What is the wedding 27 years of marriage

wedding anniversary once again remind spousesthat apart from everyday life there is another side of romantic relationships. This day heroes of the occasion should be together or invite to visit close friends and relatives. After living together for twenty-seven years, the couple must have already fully accustomed with the features of character of each other, disappeared from their relationship conflicts. Jubilees brought up children, perhaps waiting for the grandchildren, and to the day of the wedding anniversary of their marriage has become extremely strong.

What is the wedding anniversary 27 years?

The name of the twenty-seventh anniversarymarriage came from Europe, where it has long been called the wedding of mahogany. This wood is not in vain has become a symbol of the holiday in honor of the 27th anniversary of married life. Mahogany - quality, solid, noble material. The products created with the use of a timber, especially appreciated by people. The material used in the production of furniture, interior items, accessories for decoration, it is made even musical instruments. As a rule, products made of mahogany are expensive, alluding to the high status of their owner.

Manufacturers of furniture and other items valued thistimber for ease of handling, ease of polishing, a high density. As a rule, the so-called material of red sandalwood trees, Malay Paducah, mahogany, walnut, berry yew, alder, Siberian turf redwoods. Depending on the rarity of growth, useful qualities of wood - the price varies, ways to use it. Some of the materials are suitable for manufacturing large products, others are more suitable for details.

Dear and strong material - mahogany

Due to its characteristics, wood and steela symbol of the twenty-seventh wedding anniversary. Mahogany says fortress of marriage, the nobility of the relationship of the spouses, who were able to go through many hardships, and made the relationship stronger. Perpetrators of celebration, have lived together for almost thirty years, it is unlikely to part. For such a long period of living together has become clear, the couple are perfect for each other. As mahogany, their family is almost impossible to break, the main thing - to give time "polishing" of relations, not to forget to take care of the beauty of feelings.

Options congratulations wedding anniversary

Friends, relatives, friends may have differentcongratulated the twenty-seventh wedding anniversary. If a "couple" decided to arrange a holiday and invited guests to come prepared with a greeting, to wish happiness family, prosperity and well-being. If the wife is not going to celebrate the wedding of mahogany, and just want to spend time together, congratulate them on the phone, express sincere respect in connection with the long-lived existence of their happy marriage.

Congratulations to the twenty-seventh wedding anniversary

Beautiful greeting words in verse

Poetic congratulations sounded verysolemnly, they are perfect for a feast, where there were a lot of guests. Touching wishes in verse delight wedding anniversaries mahogany, make them remember the pleasant moments of life together. Invited guests can write their own poetic speech. This gift will be appreciated by the couple. Here are some examples of beautiful congratulations in the verses:

We flew a swallow of the year,
and all of you were close to each other.
Let it be so you always have,
because more is no longer necessary!
There are children, there is a cozy house,
there mahogany today.
I wish you to live together
s to the red wedding - a hundred!
You are the fate of each other,
Let all you got on now:
let the house be beautiful, festive,
so that you liked all around.
I congratulate you with mahogany
and I wish to be so strong Well,
let the love, care and trust
branches will grow fabulous!
Your noble, joyful union
Twenty-seven years we warms the soul,
and the fortress of your strong marriage bond
It had long been no surprise.
a need to experience love,
to live together before this anniversary:
like a tree, your family grew,
and become carefree, strong, strong.
I sincerely wish you a warm,
fire in the soul and happiness on your doorstep.
To the tree, your family blossomed,
so she was not afraid of no one alarm.
Let the sun illuminates the path distance,
even tree branches reach for the sky!
I wish you to go through life like this,
to remember all the only joy and laughter.

