Russia. To celebrate the anniversary in a big way - rolled feast, inviting all the family, even the most distant. This celebration of the evidence of the welfare, prosperity, generosity, determined the status of the family in society.

The celebration of the five-year wedding anniversary

An important tradition preserved for a long time,Planting a tree is considered a young family. Everyone remembers that a man should build a house, raise a son, plant a tree. Fifth wedding anniversary - a great chance for the realization of the third paragraph.

According to tradition, a married couple celebratingwedding anniversary 5 years should plant a tree together. Typically, as the seedlings are selected fruit tree that will bear fruit by the time they grow up and get stronger children, perhaps even by the time the grandchildren. Such trees are considered a symbol of fertility and procreation.

To plant a tree, choose and buy a sapling,drop him off at their summer cottage or in the garden under the windows of a city apartment. The main thing - do not forget to care for your tree to make it grow, grew stronger, like your love.

Planting a tree on a wooden wedding anniversary

Also a good idea to choose another fruit tree planting which has its own meaning:

  • By planting acacia or oak, you will provide family loyalty, longevity.
  • Choosing birch - enrich family tenderness, will attach relationships romance.
  • Maple will give the couple's financial stability.

But do not forget that it's beliefs, not a panacea for all problems.
Good tradition is considered to adorn themselves and planted trees with bright ribbons. It was thought that such trees will force the couple.

How to celebrate the wedding anniversary 5

Wooden wedding - anniversary, which you must note. How to do it, with whom to spend a great day - it's up to you, it all depends on the wishes and financial possibilities.

Where to spend a celebration

Place for the celebration depends onnumber of guests and the celebration scale. The ideal option would be a celebration in the nature, surrounded by trees, are important in the context of the names of the wedding. You can rent a gazebo, a house in the woods or on the river, if there is a celebration of the summer sometimes.

5 Celebrating wedding anniversaries in the open air

If the celebration of five years from the date of marriageIt planned during the cold season, to choose a restaurant or event mark his home in the family circle, giving the joy of myself and the closest people.

With whom to share holiday

5 years of marriage - an important date, whichit is desirable to note in the circle of relatives and friends. This is an occasion to gather all those who wish to share their happiness, to arrange a noisy celebration with fun, comic competitions, dances, feasts, delicious cake for dessert.

You can arrange a quiet event, invitingonly parents and next of kin. Sit, talk, reminisce about how to start your family the way you had to go through the difficulties to cope and what moments you particularly enjoy, proud - the perfect pastime.

Often anniversaries wedding day wish to spend inromantic setting just for two. They have the opportunity to enjoy moments of togetherness, a romantic walk or a quiet romantic dinner by candlelight. This celebration of the option, for example, may choose to couple with a child (or several children), sending a child to stay with grandparents.

Fifth wedding anniversary - a holiday for two

Five years of marriage (wood anniversary) -great date to hold a wedding ceremony if you have not done so. Deciding on wedding - a serious step, which will confirm your love will strengthen relations and bring them to a new, higher standard of living.

"Wood" photo shoot

Especially popular recently enjoyedthemed photo shoot. It would be good to organize a visiting photo shoot dedicated to wooden wedding anniversary. Hire a photographer, photo shoot he think over the script, help to organize all make amazing photos that will have a long memory.

Photos on a wooden wedding anniversary

Scenario anniversary

You can come up with their own scriptwooden wedding anniversary by organizing the way you want. For a fun-filled event is to hire a professional toastmaster, who all work is done for you, and do not allow your holiday to become a simple meal.

Choosing a scenario by this date depends on the personalwishes: you can organize a bustling holiday, to go together to a little trip or just for a romantic walk. No matter how you decide to spend the day, as long as you are together with your half and this day is remembered both.

Gift on wooden wedding

What to give to that date? As a gift for wedding anniversary (wood) perfect various things made of wood. It is preferred that the gift was made of wood: oak - an ideal material. Common gifts on this date are considered carved caskets, amulets, wooden pictures, candlesticks, spoons, various kitchen utensils.

Friends and family can buy any giftbut at least some little thing made of wood it should be. You do not have the gift should be expensive, first of all, it is important to note the fact that the gift is offered from the heart to the part of the soul. This can be a simple card with a beautiful short inscription, expressing warm feelings and attitudes towards couples.

Wooden gift for wedding anniversary

Sami wife should also exchange gifts. Husband as a gift can make something with their own hands - cut wooden spoon or make a beautiful wooden frame and inserted in her family photo. Wife wife can give a wooden beer mug or chess (Checkers), if a man is interested in such games.

Surprise loved to fifth wedding anniversary

Examples of wood products, which are suitable as a gift for a wooden wedding, look at the video:

If you're away from the heroes of the occasionand you do not have the opportunity to congratulate personally use the internet connection services by sending pleykast - an original greeting card with a cheerful greeting, animated characters and beautiful melody, suitable for the holiday.

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary 5

For the five-year anniversary of marriage(Wooden) need to prepare in advance, picking up a beautiful greeting (poem or prose), with which guests will be treated to the jubilee. Examples of congratulations see below:

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary 5 - wood

For 5 years of marriage, a lot of things experienced,but not all roughness smoothed between spouses, there is something to work on further developing the relationship. Wood - the first solid material (not that paper or cloth), which appears in the wedding calendar. But the tree is not eternal, it is exposed to water, fire, wind, so do not relax, need to continue to protect and strengthen the relationship to the wedding gold.

As you celebrate the fifth anniversary? What you gave to their relatives or friends for 5 years from the date of the wedding? Share in the comments!