What a wedding 48 years of marriage

Walk hand-in-hand path length of nearly half a century ...For a family where love and respect - the main feeling, so the venerable age of marriage is a cause for pride. Adversity does not become an obstacle for people 48 years ago to unite their destinies. The big strong family grown children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren grow up, and feeling "married" as strong as a half-century ago. This is a quiet family holiday, worthy of congratulations bright. What is the name at the date of which it is accepted to celebrate 48 years of marriage? How to congratulate the family on a holiday, what to give?

What is the wedding anniversary of 48 years?

To live together in harmony for half a century, overcomingdifficulty in life! Such a relationship based on love, loyalty, strong, reliable and worthy of admiration, like a beautiful amethyst stone - a symbol of the 48-year anniversary of living together. Some people believe that the language of stones - a world of the senses. The amethyst has earned a respectable "position" symbol almost half a century of the date of marriage?

Violet wedding: 48 years of love

This spiritual purity stone composure. It is believed that amethyst protects against temptations, gives harmony. If you are in love, it will only strengthen your feelings. Therefore, 48-year wedding anniversary is called amethyst. The legend of a beautiful nymph Amethyst, turned into stone, but do not betray their love, as well as possible emphasizes the importance of feelings, loyalty, harmony for long and happy years of marriage.

Amethyst - a symbol of love

stone fortress on the Mohs scale is 7 out of 10. So the name "amethyst wedding" anniversary indicates the strength of feeling, unfading love and mutual respect. Relationship "married" a jewel of amethyst: able to charm, to become a role model for future generations. Couples marking the joint anniversary, worthy of admiration, because in the background of 48 years, passed together in joy and sorrow. How to congratulate the heroes of the occasion? Gifts "newlyweds"?

Original congratulations wedding anniversary

How to congratulate the family with amethyst wedding

Violet wedding - a cozy familyholiday, and traditionally it decided to celebrate together, without the noisy banquets, feasts. Hero of the day will be very pleased to receive the congratulations of the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. Giving the latest example of loyalty, love, mutual support, "the couple" will be delighted, having received requests in the form of an SMS with a few quatrains phone.

Call in the morning, the heat congratulate on the holiday,Emphasize how you like anniversaries, admire experience, ability to appreciate each other, to find compromises without losing the main relationship - love. If the heroes of the occasion would prefer to spend the day together, to visit "married" in the evening, give small souvenir symbolizing amethyst wedding anniversary.

Poems written by hand on ordinarypostcard, underlined care, tenderness on your part to "married". Want to get together as a family for dinner, congratulate the wedding anniversary? Help to organize a gala dinner. Prepare beautiful poetry; Teach toddlers to great-grandchildren, funny poems, greetings, draw memorable pictures.

How to congratulate mate with amethyst anniversary

How to congratulate each other with amethyst wedding? Gave his wife a bouquet of flowers in the morning, putting a postcard with the recognition of the feelings, prepare a joint breakfast. Walk in honor of the anniversary of the park, where he first met and filled with romantic memories of the day. Invite her husband on a date: the theater, cafes, admitting warm feelings. Congratulate each other with wedding anniversary in verse form.

Beautiful greeting words in verse

Greeting poems are always relevant,unexpected and romantic. Toasts for "married" health, mutual recognition of the couple in love, strong as amethyst, funny poems, couplets from the younger generation: just do not count. Sincere words filled with fun holiday. No jewelry or jewelry can not replace family reunion warmth, gentle speeches. Here are some examples of congratulations in the verses:

Do you remember a time when
Both sides said that yes,
Ready to be a husband, a wife -
Happy and friendly family ?!
Living according to the laws of love,
The words you have kept your own!
Now it's time to congratulate you
With amethyst wedding, cheers!

Today everything for you - flowers and wishes!
With amethyst wedding, we congratulate you!
We wish you smiles, happiness and prosperity!
That new day seemed more beautiful than it is now!
Let cherished dream that did not have time, come true!
Let the bird sing a beautiful hymn to love!
Let the strong health does not give bored!
We wish you the main thing - the soul of its bloom!

Intoxicating the wine
The fun glasses sparkle.
Today, drinking is not a sin,
Your jubilee others only dream of!
All of 48 years old you are so friendly,
Like stars in the lunar skies!
So be happy, affectionate,
Always and everywhere, be together!

Today we have about you all say the right words:
You are bound forever fairytale love.
Today, we celebrate: wedding anniversary!
And it is very important for the cause of joy.
And the wine will flow river flow without shores.
And let pass happy days in the comfort of a string.
And our congratulations to tell you all about
As a youth and joy fill your home.
Today we zasyplem you beautiful flowers,
And all will come true, that you believed in the dreams of life.
Let nightingales today whistle of happiness again,
The fact that all the turns that the predicted word.

