Turquoise wedding. Wedding anniversary - 18 years

Turquoise wedding calledeighteen union of marriage. This kind of love age when children are growing up, many worries fade into the background. By that time the couple have learned to live together, no longer quarrel over trifles. Family, passed through so many years, has overcome many things - the birth and upbringing of the first-born, perhaps even a few children, life difficulties. Spiritual power and love of a married couple is admirable - turquoise wedding is to remind about it.

Ancient customs and traditions in the 18 years of marriage

There was a turquoise wedding: how old husband and wife spent together and still remain together. Turquoise has long been considered a stone-talisman that symbolizes wealth, success brings happiness. On the day of the eighteenth anniversary of the stone takes on a different meaning: it protects the family home, calls the spouses to preserve something important, that they have built over the years. This anniversary reminds the couple that should continue to care about each other, make a marriage happy.

Read more about the character of this stone, beliefs associated with it, look at the video:

18 years of marriage: what a wedding? It runs using some ancient customs. The night before the holiday of a husband and wife should wear underwear turquoise - stone itself has many shades from green to bright blue, so the choice is huge. As in the first day of the wedding, during the celebration of the anniversary of the couple must exchange rings with this stone. All celebration should take place in the blue, blue, turquoise shades.

Turquoise rings for anniversary

Turquoise wedding: how to mark the anniversary?

Turquoise wedding anniversary 18 years shouldheld in accordance with the wishes of the couple. They can invite only the closest relatives (parents, sisters, brothers), friends and child / children, and can arrange a fabulous table in the restaurant. Also will spend time in nature fun if cheerful turquoise wedding held in the summer. Celebrate the anniversary of eighteen is not widespread among older couples, but it's a great way to escape, to plunge into the holiday atmosphere light.

Making the hall to the eighteenth day of the wedding

An important part of that, to get the perfectturquoise wedding - design. It must be the air, light, executed in blue, blue, blue-green tones. Bright shades of turquoise, original interior decoration make the atmosphere fabulous holiday. On the table you can put shades of turquoise plants bouquets, tables and chairs decorate the respective cloth, make a scattering of pebbles on the tablecloth, paint the autumn leaves corresponding color.

Decor to eighteen-year wedding anniversary

celebration Scenario

To the celebration of the beautiful turquoise weddingpassed on "hurray", it is necessary to pay attention to the script - its main component. The script will allow to spend time on the holiday fun. If finances allow, the couple may hire a toastmaster, who will lead the celebration, will hold the original cool competitions, will read a funny, interesting, touching congratulations. The scenario celebration may be included:

  • Costumes. If turquoise beautiful wedding theme will be fully let guests will be dressed appropriately, that all should come in a single color. This will support the holiday mood, different shades of turquoise entire evening will be pleasing to the eye. Or vice versa - all guests to come in white, and the heroes of the occasion will wear turquoise festive clothing.

Colours turquoise costumes for wedding
  • Thematic food. It is difficult to find a turquoise shades in natural foods, but the cake - completes the meal of the holiday should be selected in this scheme: let the couple will cut it together, as once cut his first wedding cake. Beautiful meal looks delicious and unusual details, see photo:

Cake to the eighteen-year wedding anniversary

Scenario wedding 18 years will not be lost during the holiday, spend a good game or competition program.

What to give the turquoise wedding

The logical gift on this anniversary day willall kinds of accessories, jewelry of the corresponding color, her husband presented to his wife and vice versa. A spouse can give your favorite earrings, a bracelet, a necklace made of this stone. Plenty of options of products presented in various jewelry stores. Everyone who wants to make a purchase of products from a turquoise is sure to find a suitable cost option. A wonderful gift to her husband will be Cufflinks with stones of turquoise.

Jewelry with turquoise: Gifts for the wedding 18 years

Other gift ideas jubilee:

  • souvenirs - various figurines; tree yielding happiness, wealth, with turquoise stones on the branches; caskets, paintings;
  • useful items: purses, clothing, interior (candlesticks, service suitable shade);
  • expensive bed linen, which is pleasant to the sight and touch;
  • inscribed jewelry for both spouses;
  • tickets for marine leisure, where the couple will be able to dive into the deep azure waters of the turquoise sea.

Helpful Hint: To follow the tradition, handing a gift that is not associated with the main symbol of the holiday, enough to wrap it in an appropriate shade paper.

Congratulations on turquoise wedding

Matching congratulations to the anniversarythere are many - is a humorous poems, cute, touching toast. A perfect greeting will close sweet memories of the days when the couple had just joined hearts and lives. Suit and funny stories about the old cases, they will be especially interesting to listen to children. Look for greetings with turquoise wedding here:

Turquoise wedding photos

A wedding with shades of turquoise



Turquoise fairy tale wedding - a beautiful celebration. This anniversary marks the beginning of a new life for the couple - children grow and will soon leave the family nest, it's time again to live for yourself, pay attention to each other. The celebration of this anniversary will remind a couple of hot love that bound them together many years ago.

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