Wedding anniversary pearl wedding 30 years

30 years of marriage is an important date for the couple. How many experienced, but the couple has overcome adversity, enjoying love, acquiring happiness, family warmth, like a pearl. Wedding anniversary pearl wedding 30 years, got its name, symbolizing a family relationship is like a pearl, built gradually, collecting only good, adding marriage strong union of loving hearts. How to mention 30 years of marriage?

The traditions and customs of a 30-year marriage

Thirtieth wedding anniversary serious anniversary,indicating the strong love, mutual feelings couples. This wedding is rich in its traditions, which the couple must follow in order to keep the family warm.

By tradition, on the day of the anniversary, the couple in the early morninggo to the pond, taking on the pearl. As a body of water is better to choose the sea, but if the opportunity to go to the seaside not quite suitable river, lake or spring, flowing near the house. Going to the pool, a couple of throws pearls in the water with the hope that as the pearl lives more than 50 years, and they will live together until golden wedding anniversary.

Pearl is not only white, pearlescentcolor, but different shades symbolizing something specific. Going to the pool, you can take a multi-colored beads. When not at hand white pearls, replace conventional coins. The main thing to believe that coins dropped into the water, to keep your family strong alliance for years to come.

Pearl necklace to the 30th anniversary of the wedding

Having been in the pond, the couple returned home,become the mirror, take an oath to remain faithful to each other, love. Why mirror? Quite simply the mirror does not lie, it always appears that there is in fact, and the wife can not lie to each other, giving false promises.

Often, the couple set off to church to put three candles:

  • First Mother of God, for the health of the second half.
  • Second placed in the Crucifixion of Christ, because thirty years of marriage, he guarded marriage.
  • A third of the Blessed Virgin Mary, for the preservation of marriage.

According to another custom, the heroes of the day beforefestival presented as a gift to each other pearls that are placed under the pillow. In the morning, looking at the pearls, the husband and wife were determined, what will their future life together:

  • Pearls are not darkened, did not change the color of marriage the next decade will be marked by harmony and love.
  • Bead darkened and there were small patches should pay attention to their health.
  • Pearl has changed the tone is more time for your loved one, you need to reconsider their attitude, behavior.

This rite is possible during the cold season, when to go to the pond there is no possibility.

Guessing on the pearl of the 30th wedding anniversary

Wedding Anniversary 30 years of the date of rich customs, traditions, following which you keep warm family relationships, multiply your love.

Pearl wedding: how to mark the anniversary?

wedding anniversary 30 years of age must be noted,it's an important date, the day of your birth family. As noted, who to invite, what to cook for the holiday table? questions asked by couples before the celebration.

Selecting the celebration venue

Pearl wedding event, which is betterspending close to the sea or pond, as pearls grew, I grew stronger in the deep sea. The ideal situation of the celebration will be a cafe or restaurant on the shores of the sea or near the river. If the spouses have the option, it would be good to go on a journey, a sea cruise.

30 wedding anniversary in a cafe by the sea

What to wear to spouses

Wedding anniversary a memorable occasion, a largeholiday, because you need to look dignified, in accordance with the holiday theme. So, for the holiday, the woman is better to choose: a dress or suit made of light-free materials maritime colors, such as azure, blue, blue, cyan, green.

The dress for the wedding of the couple on the pearl

The husband will look beautiful, harmoniously next to his wife in a light suit and shirt. It is better to buy a light beige dress, ivory or cream.

Whom to invite

Wedding Anniversary family party, where a visitmost certainly invited relatives, close friends parents, children, grandchildren. Parents share the experience with the younger generation of conservation warm family relationships, talk about the difficulties experienced, how they overcame all together, helping, supporting each other all the way, the length of thirty years.

Guests congratulate the heroes of the day

What should be on the table

Wedding anniversary of a real holiday, becausetable must be a truly festive. On the festive table must be present seafood, such as shellfish, fish. There should also be a cake, it can be sweet, with fish or meat filling. Finish the festive evening will help elegant cake, decorated with beads, for example, a mastic.

