What a Wedding '42 life together

Wedding Anniversary - it is a vibrant, beautifulan event that is becoming more touching, and the family that is celebrating another anniversary every year - all the stronger. After forty-two years of living together heroes of the festivities reached that stage of the relationship, when the pair of them is peace and quiet. Already brought up children or a child born born grandchildren. Spouses by this time learned to quickly eliminate any troubles, come to a joint decision, their life became simpler and relationships - strong and respectful.

What is the wedding anniversary of '42?

'42 Together what wedding? The couple are celebrating the anniversary of which is called the pearl. Translated from the German word (mother of pearl) means - mother of pearl (the Perl - pearl; Mutter - mother), because just as big shellfish, which is covered with beautiful shell pearl layer, and find these beautiful beads. Pearl is formed for a long time, so the pearl - a wonderful sign of the wedding. It symbolizes the long-term relationship, eventually producing the light real gem - beautiful, bright, faithful marriage where both husband and wife truly love each other.

In ancient times alchemists believed this storyHealing - they believed that the pearl is able to cure almost all known human diseases. Essence from the shell wall is not capable, but in folk medicine pearl dust is used for different purposes: to increase efficiency, boost immunity, strengthen the body. Therefore, on the day of pearl wedding couple must wish each other never to hurt, always be young and radiant, like a layer of nacre on the shell that holds pearls.

Mother of pearl - symbol of the forty-second wedding anniversary

Embodiments of congratulations on wedding anniversary

All congratulations to prepare guestsheroes of the occasion or the spouses to each other, must in some way be associated with the symbol of the wedding - mother of pearl. Those invited to the festival can find the right words on the Internet, to alter existing texts or invent original toast yourself. In pearl wedding congratulations allowed without mentioning the symbols, but their use is recommended only for those who transmit their wishes heroes of the occasion by telephone or by mail. Congratulations may be in the form of video, like this:

Beautiful greetings for wife

The spouse, the last with his beloved so muchyears old, who lived with her until the pearl wedding, certainly knows what to say to his beloved. If a man is lost or is not confident in his abilities, he can use ready-made templates written in verse congratulations or in prose. Examples of suitable words for pearl wedding:

"Fine you do not have in the world" -

I repeat the words again.

Here grown grandchildren and children,

and our love for all in the ranks.

Since the wedding, my dear wife!

Already forty-second year has passed ...

Rather you - I have no other,

Thank you for a long hike!

I know that there were doubts,

but more - kindness and warmth.

Thank you for this teaching

the love that you gave me!

As nacreous pearl inside,

your eyes, like a fairy tale, joy shine.

I look - and an infinite heat

my soul your goodness overwhelms.

For forty two beautiful years that with me

you spent almost every second,

I found a long time caressing the rest,

not noticing the troubles and anger scarce.

You're just the same as it was many years ago,

beautiful as exquisite rose ...

Thank you, that was always with me,

and do not let in the house dashing cold!

For our hearth thank you,

for a clean house and children.

Are you really soar

over the world amazingly beautiful!

The wife tells her husband the kind words on the anniversary

Greeting word for husband

Pearl wedding - the day when the culprittriumph again want to tell your loved about their feelings. The wife can sing a song to his partner, read a congratulation or recite a verse. Especially touching on pearl wedding will sound text that a woman will come up with their own. What can be used for the verses of her husband congratulations on your wedding anniversary?

Beloved husband, you've always been

strong support and the support,

when suddenly a cold shower:

You drove them heat resistant.

Thank you, dear, faithful friend!

With you by the hand like a path

blooming, fresh summer meadow,

blessed by the light of God!

We with you already grow old,

Our children gave birth to our grandchildren ...

Well I go with you,

tightly clutching the hand.

We are with you - as if a hundred years

spent, nothing spared.

Let the lights that light is infinite,

that the love we cherish together.

We are with you - the fire and water,

and water pearl shines

Pearls of happiness that always together

we're the don.

We are with you - an old man,

but as a young heart beating!

I hope in this way

the two of us will go forever!

The husband tells his wife the kind words on the anniversary

Toast 42 years of married life

To congratulate the heroes of the occasion withpearl wedding guests have to get serious to make a toast. I'm sure the children will say, grandchildren and close friends of the couple, so congratulations on the 42th anniversary will be a bright, interesting holiday decorations. Here are a few examples of good toast, which you can use during a pearl wedding:

  • Dear, (names of spouses)! For many years, we can see how your love grows, rises. How beautiful pearl, it is formed in the pearl shell, to show us a miracle - forty-second anniversary of your wedding! On this day, we wish you the couple to avoid diseases only receive glad tidings and to continue to shine like mother of pearl shimmers in the sun!
  • 42 years of life together - pearl wedding- It is a real achievement. Few spouses live up to that date, retaining a warm, loving relationship with a spark of happiness, and we are pleased that we look today at a pair. Let this celebration will be the jewel among anniversaries, because it brought together all those who so sincerely loves you! Congratulations!

What is presented on pearl wedding?

42 anniversary of the wedding - a landmarkdate. In pearl wedding is customary to give gifts with inlay of this beautiful material. For example, icons, glasses, candlesticks, figurines, jewelry boxes, jewelry. Also heroes of the festivities will be happy to receive a gift of 42 anniversary of useful things - for example, new appliances, a fresh set of bed linen, some decor for home decoration. Children can present on a wedding pearl touching cards, pictures, video and photo presentation of family life spouses.

According to custom, in the early days themselves have anniversariesteach one another pearl gifts: the wife can give your favorite watch, the dial of which is made of mother of pearl, and the husband of his lover - pearl jewelery with forty-two beads and a beautiful shell-box. Key people in the pearl wedding are well aware of what a partner wants to, so be sure to be able to find the right gift.

Pearl clock and a pearl necklace

Forty-second anniversary of the date of the wedding - itsignificant moment, to which heroes of the festivities have come a long way. Pearl wedding should be remembered it as a great event that will once again give the couple a feeling of happiness, which appeared at the beginning of love. This day it is necessary to spend a couple or with family, paying tribute to this long union.