Short SMS greetings

If the heroes of the day decided not to makefestive lunch or dinner, their friends, colleagues or friends can send original SMS jubilee congratulations. It is desirable that the wishes have been associated with the symbol of the wedding - mahogany, but it can be a simple greeting words. See examples of short, interesting and enjoyable SMS greetings:

Short greeting wedding anniversary for sms
  • Your family has twenty-seven years, as the tree grows. So let it grow in a hundred years old oak!
  • Mahogany - beautiful, strong and noble material. The same I can see your family. Happy Anniversary!
  • Red tree - a symbol of a happy family. They say that it grew healthy, strong, strong, for him to constantly maintain. You - the real gardeners! Happy anniversary!
  • Twenty-seven years - a considerable period. To spend so much time together, you must sincerely love each other, it is respect and admiration. With the wedding of mahogany!
  • Your family has gone through many transformations over theyears: visited fragile paper, black iron, steel, porcelain, silver, and to this day - like mahogany. So let it turn into pure gold and precious diamond!

Gifts for wedding anniversary mahogany?

Every guest is invited to celebratewedding anniversary, think about the fact that the present jubilee. Usually anniversary name suggests congratulator which make a present spouses. At the twenty-seventh anniversary can give "the newlyweds" a variety of products made of mahogany (furniture, home furnishings, writing pen with the decor of this timber). But given that the non-round date, and accessories made of this material are expensive, guests can donate to something else. Examples of gifts:

  • Small appliances. Coffee maker, electric iron or a new quality will never be superfluous, especially if the couple does not have one or more of these items.
  • Tableware, tea sets, dinner sets. To support the theme of the festival, visitors can choose those we launched in shades of mahogany.
  • Jewellery. Stylish watch with a strap mahogany, wooden ornaments are a great gift option spouses.
  • Boxes, figurines, candlesticks. These and other decor items will always remind the couple of the twenty-seventh day of the anniversary of living together.
  • Bed linen, other textiles. A new set of satin underwear or original cloth, the color reminding holiday symbol, will be as it is impossible to place.

Variants of gifts on the anniversary of mahogany

Gift Ideas for Parents

Children must congratulate those responsiblecelebration with red wedding, give a symbolic, touching or useful gift. It is advisable to think of supporting it, to tell parents about the pride in their pure feelings, love and care for each other, sign a beautiful commemorative postcard. Here are some examples of gifts that children can give mum and dad on the twenty-seventh anniversary:

  • Video or photo presentation. This type of gift has gained a lot of popularity due to the fact that helps remind jubilee of the happy days of their youth. Children can collect old photographs and video recordings of parents, make a beautiful movie, and then present during the gala dinner on the projector. Watch the video, which shows a similar presentation:
  • Birthday cake. In honor of mahogany wedding, children can enjoy tasty treats in the candy store, which will adorn the table and delight all participants a small lunch.
  • Painting or certificate from the artist. Order a portrait from a photograph by a professional in their field. A great present for parents can be a certificate which will allow the artist to come to discuss the statement and then get a beautiful picture painted from life.
  • Anniversary dinner. If the heroes of the day decided not to make a meal, kids can cook some delicious dishes and invite parents together to celebrate the wedding of mahogany.

How to celebrate the 27 th anniversary of living together?

By tradition, the twenty-seventh anniversary of notcelebrated, but the heroes of the occasion not necessarily follow the generally accepted rules. If you would like to arrange a holiday, spend time with friends, children, parents and other relatives - it is necessary to organize the event. Typically, the day of the 27th family anniversary mahogany begins with the fact that the heroes of the day are awarded each other gifts: a wife can give her husband wooden cufflinks, watches, anything associated with his passion, and his wife husband - a bouquet of flowers, beautiful ornaments, jewelry box, wooden comb for hair.

Then wedding anniversaries can mahoganygo to nature in order to make the rite: cut on the trunk of the plant its name. If you do not want to injure the bark of a living tree, there is a more humane option - the couple will need to buy a wooden plaque made of red wood and then carve their names to the holiday date. This item will be a wonderful decoration of the interior, will cause fond memories of the day of the wedding anniversary. After the ritual, "the couple" can spend a pleasant day with invited guests.

Rite wedding anniversary: ​​the inscription on the tree bark

Red tree - a symbol of the family, which throughmany past, he has managed to survive the everyday troubles and serious misfortunes. By the twenty-seventh year of marriage the couple have learned to understand each other without words, their relationship proved their strength and power. Wedding mahogany will be a pleasant and memorable event for your anniversary, decided to celebrate the holiday alone or with guests.