Grandparents home,
We want to congratulate you again!
You have good such
We make sure we each hour!
Forty-eight years you live together,
You hasten to congratulate today!
We know - you from a lifetime of happiness waiting
And hurry to health to you again!

Joint life of our 48,
And I want to tell you from the heart -
My husband, I have never regretted
What to marry you succeeded.
With you, we are very happy together,
And full of the joy of our light house,
You want to wish health,
And be as bold to continue!

What is accepted to give to amethyst wedding?

If you want to please the "newlyweds" markingamethyst anniversary, show attention to: call and congratulate with the triumph, presents a gift, help to organize the gala dinner. What to give the favorite / favorite after almost half a century since the date of the wedding? Having lived so many years together, "the couple" appreciate more soul, embedded in a gift, whether it's a precious set with amethyst or ordinary children's drawing, card, embroidery, made with his own hands. And it does not matter how much it costs. Have feelings and attitudes no price, they are priceless.

Present your own hands to amethyst wedding

The wedding anniversary gifts are presented,related to its symbol. Any gift, presented at the 48 th anniversary of the marriage, carries the energy of harmony and balance. It is believed that a woman who wears amethyst amulet, not afraid of envy, malice. Wedding anniversary provides freedom of choice of gifts: jewelry amethyst; cold steel, inlaid with the stone; gift sets of dishes, decorative elements in shades of amethyst. His unique coloring mineral stresses eyes shine, rejuvenates, gives vivacity.

Gift Ideas for husband and wife

You will find amethyst wedding? The ancient legend says that on the 48 th anniversary of the spouse must give his beloved wife decoration or furniture with holiday mineral symbol:

  • earrings and pendant with amethyst;
  • bracelet and necklace made of silver, decorated with such minerals;
  • amethyst ring and earrings;
  • hairpin, inlaid with the stone.

The fact that your spouse has decided to present to you thisnice gift in honor of your wedding anniversary amethyst, highlights fortress feelings between you, the brightness of the relationship, the mutual love of the fire. Tender words, a bunch of your favorite flowers, intimate evening in a small restaurant or cafe - an excellent gift for 48 years of life together.

48 years of family life than to please a loved one

Violet anniversary provides an excellent occasion forIn order to talk about their feelings, a declaration of love, which does not fade with the years, thank you for your many years of patience and understanding. Beloved husband, even in retirement, to work in a hurry? Give him a beautiful amethyst cuff links for the shirt. An excellent gift will be matched perfectly with a tie clip inlaid amethyst. For a spouse, the collector will be a wonderful gift album or a gift book, decorated with this mineral.

What to give, if you are a guest?

Invitation from parents or grandparents inguests at the amethyst wedding anniversary - a pleasant, festive event. Arrange the "newlyweds" surprise organize a gala dinner in a cozy cafe, invite family celebrate their own wedding anniversary. Do you think that the present family, than to please them? Let's try to find the answers.

  • Present jubilee amethyst jewelry: jewelry, cufflinks, tie clips.
  • Gift books - always a wonderful gift option for wedding anniversary.

bed linen set: Amethyst gift from guests
  • Any items interior incredibly beautiful amethyst color will be a reminder of a happy date.
  • Bedding, household items, in style with matching wedding anniversary, will warm the heart and soul "newlyweds".
  • Give a gift doubles: warm cloak mom, sweater vest or dad aged Amethyst tone.

Present in amethyst colors: Interior decor
  • Tickets to the theater, a concert favorite artist delight "married", and trips to a sanatorium, rest home will give an opportunity to remember the honeymoon.
  • Do not forget to pick up a beautiful bouquet of flowers, perhaps in celebration character colors.
  • Sets of utensils: dishes, glasses, inlaid amethyst - is not present? No wonder there is a legend that the cups with this gem do not allow their owners get drunk. Wish to have "married" his head was spinning only on those feelings, which they carried through the decades.

How to celebrate the 48 th anniversary of living together?

As noted amethyst wedding

Violet anniversary - a family holiday. Transmit to future generations to experience and traditions; remember funny moments of life together; show an example of affection and undying love - in this laid its deeper meaning. Date does not suggest a major triumph because "the couple" hoard power for the golden wedding. Traditionally, the 48 anniversary of a happy family life is celebrated in private. How to celebrate the memorable date?

  • Invite your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren get together in the evening with a cup of tea with a cake.
  • Arrange in honor of the wedding anniversary together a walk with your favorite places on the "military glory": meetings, meetings.
  • Sit down for a cup of coffee in a small cafe, remembering the best moments of family life.
  • Meet up with friends, the wedding witness: remember youth.
  • Note the anniversary of an evening out at the theater, a concert. It's a good excuse to wear Amethyst necklace, offered to a beloved husband in the morning.