Ideas to design cakes pearl wedding

celebration Scenario

For the celebration called pearlWedding scenario necessarily need. Thoughtful screenplay diversity, complement triumph, will not let him become a normal meal, and can help arrange a real holiday.

Scenario pearl wedding house. What to do, how to entertain guests at home, if you do not happen to go to a restaurant or for the city? There are many options, choose the one that best suits you:

  • Make a wish tree, decorating it with beads, ribbons and flowers.

decor for the holiday table
  • Arrange the photo viewer, and that it did not seem boring guests, issuing a photo or video in a presentation, or picking up a beautiful song remake.
  • Spend competitions, such as the best anecdote,ditty, congratulations, funny portrait of heroes of the occasion. Arrange a small quiz with questions such as "pearl wedding how many years?", Pearl wedding traditions, the question of spouses, etc., that will be enough to your imagination.

Competition for young funny portrait on pearl wedding

If you can not think of yourselfor you simply have no time to do it is always possible to hire a toastmaster, which will suit you a happy holiday, using the already accumulated scenario.

What to give for pearl wedding

There is no celebration without gifts. Pearl, green anniversary is no exception. Many wonder: What to give for a pearl anniversary of a friend? How to make a gift of 30 years of marriage, congratulated As with the thirtieth anniversary of living together?

And if the heroes of the day your mom and dad, and you do not knowwhat to give to the parents of pearl wedding? A win-win idea of ​​beautiful collage of photos as a reminder of a happy family life. Include pictures, high-quality photos, which capture the important moments of life of parents: marriage, birth of a child, important dates, previous wedding anniversary. Perhaps make a beautiful card with funny greeting. Such a gift will not go completely unnoticed and touch the heart of a loving couple.

Picture-portrait to a pearl anniversary

A great idea to make a video with pictures of congratulation heroes of the occasion. See an example of such a video gift:

A good gift to the anniversary of Pearl are considered products, items, decorated with pearls or mother of pearl jewelry boxes, kitchen utensils (cups, plates, glasses), candlesticks, and other souvenirs.

The ideal gift for the couple will be a necklace of thirty pearls, each of which represents one day happily lived together.

A necklace of pearls for wedding anniversary

Also suitable ring with pearls and small, beautiful stones.

Ring with pearls to the 30 anniversary of the wedding

Do not forget about the bouquet, which traditionally presents the beloved husband to the wedding anniversary. Give an original bouquet with a rare flower.

For the spouse perfect pearl cufflinks. If the husband is fond of fishing, the fishing rod or spinning will be a wonderful gift, and you are sure to give him pleasure.

Pearl cufflinks for wedding anniversary

Do not lean against the high cost when choosing a gift, focus, caring, and respect.

Congratulations on your Pearl Wedding Anniversary

How to do without beautiful congratulations? wedding Anniversary great holiday, heroes of the occasion deservedthe beautiful words of congratulations, as set out in verse, prose or SMS message. If you are going to visit and have trouble remembering invented words of congratulations, write them down on a piece of paper.

As congratulations, beloved wife can express gratitude for each other well-lived years together.

Particular attention should be paid to the greeting with pearl wedding in verse it is always original and always like heroes of the occasion.

Congratulations on the anniversary of Pearl

Thirtieth wedding anniversary an important stage in the life of the couple, passing throughthe difficulties of living together, while maintaining a warm relationship, you definitely deserve a holiday, gifts, congratulations. Organize a celebration so as to obtain maximum enjoyment. The arrival of the anniversary symbolizes the value of family relations, hope to celebrate their golden wedding together!

You have been at the ceremony dedicated to the anniversary of thirty years of life together? You have to organize your own jubilee share opinions as you would have done it. Leave comments, reviews.